Rooster Woman

The female Rooster is somewhat of a hunter in bed, a fact that many will find surprising. She loves to be skillful and use her talents to ensure her prey or partner never declines her charms. The Rooster woman views the act of sex as a challenge and appreciates the chase and sport in the play leading up to the final act.

The Rooster woman is extremely devoted to loved ones, be they friends or family. This same internal devotion can make them seemingly completely unsympathetic in times of emotional crisis, as they are too preoccupied with the well being of those close to them, giving little care to others.

While they may seem cold an uncaring the female Rooster is not a malicious being by any stretch of the imagination. She can be rather friendly and generous even with complete strangers. Rooster women are very truthful and feel uncomfortable around even the smallest of lies, let alone telling them.

While female Roosters are socialites and often seen in various social situations, they hold deep within themselves a secret passion. This secret passion does not lend itself well to expression. Understanding this secret and unlocking it is the key to bonding with a Rooster woman.

Rooster Woman – Personality and Characteristics

Despite her frequent tokens of kindliness, the Rooster woman is even less easy to live with than the male half of the sign: Her character surpasses his in sharpness, with in addition a petty side to it. Strange as it may seem, this female exhibits tremendous strength of will; she has nothing to envy her Buffalo counterpart as far as forcefulness is concerned. She is not inclined to be adaptable, contrary to what her surface gentleness may indicate.

She imposes her authority on others almost without noticing it. People are generally reluctant to come into opposition with her; even when she is totally sincere, they cannot help being on their guard against her, for they sense the volcano fire under the quiet mountain. Like the Snake woman, she loves to charm and seduce; but while her astrological sister’s objective is to secure acceptance, she only seeks to make her interlocutors accept her dictates more easily.

There could be no doubt about her aggressiveness, which varies in intensity according to her success or failure in sublimating her ingrained anxiety. It is not rare to see her fly into a rage at the slightest provocation. She often subjects to pitiless examination those with whom she comes into contact. Her remarks and criticisms about people can be as ruthless as those of the Dog woman – she has a brutal way to say things, without bothering to beat about the bush. When opposed, she may show a tendency to be cruel. She may even resort to unfair methods in an effort to crush and humiliate an adversary. Her sadistic penchant is at its worst when she finds herself under pressure or in disappointment.

Her vindictiveness is equal to anything. When she has decided to bear a grudge against someone, there is practically no way to lesser it until he has definitely gotten out of her way. Secretiveness and slyness make up an indissociable part of her character. She instinctively knows how to dissimulate and can fool others for extended periods if she chooses to.

The Rooster woman ranks among the rare persons, male or female, endowed with such vivid intelligence and perspicaciousness. Her judgment is not only rapid; it is acute and apropos as well. She has the gift for seeing realities behind the smokescreen of evidences and particularly of words. There is no possibility of lying to her – she generally knows the truth instantly, as if through supernatural revelation. She can effortlessly sense another’s most vulnerable points, the flaw in his defense system, and then find the most appropriate means possible to deliver him a lethal blow.

It has been pointed out earlier that there exist many similarities between natives of the Buffalo and those of the Rooster. The Rooster woman is no exception to this general observation. Among other things she tends to take herself too seriously. Laughing at herself is something she simply cannot conceive of. She lacks the sense of joy and humor to a serious extent. Self-righteousness is not totally alien to her. She continuously looks for appreciation though she will seldom admit it. On the other hand, few would be as generous with their own advice as she.

This is a profoundly conservative type despite her apparent nonconformism and liberalism. She has definite ideas and fixed opinions, which she is prepared to defend to the bitter end. Tact and compromise are not her strong points, for she is quite determined to have her own way. One can sometimes detect in her a certain kind of bigotry, religious or other.

The self-destructive force that inhabits her functions uninterruptedly, only with more or less vigor according to the prevailing circumstances. It is why she seems to be constantly on the lookout for ways to ill-treat herself or ensure failure – in perfect good faith and subconsciousness, of course. It may happen that she suddenly throws up her usually austere way of life for the pursuit of pleasure in every form which, if not stopped in time, will inevitably lead her to destruction.

The most important thing for the Rooster woman to perform in life, it seems, is to successfully harness her overwhelming innate energy into a constructive channel. If she chooses to direct it toward efforts at promoting human brotherhood and welfare, then her good deeds will be unparalleled and will be forever engraved in the memory of people.

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