Rooster Female and Dragon Male

In Dragon Man and Rooster Woman union, he will protect her and she will serve him. They are satisfied with this arrangement, while those around them may be scratching their heads. He will be generous and spare nothing to keep her happy. The Rooster woman appreciates and loves her man openly.

The Rooster and the Dragon in Chinese astrology work well together and complement one another’s personalities even though they first seem as complete opposites. The Dragon is very energetic and on-the-go, whereas the Rooster prefers to be conservative and practical at all times.

The Dragon can introduce the Rooster to new and exciting things in life including social circles, adventures, and even traveling locations. The Rooster has the ability to balance the Dragon by bringing him or her "back to earth" to help with keeping the both signs grounded, yet satisfied with the relationship at all times.

Rooster Female & Dragon Male Compatibility

You can be a happy match, but you need to seek common ground and reserve differences. Both of you are clever, capable and independent. The male dragon is always full of vigor and vitality, while the female rooster is rational and efficient. The male dragon’s superiority and confidence is often punctured by the smart female rooster.

One of the chief differences between the Dragon and Rooster lies in the way each engages with the world. While the Dragon is good at motivating others and taking the lead in difficult ventures, he/she is not good at taking care of the mundane aspects of a job. The Rooster on the other hand can be depended upon to lavish meticulous attention to every detail at hand and remain at a job until it is done and done perfectly. Thus whether working together to build a business venture or a romantic relationship, the Dragon and Rooster will each endow it with important qualities.

The Dragon is likely to infuse drive, energy and positivity into the couple’s lives while the Rooster will make sure that the daily business of running a family or a business goes on smoothly. If both the partners are united in love and trust, then the Dragon-Rooster pair can make a formidable team which is capable of experiencing the highest levels of personal and material success.

Despite a tendency to criticism, the Rooster is hard-working and takes its responsibilities very seriously. And though the Dragon may at times find his/her partner’s perfectionism infuriating, at the deepest level, the Rooster’s sincerity and industriousness are sure to inspire the respect and admiration of the Dragon. Likewise the Rooster of all his/her exacting nature will recognize the Dragon’s leadership qualities and his/her ability to go out there and seize the initiative - something which the reticent Rooster seriously lacks.

In the end, what can help the couple to remain with each other is the sense of commitment that each possesses, even though it may arise from separate compulsions. The Dragon puts a high premium on loyalty and is as much willing to offer it to a partner as he/she is insistent on receiving it from the latter. The Rooster on the other hand like is not only motivated by a deep sense of responsibility but also by a genuine desire for service – he/she likes nothing more than being useful for others, and when this trait is directed to a partner, the latter is bound to feel loved and pampered in a relationship. Thus once both the Dragon and Rooster decide that they are meant for each other, they can be trusted to give their all to the relationship

Rooster Female and Dragon Male Love Match

This relationship can achieve great closeness but not without any challenges. The Rooster who is a perfectionist is prone to be insensitive with remarks but the Dragon has the ability to stay focused and not be affected by it. However, the Rooster must be aware that the Dragon does have its limits. With the Dragon’s initiative and Rooster’s eye for detail and conservatism they make an excellent team.

Both of them will be happier if there is a mutual agreement on which areas each should take control. They are both equally intellectual, but it would be good if they both try not to overshadow one another. As long as they can ignore the other’s annoying traits, and keep matters fair at all costs, these two can make a perfect match.

However the couple will also need to make efforts to negotiate a few rough patches in their relationship. Among the foremost of these is the Dragon’s huge ego which makes him rather bossy and controlling in a relationship. While on the whole, the Rooster does not mind taking orders but at the same time, he/she cannot tolerate any flaws and faults. The Rooster is well known for being a perfectionist and just like he/she is capable of putting in the optimum effort into any project, he/she expects others to do likewise.

This desire for perfectionism has the unfortunate consequence of making the Rooster rather critical of their fellow humans. And among all the signs which are least likely to take this fault-finding in a constructive way is the Dragon. Thus in order for peace to reign in the relationship, the Rooster will have to tone down their penchant for criticism while the Dragon will need to understand that their way is not always the best way.

Yet another challenge to romantic compatibility between a Dragon and a Rooster perhaps emerges from their radically diverging personal motivations. The Dragon is given to sudden bursts of inspiration which gets them deeply involved in projects and people that happen to attract their interest. The Rooster on the other hand is grounded in all that is practical and logical besides being motivated by the real, material benefits of taking up a project or responsibility. What this means for the Dragon-Rooster pairing is that the former is interested only in flashes and often attracted only to the dramatic part of a relationship. The Rooster on the other hand needs more consistent and practical proof of love to be interested in a relationship.

Another related difference between the Dragon and Rooster is that while the former is extremely sociable and is usually surrounded by a large crowd of friends and admirers, the latter is more reserved and content to spend an evening at home or more likely at the workplace. This difference in personality might not seem that major an obstacle unless each attempts to force his/her own social inclinations down on the other. It is only when the Dragon compels their partner to socialize or the Rooster insists that they stay indoors, that opposing pulls might erupt into a conflict.

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