Rooster Female and Monkey Male

The Rooster woman, loves his sense of humor and intelligence. His attraction is harder to explain. She wants someone who will shower her with love and attention. He wants to have the freedom to go out and have fun. He may be unfaithful. Her possessiveness is difficult for him to handle.

The Rooster and the Monkey are not ideal matches due to their extremely different personalities in the Chinese zodiac. The Monkey prefers his or her freedom, whereas the Rooster enjoys "molding" others around them into their own view of perfection for the greater good of their lives.

Rooster Female & Monkey Male Compatibility

Conflicts will be more than cooperation in your marriage life. Both of you are ambitious, realistic and competitive. Every time when the male monkey is self-satisfied, the female rooster will make critical remarks and inquire into the root of the matter. This makes the male monkey very annoyed. The female rooster considers her husband a tramp who is too aloof and indifferent.

At the outset, the Monkey and Rooster may be attracted to each other on account of opposing traits. The Rooster will be drawn towards the sociable Monkey whose quick wit and charming ways are difficult to resist. On the other hand the Monkey will be impressed by the Rooster’ dedication and care for those that he/she decides to be responsible for. Service to others is an essential part of the Rooster personality and it will be a new experience for the Monkey to find that a fellow human can be so solicitous to the needs of others.

At the same time the two are also likely to come together on account of certain traits they share. Foremost among these is mental acuity which is often expressed as a kind of quick intelligence and expertise in whatever the signs decide to try their hands at. Thus both the Monkey and Rooster find it easy to devote their mental resources in order to understand a new concept or solve a problem. Each is attracted to the prospect of an intellectual challenge, though how they go about resolving it differs in case of each sign.

Thus while the Rooster is likely to be attracted to the wide-ranging ingenuity of the Monkey, the latter is likely to be impressed by the sharp mind and fearless tongue of the Rooster; in fact the Monkey seems best placed to deal with the infamous Rooster tendency to criticize - if anyone in the zodiac can coolly deflect the Rooster’s critical expressions, it is the Monkey with his/her abundant store of wit and humor.

It might take a while for this couple to consummate their love because of the fastidious nature of the Rooster. However once a Rooster gets past his/her initial reserve, he/she might surprise the Monkey partner with their earthly ardor. The Monkey on the other hand will bring spunk and verve into the experience, keeping it from getting monotonous which could have been highly probable had the Rooster man been paired up with another practical sign like the Ox perhaps.

When the two come together in a relationship of trust and understanding, each is capable of supporting the other in a complementary manner. Met with the energy and vivacity of Monkey, a Rooster can find him/herself lifted to exhilarating levels, if only temporarily. On the other hand the consistent Rooster will ensure that the plans and concepts of the Monkey are translated into real projects with material goals and encourage the Monkey to stick to their course in the long run. This way each can offer inspiration and substance to the other and thus come together in a relationship to create a complete whole.

Rooster Female and Monkey Male Love Match

This is a rather rough one as both their commanding personalities may clash more than them being able to collaborate as both want recognition and praise. He cannot withstand her love for argument while she finds him too cocky to even bother about her, let alone abide by her advice. The Monkey likes to get his work done with no fuss. He possesses abilities of resourcefulness and distinctiveness. The Rooster lady may be efficient but fussy at the same time. She has the natural inclination to point out his flaws. Both will not enjoy this roller coaster ride unless they can let go of their ego while taking the middle path.

The only thing that will keep this marriage together will be from having common goals. This will create the want and desire to work with one another. Apart from that, both Animal signs will constantly conflict. They both have the gift of speech, one having a more sarcastic tone than the other. The Rooster can talk in a structured and argumentative manner, whereas the Monkey may talk in a manner which will perhaps provoke the Rooster.

However in order to make the relationship long lasting, both will need to find ways to have a social life that suits the other. Roosters are usually shy and reserved because of which they don’t enjoy going out and meeting people as much as other sociable signs. Monkeys are on the other hand extroverts who virtually thrive on social and intellectual exchanges. Meeting new people, exchanging information and engaging in varied activities is how the Monkey best express their energetic personalities.

Apart from this crucial difference, the Rooster may also be disillusioned when he/she finds that their partner is more comfortable with bouncing ideas rather than working to turn them into reality. The Rooster’s own industrious and meticulous nature might be appalled to find that though the Monkey is attracted to new pursuits, he/she is often unwilling to carry them to fruition and perfectly capable of leaving them mid-way. This restlessness might appear as a lack of a sense of commitment and the deeply responsible Rooster might decide that the Monkey is just not worth taking as a life partner.

On his/her part, the Monkey may find the Rooster’s exacting nature too trying for comfort. In part because of his/her own perfectionist nature, the Rooster sets rather high standards for everyone around, even for his/her romantic partners. And in case they are unable to meet their lofty standards, the Rooster gives vent to their critical nature – which may either take the form of clucking and nagging or a sharply bitter feedback. The Monkey on the other hand has a highly egoistic temper, one which is unlikely to take the Rooster’s critical tongue lying down.

The only way forward in this relationship lies in each being able to imbibe a little of the other’s qualities. Once a Monkey learns to take more responsibility in a relationship and a Rooster is able to lighten up a little, there is every possibility of their being able to complement each other in a healthy way.

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