Rooster Female and Ox Male

In this Union of the Rooster woman and a Ox man, they are equally as happy. Their life is calm and serene. His authority will never waver and she is quite happy for it to remain so.

Rooster and Ox signs are nearly perfectly compatible in Chinese astrology, either as a friendship or a romantic relationship. Rooster and Ox signs in the Chinese zodiac are mostly conservative and have similar temperaments, values, and personalities overall. The Ox and Rooster enjoy being as practical as possible and thrive on perfection and working hard and diligently, in relationships, work, and their future career goals and plans.

The Ox is highly dependable, making working together with a Rooster sign ideal as the Rooster is able to be resourceful to help with moving in the direction of success and happiness in friendship, romantic and sexually-involved relationships, and even in business.

Rooster Female & Ox Male Compatibility

Undoubtedly, your combination will be full of happiness. Both of you are interested in management, have a practical attitude, and do well in conducting a business. The ox man is honest and cautious, and can listen to the female’s comments actively and may even praise original ideas sometimes. The female rooster is straightforward and open-minded, and doesn’t mind the male ox’s rigidity. In a word, you can deal with all the things in your life, no matter work or family affairs, objectively and orderly.

The foundation of a compatible Ox and Rooster couple is based on a common practical attitude to life. Both take pride in their rational natures which are guided by realistic motives instead of getting carried away by emotional compulsions as in case of the Goat or the overarching ego as in case of the Dragon. Thus the Ox and Rooster are likely to have the same priorities and values in life; their goals and dreams for the future will probably be based on practical considerations and material success which are sure to go a long way in laying strong foundations of a successful relationship. Each will be attracted to the other’s sensible personalities which believes in working hard, aiming for just desserts and fulfilling responsibilities in as conscientious a manner as possible.

However what would be most noticeable to an outsider is likely to be the love of home and domestic pleasures that both the Ox and Rooster share. While the Ox loves the peace of his/her home and the simple charms of life, the Rooster partner will ensure that their home is clean and well-kept. In fact the Rooster is known to be quite finicky about neatness and their homes are most likely to be tidy and shiny as a new pin. However this is not simply about being obsessive or compulsive, rather their concern with cleanliness and their habit of always arranging or re-arranging things is a direct expression of a personality which holds order and structure in high regard – values that the stolid and practical Ox understands only too well and genuinely appreciates.

Along with a shared love of a well-decorated and comfortable home, the Ox and Rooster are also alike in much of their social impulses. Neither is particularly gregarious and each likes to spend their leisure hours in quiet comfortable pursuits. While the Ox may like to entertain only close friends and family, the Rooster is rather shy in nature and may even be uncomfortable in large social settings. Both signs can be exceedingly happy in each other’s company and may willingly forego hectic socializing to be by themselves.

More than that, the male Ox is sure to be impressed by the female Rooster’s helpful and caring nature. A Rooster will often go out of her way to make sure that someone is comfortable or has got what they need. This capacity for service answers one very important need of the Ox man – his need to be looked after and cared for in the traditional way of the male head of the household. In return the Ox will prove to be a most loyal and committed partner; he may not always eschew other social company for that of his Rooster partner but will gladly take on almost all responsibilities in the relationship which will go a long way in soothing the often anxious Rooster personality.

Rooster Female and Ox Male Love Match

The Ox likes the Rooster’s conscientious nature and the Rooster likes the Ox because the Ox is hardworking. Both are analytical and quite methodical. They like things that stimulate their intellect and are competent and organised. As both can handle criticism well, they will be a happy couple. The similarities between the Ox and Rooster are what will keep them together. They both have the same goals and attitude towards long-term achievements in life, which are usually of a materialistic nature.

The gradual build up of a good relationship will lie in the difference between each other’s personalities. The Ox is reserved, strong and noble, whilst the Rooster is noisy, open and straight-to-the-point. It will be the Rooster’s hardworking and responsible nature that will appeal to the Ox. The only thing that may pull them apart would be their temptation for material objects. Perhaps one or the other may pick money over… love?

The biggest challenge in the relationship is posed by the Rooster’s drive for perfectionism and the Ox’s deeply ingrained resistance to change. If sharing a home, the Rooster will tend to ensure that “there is a place for everything and everything in its place” but if she goes on to nag an Ox partner for too long, she might end up upsetting him. Likewise the male Rooster’s insistence on order and critical nature may be too much to bear for his Ox girlfriend or wife. This is because the ox likes their comforts and familiar routine which may or may not coincide with the Rooster partner’s exacting standards.

Then again the Rooster is known for his/her stylish and well-groomed personality. The male Rooster might have a penchant for expensive watches and tailored suits while the female Rooster may have a weakness for soft furs and precious jewelry. Though the Rooster is not particularly flamboyant in their tastes, they are often led by their keen sense of beauty and detail to make some truly significant purchases. The Ox on the other hand is of a stolid and commonsensical nature and thus not likely to approve of high-flying expenses on haute couture and fashion labels, no matter how good they make a partner look.

Sometimes an Ox and Rooster may be too alike in personality to bode well for their relationship in the long run. Since both are driven by a practical stolidity, a lack of imagination and intellectual stimulation in their relationship may mean that over time they may have nothing new to offer each other. And yet despite their no-nonsense exteriors, both signs are capable of much love. In the end both are bound to take comfort in the fact that home is where the heart is and that loyalty and dedication are finally what transforms a relationship into a life-long companionship.

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