Rooster Female and Rooster Male

They are both stubborn in how they want things done. It is most certain that they don’t agree on how things should be done, resulting in power struggles. When they are both in a negative mood, they will begin nagging. The only way their relationship stands a chance if they both learn how to relax. Roosters can easily fall into an infatuation. While they have so much in common, this means the negative as well as the positive. Fighting may turn into a way to relieve tension or exercise power over the other. Their relationship may easily be full of ups and downs, fights and reconciliations, laughter and tears; it is a constant roller coaster. If they can make it long enough to settle down, it may work.

Although Roosters have nearly identical personalities, this can lead to trouble when the relationship is moving into a more committed state according to the Chinese zodiac. A Rooster man and woman are both perfectionists, and their desires and what they have in mind in terms of perfection does not fade away when they begin dating. Roosters who date one another are likely to criticize one another too frequently, often causing rifts in relationships. The pair is also known to nag one another, which can ultimately lead to unhappiness on both ends when abiding by the Chinese horoscope or Chinese astrology. Rooster relationships have ups and downs emotionally and will last for a short while or for a long time, depending on the amount of work each partner is willing to put in to making it work, and that applies to their sex life as well.

Once Roosters settle down, if they are able to accept each other for who they are, the relationship will go much smoother with their perfectionist ideals and outlooks on life when they pursue a sexual relationship and go beyond the dating phase of the relationship. Sharing the same goals and morals allow Roosters to find a solid ground to meet on, helping them to build a bond that is true and strong.

Rooster Female & Rooster Male Compatibility

Your life together will be full of arguments. Both of you are gifted, which makes you feel superior to the other. In career, you are both responsible, capable and successful, which makes you even conceited and impersonal.

The most significant characteristic of the Rooster is perhaps their desire for perfectionism. And it is this quality which holds the potential both for making or breaking their romantic relationships. If given a job, they will drown themselves in it and emerge only when it is done. But done, according to the highest standards in their personal rulebook. This is because they believe that if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

So when two Roosters begin dating, they are likely to take every care that everything is perfect – right down from the creases in their outfit when they out together to the ambience in the restaurant where they go to have dinner. This kind of perfectionism is not well understood by other signs and in fact most would find it quite impossible to live up to the Rooster’s impossibly high standards. However with each other, the Rooster will be able to be their true selves and when straightening a picture on the wall or brushing away a barely visible speck of dust, they know that they are in no danger of appearing eccentric to their partners.

Another significant quality of a Rooster is their bent for practicality. the Rooster is grounded in everyday reality and motivated by material success in any venture or responsibility. What this means for Rooster lovers is that moonlit drives by the sea or poetry reading sessions by the fireside will hold little appeal. Rather they will be more eager to go out and get the best tickets to the opera for their beloved or ensure that they have the best rooms in the hotel on their seaside vacation. Any other partner would have found this gesture of the Rooster too boring and prosaic and in fact a sign like the Goat or Pig would have been upset at the lack of a more romantic approach. However the Rooster couple is best placed to appreciate each other’s practical inputs in love, no matter how unexciting they may seem to someone else.

Yet another characteristic trait of the Rooster is a penchant for criticism. Since they live by their own high standards, they expect the same from everyone else too and thus will not hesitate to point out a flaw in their fellow humans, even it is in a loved one. Interestingly, this trait of the Roosters can go either way in their relationship – if both are willingly to take the criticism from a partner in a constructive spirit, it can lead to better mutual understanding and improvement. But on the other hand, it can create an atmosphere of too much nit-picking and thus eventually bring about stress and negativity in the relationship.

Rooster Female and Rooster Male Love Match

The compatibility between the both of them will be because, in essence, they are one and the same! This will allow them to easily become acquainted, be friends and companions. However, the two strong personalities may clash. Both Roosters are loud-spoken and argumentative. When they’re unhappy about something, they don’t believe in beating around the bush. It requires a lot of time, which is something the Rooster would rather not spare! The friction between these two will gradually increase as they continue to provoke one another with their opinions and overly-passionate dialogue.

They are both able to speak intensely about what they believe in – however, what happens if their views are on either extremes? On the other hand, although both are responsible characters, both interests are the same and thus both likes will naturally be the same. This similarity may not necessarily be a good thing as when 2 people like the same thing… only one can truly own it. There will be a lot of drama between one another until some much needed peace is gotten. Peace = Break-up?

Along with the bitterness of mutual criticism, a Rooster-Rooster match can be vulnerable to yet another relationship problem. The Rooster tends to be more of a workaholic than others. They have a tendency to take on more responsibility than they can comfortably handle; as a result they drive themselves too hard and are often fraught with a kind of nervous anxiety.

This tendency in a Rooster-Rooster pairing can leave the couple barely any time to enjoy intimate leisure or an active social life. Though the Rooster is not particularly social in nature and thus unlikely to crave for company, the bond of mutual friends and family ties can often be quite effective in keeping a couple together. Such partners not only enjoy common social pursuits but sometimes close friends and family members can also play a constructive role in ironing out differences between a couple, at least in the initial stages.

Just like the Rooster’s forthrightness and perfectionism can lead to unhappy extremes, likewise an excessive practicality can harm their relationship. While this trait works wonderfully well to ensure that Rooster partners lead a comfortable life together, one that is as much marked by clockwork precision as by material security, down the line they might feel their relationship lacking in something. And this ‘something’ in all likelihood will be a sense of emotional belonging, of being connected to each other on a deeper level than everyday companionship or occasional sex.

To add to this, the Rooster is often unable to communicate their deepest feelings and desires to others. He/she may be more comfortable expressing their love in terms of practical gestures rather than words. This in turn leaves the relationship at the mercy of half-baked guesses and assumptions. So if two Rooster partners plan to be together, they will need to find a way to effectively communicate with each other.

In the end, the best chances of a successful Rooster-Rooster match lies in their inherent sense of commitment. Thus once they take on the responsibility of a relationship, each can be assured of the other’s whole-hearted efforts towards making it a lasting success.

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