Snake Female and Dragon Male

A spontaneous fellow, and sometimes a bit overbearing, the Dragon man tends to get tunnel vision which is good, in a way, but she will insist fill her in on the details, as she wants to be as much a part of the decision-making as possible. It might be that she does not trust his hasty manner, since she is more the careful type when it comes to their well being.

The Dragon and Snake signs are highly compatible as long as they each have an understanding of one another’s needs and wants in life. Both signs may find them attracted to one another due to their confidence, intelligence, and sexy magnetic charm. Although the Dragon’s charm is more likely to be prominent in the relationship, the Snake has a mystery to the sign that is highly appealing and interesting to all types of Dragons in the Chinese zodiac. Most relationships between Snakes and Dragons are purely sexual, or start off with a purely physical attraction, due to their opposing nature in communicating and exploring the world. Beware of the Dragon on a fist date!

Although there is an extremely strong and intense physical attraction between the Dragon and the Snake when they date, there may be problems that arise due to the energy difference levels of these two signs. Most Dragons prefer to be out of the home, out looking for adventure and excitement on most days, whereas Snakes tend to enjoy staying at home, relaxing, and being lazy, even after working or enjoying a large payday.

Snakes enjoy to be comfortable and would prefer to keep comfortable rather than to risk losing the feeling, whereas a Dragon enjoys being more active and taking risks. Both signs are patient with loved ones and will work together to communicate better and to better understand social, emotional, and physical needs to help with building a long-lasting relationship of any type.

Snake Female & Dragon Male Compatibility

You are a couple that needs constant adjustment on your way forward. If you can well adjust your personal differences, you will built a firm and exciting family. The male dragon is self-centered, enthusiastic and ambitious, while the the female snake is optimistic and strives for a comfortable and warm family life. Your advantages are complementary. The male dragon is more far-sighted and forceful in general direction, and the female snake is shrewder in specific details.

Both of these Signs share a degree of savoir-faire that will prevent any serious concerns over an occasional bid for freedom on the part of either of these vibrant lovers. The female Snake may experience a twinge of uneasiness from time to time as she considers the ramifications of the loss of her handsome consort to a rival, but her innate wisdom will allow her to keep her mouth shut and silently observe the situation.

The male Dragon will be tempted to stray, but he too knows better, and will look but not touch. Dragon pride demands first place, and the Snake will be more than happy to stay in the shadows and shun the limelight. This couple will make for a stable and mutually reinforcing emotional combination.

The sense of pride in one’s own self is something that the Dragon and the Snake have in common. Each is self-possessed and assured of his/her place in the world. Though between the two, the Dragon is more flamboyant while the Snake is more mysterious, ultimately both are well aware of their priorities and interests in life and cannot be persuaded into doing something that he/she doesn’t want to. What this means in terms of their personal equation is that each is mentally strong enough to take responsibility for the relationship and takes pride in love and loyalty. Once they make up their minds to be together, they will let little come in their way. Each will go all out to woo the other and rest only when their attempts are met with success.

Then again the Dragon and Snake are well suited to complement each other in a relationship and may do particularly well if they are business as well as romantic partners. While the Dragon is enterprising, the Snake is intuitive. This combination of personality traits makes them a great pair and based on mutual agreement and consent, there can be fruitful division of labor between the two. They are likely to have clearly demarcated duties and responsibilities so that there is no confusion or potential for conflict. Also the Dragon has good public relations and the Snake provides adequate in-house support; in other words, the Dragon introduces new business associates and once they come, Snake has the innate charm to maintain them.

The two are suited in many other ways while building a relationship or a business. The Snake is a careful planner and tends to think long and hard about the feasibility of a project or initiative; the Dragon on the other is bold, enterprising and thus best suited to put his/her partner’s plans in action. In their manner of functioning too, the partners serve to complement each other – the Dragon is energetic and assertive but can be rash and careless; the Snake on the other has a deep intuitive understanding of people and events which prevent the venture from negative consequences of impulsive decisions.

Thus when the two pit their resources together, their venture is bound to go places. If the Dragon and Snake can agree to complement each other similarly in personal matters, there is no reason why their relationship can’t succeed.

Also this pair has a high degree of physical attraction which may help to sink most of their mutual differences. Few can remain immune to the personal charisma of the Dragon while the Snake’s attractions are far more subtle and mysterious in nature. When the two come in love, the experience is likely to be mind-blowing, having both the fire and energy of the Dragon as well as the finesse and seductiveness of the Snake.

Snake Female and Dragon Male Love Match

With both signs having a strong personality, a supportive and fulfilling relationship can only be achieved if this perfect combination can adjust to each other’s diverse personalities. Together, they create an ambitious, active relationship that strives for and accomplishes their common goals. The Snake can be impulsive and domineering while the Dragon is calm and patient. The Snake is always looking forward to work and success. The Dragon, having more business intelligence can impart some diligence and common sense on the Snake. They can both build a good life together with each others support.

The Dragon may have some conflicts with the Snake when wanting to put across certain views. The Snake likes things a certain way while the Dragon wants to make the Snake to see things in a different light. However, the Dragon secretly wants someone wiser and more dominating. The Snake provides security in the union and admires the enthusiasm of the Dragon. With great determination, the couple can improve tremendously through this mutually helpful and useful partnership.

While the strength of personalities may bring together the Dragon and Snake, the same trait can also create significant conflict. Where the two signs differ from each other is the way their strong personalities are expressed. The Dragon, true to his/her nature likes to live life king-size and the magnetic force of their personality is expressed in the way they assume leadership in difficult situations and attract people around them even under the most mundane of circumstances.

The Snake on the other hand is much more discrete about the strength of their personality to the point of being secretive. They rarely let anyone guess the intensity of their feelings and their immense capacity for love, hatred, power, revenge and other such extreme motivations. Thus both are capable of feeling deeply and intensely and they differ only in the manner their emotions are expressed. This is also why when things begin to go bad for the Dragon and Snake couple, there is no saying where the cycle of attack and counter-attack will lead to and how much destruction it will cause.

If this couple is looking at a long-term relationship, there are certain issues they will have to learn to deal with. And primary among them is a need for the upper hand in a relationship. While the Dragon openly believes that he/she knows the best and expects a partner - like everybody else - to fall in tune, the Snake has his/her own set of opinions and priorities which they are not willing to sacrifice for anyone. This clash of the egos might prove to be devastating if both the partners do not agree to take turns to give in and be more accommodating of the other’s viewpoints.

Then again the Dragon and Snake also differ in their social disposition – while the former exults in a large circle of friends and followers, the latter is close only to a few people and even then believes in keeping certain aspects of his/her personality under wraps. Thus though the Snake is known for social sophistication, he/she may not always want to go out and instead would want to spend time at home lazing about in the sun or pottering about in the kitchen. The Dragon on the other hand is motivated outwards – they like to be in the cut and thrust of everyday world, where there are people to managed, projects to command and causes to lead.

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