Snake Female and Pig Male

As she is refined, sophisticated and genteel, he is open, straightforward and sincere; so for both, there is a fundamental disconnect in temperament and outlook. His potential for devotion and dedication to her may be seen as groveling by her, while her appreciation of abstractions and the finer things in life might be seen by him as overly complicated and difficult.

The Snake and the Pig are able to have a relationship that is very compatible according to Chinese astrology, even though they are marked as traditional opposites within the Chinese zodiac itself. The issue that is most prominent in relationships between a Snake and a Pig within the zodiac includes the inability to share and take any constructive criticism from one another throughout the entire duration of the relationship.

When the Snake is communicating or arguing with the sign of the Pig according to the Chinese horoscope, he or she may use manipulative responses or even passive aggressive choices to help with avoiding conflict while also getting his or her own way. However, the Pig is quite shy but if he or she feels threatened, the Pig has a way of being malicious in response emotionally and mentally, which can cause even more friction between the Snake and the Pig themselves when they date or see one another in a sexual manner.

Snake and Pig signs do well as lovers if both of them share a passion for having close friends and family involved within their lives. Both signs are sensual and neither one of them are lazy, allowing them to work hard and motivate each other any time they are together. Both the Pig and Snake enjoy relaxing and sulking in their well-deserved homes and personal vacation spots, allowing them to "enjoy the finer things in life", which is common for both of the signs. Although the Snake is more of a possessive lover, the Pig is generous and kind and welcomes the love and loyalty, as the Pig himself is also quite a loyal sign in Chinese astrology.

Snake Female & Pig Male Compatibility

To make your marriage successful, you have to learn to bring out the best of each other and cherish each other. The male pig is simple and honest, and tries his best to cater for the female snake’s taste. However, the female snake is a perfectionist, and she scorns to join in her husband’s games.

The male Pig is capable of drenching the female Snake in attention that will rattle her coils and soften her cerebral heart immensely. She in turn will lavish upon him the proceeds of her dizzying intellect. The Pig knows his own need for sound advice, and will introduce his partner to the joys of socializing in the hopes that she may raise his peer value among company.

The Snake may consider the Pig to be her cranial inferior, and while he may have a different approach to knowledge and its uses, he won’t be fooled for a moment if she attempts to pull a fast one. If these two would-be lovebirds can keep their eyes on the prize long enough to work out the kinks, they should be able to piece out the odds for the duration.

The initial attraction between a Snake and Pig is likely to result from each finding in the other the answer to their secret dreams. The male Snake will be floored by the sweetness and gentle beauty of the female Pig while the latter in turn will be impressed by the calm confidence and the strong personality of the former. Likewise the female Snake will be touched by the romantic attentions of the male Pig while the latter will be attracted to the cool sophistication and mystique of the Snake woman.

One of the best chances of Snake-Pig compatibility lies in the fact that both signs are looking to make an emotional connection in love; unlike the Rat or Tiger they are not interested in merely intellectual companions and neither do they seek the material practicality of the Rooster or Ox. With each other, the Snake and Pig are assured of a meaningful emotional bonding as well as lasting security in love.

Another factor which could bring the Snake and Pig closer is a shared social disposition. Neither sign is highly gregarious like the Rat or Horse but then nor are they very reticent like the Ox. Both the Snake and Pig like to be around close friends and family who they would much rather entertain in their own homes rather than go out and meet. Above all, both partners are fond of domestic pleasures like soft furnishings, good food and a nicely decorated home, overlooking a lovely garden perhaps. These are a top concern for both signs and owe something to their mutually sensualist natures. However neither sign is lazy - both can work very hard when need be - but both love to relax into luxurious, elegant surroundings.

The Snake has the gift of reading another’s thoughts and moods. This can be a god-send to this relationship since the Pig is not very good at expressing in words their innermost needs and feelings in a relationship. While a couple made of Monkey or Rabbit partners can look forward to natural effortless communication between them, the Pig needs someone like the Snake who would be able to intuitively understand what a partner feels and needs.

Their lovemaking will be enriched by the romantic traits of each sign. It will glow with the flames of passion brought forth by the Snake’s earthy sensuality as well as shimmer with the sweet romance and tenderness which are the hallmarks of the Pig lover. In all, it will be a remarkable experience, not one to be forgotten in a hurry.

Finally each has a lot to give to the other and build up a fulfilling whole as a couple. The Pig could teach the Snake partner the virtues of compassion, forgiveness and build a space of sweetness and light. The Snake on the other hand could help her partner be more decisive and thus acquire the confidence to turn his dreams into reality.

Snake Female and Pig Male Love Match

The Snake possesses great determination and willpower, while the Pig is easygoing by nature. The Pig is unable to understand the Snake or help the Snake further the Snake’s ambition. The Snake finds the Pig unappealing and has no use for her generosity unless there’s a motive behind it.

Because of the Pig’s naive character, the Pig is unable to understand the Snake’s complex and doubting mind. Due to this, the Snake tends to be unconcerned about the Pig’s sincerity, causing much hurt to the Pig’s feelings. Their totally opposite personalities cannot give much happiness to each other in this relationship. There can be little harmony in this match.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for the Snake-Pig pair could like in a lack of effective communication. The Pig is a shy personality and thus hesitant about putting their deepest emotions and needs with assertiveness. The Snake on the other hand is a rather private person; they like keeping their true feelings hidden from others-even from a romantic partner. It is part of the Snake’s nature to be suspicious, and they don’t truly trust anyone. This can build resentment between the couple since the Pig seeks emotional intimacy in a relationship, something which may not be easy for the Snake to give.

Then again widely differing personality traits could also create problems for this couple. Pigs are rather naive and the Snake will find it easy to convince the former of just about anything they want. In fact, the Snake will even be tempted to take advantage of a Pig’s naiveté on more than a few occasions. And yet the Pig is not stupid which is why when he/she finds out that the Snake partner had been manipulating them, the Pig can give in to their unique brand of stubbornness and refuse to come around.

Furthermore the Snake may be loving and indulgent of his/her Pig partner but isn’t really likely to respect their talents. On his/her part, the Pig will admire the cleverness and sophistication of the Snake but will be bothered by the latter’s lack of honesty. Pigs are deeply compassionate and feel very strongly about undeserving people getting a raw deal. Thus this partner will strongly disapprove of how the Snake bends the truth and manipulates others to get his/her way. In all these ways, the Snake and Pig couple may find themselves being pulled in different directions.

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