Snake Female and Rooster Male

Snake Woman and Rooster Man pair has the capacity to maintain a strict hold on each other. The Snake lady has the tendency to look at life seriously, but her other half, the Rooster, with his buoyancy and fervor for life enjoys life to the fullest. She is book-smart, whereas he is a man who is more hands-on. Together, they have what it takes to unearth the answers to the questions that lie before them, whether it is in respect to life, love, or beyond.

Many Roosters and Snakes share similar values and goals in life according to Chinese astrology, making the relationship mutually satisfying in most cases, depending on the views and motivations of each sign involved in the relationship.

Snake and Rooster relationships are compatible as both signs enjoy being social but also indulge in the luxuries of being at home and having a secure home life with one another in the Chinese zodiac. Friends, family members, and even lovers are all ideal companions when you are dealing with a Snake and a Rooster sign. The Rooster enjoys being detailed oriented, neat, and organized altogether, which complements the Snake who is frugal and often very good with handling and managing the finances in life.

Although the Snake possesses a jealous quality when dating and seeing another sexually, the Rooster is a very loyal sign and will not give the Snake a reason to distrust him or her once the pair is committed as friends or even as lovers.

Snake Female & Rooster Male Compatibility

Marriage life provides you a good opportunity to reinforce each other. The male rooster is vigorous, intelligent and optimistic, which adds many positive factors to the female snake’s spiritual fields. The female snake is clever, cautious and affectionate. She is willing to use all her strength to support her husband, which makes the male rooster thoroughly dedicates himself to his career.

The male Rooster together with the female Snake creates one of the best couples that the entire Chinese Zodiac has to offer. These two balance each other out perfectly, as he represents the body and she represents the mind of the arrangement. They are adept at mutual flattery and understand each other perfectly, often needing no spoken arrangements with which to communicate.

They possess widely disparate sets of skills and therefore cannot tread upon the toes of each other’s prerogatives of action, thus eliminating a primary source of potential friction. The male Rooster and the female Snake fit together like two pieces of the same puzzle. The sun will shine upon this magnificent match forever.

The best part about a Snake and Rooster couple is that they are united in a commonsensical approach to life. They both have similar understanding about what is important in life and both realize that the surest way to attain goals is to work hard and remain focused. This is unlike the restless wanderings of the Horse or the idealistic notions of the Dog. Also both the Snake and Rooster are united by an earthy practicality and thus accept the ways of the world instead of striving to change them or getting depressed by them – indeed in their own ways, the Snake and Rooster are actually adept at using the ways of the world to achieve personal goals and fulfill deep-seated ambition.

As far as personal compulsions are concerned, the Snake and Rooster again see eye to eye on a lot of matters. The Snake possesses a highly discriminating nature and as a result is attracted to what is pleasurable and beautiful in the world. It is because of this that people born in the Year of the Snake are believed to be aesthetically inclined as well as lovers of the good things of life – thus artists, stylists and connoisseurs of good food and wines are often found to be among the ranks of this zodiac sign.

On the other hand Rooster has a penchant for doing and being the best that he/she can. It is this drive towards perfectionism that appeals to the discriminating aspect of the Snake while the Rooster is him/herself impressed by the sophistication and the deep-seated intelligence of his/her reptilian partner. In this way a Snake and Rooster couple can discover similar ideas about recreation, hobbies and general interests which in turn can go a long way in bringing the two closer.

Finally both the Snake and Rooster have like social dispositions – neither is crazy about socializing with friends and acquaintances nor feels that being indoors on a free evening is a waste of time. Though between the two, the Snake enjoys a higher degree of popularity on account of their charming natures, deep down both would much rather spend a pleasant evening at home – the Rooster perhaps redoing the living room and the Snake rustling up an exotic recipe in the kitchen. In this sense, both partners are lovers of homely comforts and intimate leisure instead of hankering after novelty and variety. For all these reasons, both the Snake and Rooster are also likely to share similar standards on how to raise a family – values which will greatly help in building a long term relationship.

Snake Female and Rooster Male Love Match

This materialistic couple has a strong spiritual and mental affinity for each other. The Rooster is a good housekeeper and the Snake is an efficient provider. Together, they will share the same dreams of influence and material security. The Snake will put up with the Rooster’s continuous rambling but ultimately the Snake will rely on his own wisdom to make decisions. The Rooster is grateful for Snake’s understanding.

The Rooster is vigorous, decisive and moves at a “hastening” speed. The Snake is patient, cool-headed and reflective. The Rooster may feel that he is being held back by the Snake while the Snake may feel he is being rushed into something by the Rooster. The Rooster has the ability to cheer-up the solemn Snake. Both can meet on an intellectual level. This marriage could go either way. Either their individual characteristics will cancel each others’ off and hence find a balance or they will conflict.

Where the Rooster-Snake pairing could however go wrong is in their clashing personal motivations. The Rooster, being an earth sign, is grounded to the practical and is not very emotional. Though the Snake might excel in keeping a calm exterior, underneath they are capable of feeling intense emotions; The Rooster might be uncomfortable when exposed to intense emotions like possessiveness and jealousy while the Snake might interpret the former’s natural diffidence as an unwillingness to reciprocate their deep emotions.

Another area where the two might clash is in their unyielding attitudes and critical natures. The Rooster is known to have a highly exacting nature – partly because of his/her perfectionism, the Rooster sets very high standards for everyone around, including a romantic partner. Thus on occasions that the Snake is unable to come up to the Rooster’s expectations at home or work, the latter may give way to a tendency to nag or criticize.

This is turn is unlikely to go down well with a complex personality as the Snake who is well aware of his/her abilities. Thus on issues where their opinions might conflict, the Rooster and Snake might find themselves locked in a battle of wills with neither giving way to the other. With both of them having a penchant for expressing the plain, unvarnished truth, the relationship might lack a softer, more pleasant quality which a sign like the Rabbit might have brought in with their tact and diplomatic skills.

In the end the best chances of a Snake-Rooster compatibility depends on the fact that both come with keen minds and a hard-working nature. While in the Rooster this is expressed as an untiring effort towards perfection, in case of the Snake it is reflected in their fearlessness and a steely ambition to succeed. Both are bound to respect each other’s qualities since they go up to make worthwhile individuals as well as professional successes. This mutual appreciation and respect is an important binding force in this partnership since each is keenly aware of the faults and weaknesses of less capable individuals. In each other the Rooster and Snake will find an echo of their own exacting standards and respect each other as equals in love and life.

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