Tiger Female and Dog Male

The Tiger woman is appealing to the Dog man as she enjoys adventure and new and exciting things in life. The Dog man is loyal in Shengxiao, as is the Tiger, which helps the couple to maintain their bond together, and connect sensually.

The Dog and the Tiger make highly compatible love and friendship matches within the Chinese zodiac, as both offer loyalty and kindness to one another that allows for a close emotional connection, giving the pair security and a long-lasting platonic or romantic relationship which words very well in the bedroom. Tigers, according to Chinese astrology, enjoy being the center of attention when they date, and Dog signs do not mind supporting and protecting the Tiger’s every wish and want in life when following their Chinese horoscope.

The Tiger will take notice of the Dog’s loyalty and provide it back, adding to the trust and honesty in the relationship. Although the Dog often has trouble trusting others and may find himself pessimistic at times, the Tiger’s charm and warm heart easily removes any relationship barriers the Dog may have to help with forming a new bond and relationship with one another.

Tiger Female & Dog Male Compatibility

You are truly a match made by heaven. Both of you are innate idealists, kind, optimistic and warm-hearted. The male dog is honest, frank and simple, while the female tiger is strong-minded, dynamic and optimistic. The male dog can make his wife calm down with appropriate methods. The female tiger’s vitality and charm are just what her husband favors.

The male Dog prefers to test the ground beneath every footstep and agonize about every decision, no matter how trivial or pointless it may seem. He will serve as a sort of "distant early warning" system for his trigger-happy consort, as the female Tiger likes to just lea into the fray and damn the consequences.

She will be thankful for his advice, as proof that she can count upon his unconditional support in all areas of life, no matter what mistakes she may make along the way with her headstrong tactics. The Dog in turn will allow her the appearance of control. As long he keeps getting the Tiger’s exuberant displays of physical affection on a regular basis, the male Dog will be eminently satisfied with the way things have worked out.

A shared value system always goes a long way in making two individuals compatible and this could be the secret of a successful Tiger and Dog love match too. The Tiger has a marked altruistic nature and he/she is sincerely interested in the betterment of their fellow humans; in fact their original intellect often helps them to come up with effective out-of-the-box answers in solving various problems of society and economics. They are of a forward-looking bent of mind and can work tirelessly for causes and projects which they truly believe in. The Dog for his/her part has a strong sense of righteousness.

Born with an innate sense of decency and a need for equilibrium in a chaotic world, Dogs strongly denounce injustice and wrongdoing. They value honor and truth and are usually among the first to speak out against injustice and champion the cause of the downtrodden. Thus both the Tiger and Dog are not only well suited to understand each other’s motivations but indeed to encourage and assist them. In case of a materialistic partner like the Ox or someone who cannot look beyond self-interest like the Monkey, both animal signs would have been hard-pressed to explain their humanitarian bent of mind, much less to expect understanding for them. Thus in this equation, the Tiger and Dog will motivate each other to do greater things and be a staunch support even in case they are not immediately understood by the mainstream world.

Even in their individual traits, the Tiger and Dog partners are quite suited to each other. The open and liberal nature of the Tiger is best placed to take the Dog’s natural pessimism in stride – in fact when the Dog seems particularly stricken down by low moods, the sociable and adventurous Tiger partner can even help the former to lighten up and look at the positive side of life. On the other hand the Dog is an extremely generous partner – they will give their all before asking back anything in return.

In this way the Dog will ensure that his/her Tiger partner feels completely secure in love without being troubled by a lack of freedom or being overwhelmed by expectations. And even though a household made up of a Tiger and Dog couple is likely to be chaotic – since neither is very good at practical matters and niggling details or running a home – they would probably like it that way and in any case, whatever mess that they create is equally likely to be resolved together.

Tiger Female and Dog Male Love Match

This is the closest to an ideal union, they are generally free of the problems that affect other couples as they both have the ability to overlook negative features in each other. The Tiger admires the Dog’s devotion while the Dog understands its partner’s spontaneity and impatience. The Dog’s sensible logic makes sense to steer the Tiger and balance the Tiger’s excitable nature and enthusiasm. Both are charming, attractive and responsive hence their relationship is a rewarding one. The Dog is rarely possessive and tends to give security to the Tiger, yet allowing them to have their freedom. The Tiger overlooks the Dog’s pessimism and is an expert in cheering him up.

Both belong to the same Triangle of Affinity, and thus make a good match given their shared idealistic and humanitarian qualities. The hot-headed Tiger will be subdued by the more objective Dog, who will remain loyal and not offended by the Tiger’s emotional outbursts or impulsiveness. Being diplomatic also means the Dog can reason without offending the Tiger – the Tiger will appreciate such a quality in the Dog, and respond with generous shows of affection. The Tiger is also honest and sincere, qualities which the Dog appreciates. With so much mutual respect, this relationship is well-suited to develop the best qualities in both parties.

The biggest hurdle to a successful Tiger and Dog pair is likely to be a shared obstinacy of character. Despite a generally liberal and easy-going nature, when faced with opposition to his/her views, the Tiger can get quite stubborn and opinionated. At such times, he/she are quite likely to dig in their heels and refuse to even consider the validity of alternative perceptions.

Likewise though the Dog is a champion of the just and righteous, frequently they too can reveal a deep obstinacy of nature; on such occasions, the Dog becomes stubborn in the extreme since they in their heart of hearts they know what is right and what they want and will not be convinced otherwise. A sign like the Rabbit or the Goat may not have possessed fire or energy enough to attract a Tiger or Dog but at least they would have been far more accommodating in nature. Thus though the Tiger and Dog in their own ways may be right, this lack of adaptability may eventually prove harmful for the relationship down the line.

Yet another factor which could act as a hurdle to Tiger-Dog compatibility is the latter’s mercurial nature. When happy the Dog is easy-going, chatty and friendly but when things go wrong, the same person can become anxious, irritable and nervy. It is this lack of emotional stability which makes the Dog falter at times, more so in intimate relationships.

In order to rise above their own pessimistic natures, they need constant encouragement and support from loved ones if they are to give their best in a personal situation. Thus when feeling unloved or neglected, the Dog can look for appreciation elsewhere and one thing can quickly lead to another. While the Tiger in general is quite an accommodating person, he/she will still not tolerate infidelity; even when things have not reached such an extreme, the Tiger may eventually tire of his/her Dog partner’s emotional instability and drift away to relationships where there is more balance and calm.

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