Tiger Female and Dragon Male

If Dragon Man and Tiger Woman truly are thrill seeking, then they have found the right match. The Tigress is one to realize her own distinctiveness before she makes time for a man in her life. After she establishes her own identity, she can play the part of housewife, with a few stipulations. she is not the one who will take the focus lights off her. She possesses a high regard for you, and she has her own special ways of showing it.

Tigers and Dragons are naturally bound to attract to one another, as each has magnetic charm, intelligence, and the drive to keep relationships fun, thrilling, exciting, and interesting at all times in Shengxiao, even sexually and in the bedrooms according to the Chinese zodiac. Dragons and Tigers both enjoy being in charge and taking the lead in situations, which can cause disputes and arguments to easily develop, which is not a strong suit for either sign, as both prefer to win over others rather than to fight.

Tiger Female & Dragon Male Compatibility

You can be a couple of mutual stimulation if you know to leave each other enough freedom and to communicate with each other deeply. Your marriage will be full of adventure and thrills. The male dragon is irritable and bad-tempered, with strong desire of domination. He always hopes to be the manager of the family. The female tiger can respect and even admire her husband, but she can’t give up herself finally.

These two Signs will get along famously. The male Dragon has the right stuff to keep the female Tiger from getting bored, and the two will sweep each other to ever-increasing heights of diversion and novelty. The Tiger in turn can use her natural grace and agility to keep a happy and satisfied Dragon from straying too far from her side.

Each will wink at the other’s occasional lapses from the straight and narrow path of fidelity - after all, each knows how it is for people with excess charisma and insatiable desires. Their bedroom antics will be marvels of gymnastic excess - someone should sell tickets. This relationship of sorts should last as long as both parties are cognizant of its official existence.

Initially the Dragon and Tiger might be drawn to each other by the sheer force of their mutual personalities. The Dragon has a magnetism and charisma that few other signs in the zodiac force possess and the Tiger may be drawn to him like a moth to the flame. On the other hand the individuality and the brilliant mind of the Tiger may prove to be equally irresistible to the Dragon man who will be keen to know this singular personality even better.

The Dragon and Tiger share one important personality trait – their sociability – which could go a long way in bringing them close. Both like being around and amidst people; while for the Dragon, their social popularity is an essential validation of their egoistic nature, in case of the Tiger their social circle is the perfect medium for lively intellectual discussions and exchanges. This as well as the fact that both will keep each other stimulated by new interests and activities will ensure that the relationship never becomes monotonous.

When they come together, sex will be an amazing experience. It will not only be fired up by the energy and the passion of the Dragon but also be wild and uninhibited because of the unconventionality of the Tiger – all in all an encounter not to be forgotten in a hurry.

In the end however both might discover a significant binding force in their mutual ability to be inspired by high-flying ideas and ambitious projects as well as a deep concern for humanity. Neither is motivated by merely material or financial benefits though a Dragon likes to be in charge. And yet he/she is marked by a strong ethical nature which lifts the energy, creativity and assertiveness of the Dragon beyond mere egoism. More often than not the Dragon can be found at the forefront of espousing a worthy cause for which he/she will work tirelessly and ceaselessly.

Likewise the Tiger is driven by a genuine altruistic nature. They are sincerely interested in the betterment of their fellow humans and their original intellect often helps them to come up with effective out-of-the-box answers in solving various problems of society and economics. At the same time, the mundane details or the nitty-gritty workings of the relationship do not concern either. Each is inspired by the larger picture whether it is related to one’s work or personal life.

Tiger Female and Dragon Male Love Match

This is definitely a couple who are well-known for being courageous and ambitious. However, both might want to dominate the other. The good news is the Dragon will compromise if the other does the same. The perseverance to work out the relationship might fade after the initial period. There has to be a lot of give and take to make this relationship work. However, their characteristic and nature makes this combination to have more potential for a long lasting friendship, love and marriage.

The union of a Dragon and Tiger will not be a dull and regular one, as both partners are active and open-minded. They would find each other’s company to be very exciting as long as their individual freedom is preserved. The Tiger has high respect for the Dragon but will never give in, and should the Dragon try, trouble will arise. Both have explosive tempers and do not like being dominated by the other partner. If they can respect each others need for personal freedom and can maintain a balance, they will have an adventurous marriage. Keeping a separate group of friends and remembering to spend time apart will help. The matchmaking of this pair is recommended, both in business and romance.

The major obstacle to love compatibility between a Dragon and Tiger is in their differing expectations from love. For the Dragon, love is an intense experience full of extravagance and drama whereas for the Tiger it is more of an intellectual companionship where they can discuss and exchange ideas as well as explore new experiences with each other.

Thus while the Dragon expects and indeed is ready to offer complete involvement with a partner, the Tiger is much more protective about their personal freedom. This difference to could be an important stumbling block in the Dragon-Tiger partnership and the only way to overcome is to be more understanding of each other’s motivations. While the Dragon would have to learn to grant their Tiger partners more breathing space, the latter would have to offer a greater degree of exclusive time and attention to the Dragon partner.

The Dragon’s assertive nature could also become a problem in case of intimate relationships. This personality is so used to in having his/her own way that they tend to lack a flexibility or ability to see an alternate side of the matter. This could rankle deep with the Tiger who has highly individualistic notions of life and values and does not cared to be advised or persuaded by anybody else – even a partner. Also the Tiger’s bouts of solitariness might be difficult for the Dragon to understand who might expect a deeper level of commitment from his/her partner, failing which the Dragon might even get jealous and highly possessive. This would simply not suit the Tiger who in turn needs the freedom to come and go as he/she pleases.

In the end, all that is required from either is a degree of flexibility; if the Dragon agrees not to curb the Tiger man’s free spirit while the latter is able to offer a deeper sense of belonging, then the two stand well-poised for long-term happiness with each other.

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