Tiger Female and Monkey Male

The Tiger woman and Monkey man can last with enough work, but there will be conflict when guiding with the Chinese zodiac. The Tiger does not understand why the Monkey is so involved with others socially or why he seems to care more about others’ problems than his own.

The Tiger and the Monkey in Chinese astrology and the zodiac, may find themselves attracted to one another at first sight, but it can be difficult to maintain a relationship with one of the signs, as they are considered opposite signs within the Chinese zodiac, causing friction and less compatibility than other signs. Tigers enjoy being the center of attention, which will first attract the Monkey sign to them.

However, over time, the Monkey may also want to be a part of the attention, competing with the Tiger to stand out and to be in the limelight more. This will create conflict and friction, as the Tiger will not accept being "out shined" by the Monkey sign, leading to the collapse of many Tiger and Monkey relationships.

Tiger Female & Monkey Male Compatibility

It’s hard for you to live a happy marriage life, since both of you are calculating and self-centered, and have strong desire for leadership. You are always concerned about your own achievements and glory instead of learning to put yourselves in the other’s shoes. The male monkey is scheming, while the female tiger is wilful. Your relationship will be improved if you can communicate with your true heart and make appropriate concessions to each other.

The male Monkey and the female Tiger are both extremely competitive people and neither knows the meaning of the word "compromise." The resultant challenge these two ego cases present to each other may prove to be too fascinating for them to resist giving it the old college try, no matter what advice they may receive to the contrary. The Monkey may secretly admire the Tiger but will be unable to resist poking fun at her.

The Tiger will of course retaliate in kind, and the relationship could very well spiral downwards into destruction from that point on. Unless there is an abundance of love in the male Monkey’s heart and some moderation on the female Tiger’s part, this couple is fated to fall apart sooner rather than later.

Both the Tiger and Monkey are attracted to a life of mental stimulation and herein lies the greatest chance of their romantic success. The Tiger is given to deep thinking, research and innovation which is why they often figure among the ranks of reformers and thinkers. Add to this a highly original personality and the Tiger is sure to attract the attention of the Monkey who is always on the lookout for new interests and experiences. And yet it is not all empty rushing about with the Monkey – this character possesses a keen mind and wide-ranging ingenuity which can find solutions to the most puzzling of questions and projects.

Furthermore the Monkey is usually a very good linguist and highly knowledgeable of various languages and cultures. This wide ambit of interests and activities is not only likely to bring the Tiger and Monkey together but more importantly keep them interested in one another. For either the Tiger or the Monkey life with an excessively domestic partner like the Goat or a materialistic one like the Ox might become boring in the long run; but when paired together, each will challenge the other with intellectual activities and stimulating discussions and ensure that there is plenty to do.

Then again the Tiger and Monkey can bring complementary qualities in a relationship which will help each other grow into more rounded human beings. Armed with a resourceful and socially brilliant nature, the Monkey can bring the Tiger more into the mainstream of life so that the latter’s ideas and theories are better understood and appreciated by the larger society. On his/her part, the Tiger can lend the Monkey’s concerns with deeper meaning and purpose, thus lifting them from above the merely materialistic and self-centered. While the Monkey’s financial acumen will ensure that they are well-off materially, the Tiger will bring a breadth and sense of idealism into their relationship.

Since both the Tiger and Monkey are passionate people, their sex lives will likewise be highly satisfying. The Monkey will ensure that there is enough fun and variety to keep it from sinking into dead routine while the Tiger will infuse it with energy and adventure.

Tiger Female and Monkey Male Love Match

This relationship might not compliment any party although they share some similarities. They are big spenders, outgoing, and vivacious. Equally intelligent and self-confident, the Tiger might not be impressed with the Monkey and might even fight for dominance or being equal partners in a relationship. The Monkey is quite emotional at times and could feel unappreciated. The differences stem from their view on life. The Tiger loves freedom and ambitious, while the Monkey also enjoys freedom but also likes to spend time playing. Due to this, the Tiger partner tends to feel like they are the only one putting any effort forth.

This pair is not a very pleasant combination and they both may not find much relief in this relationship. Both the Monkey and Tiger are very similar in the sense that they both are very ambitious and have high self-esteem, the element “I” is always present in their thoughts. Hence it is not easy for them to get along as the Tiger can be egotistical when the Monkey does not give way while the Monkey himself is cunning in his actions. Both might always be in doubt and are secretive with each other. For this relationship to succeed, one has to be more powerful to pose control on the other. If not properly executed, a struggle may occur between this pair. These two will have great time together, but they need to be careful about arguments.

The chief hurdle to a Tiger and Monkey pair could lie in the difference in priorities. The direction of the Tiger’s thoughts and projects is outwards – he/she likes to be involved in large projects or far-reaching thought systems which have a genuine altruistic basis. The Monkey on the other hand is far more geared towards personal success – almost all his/her ingenuity and hard work is directed to gaining power, money or recognition for him/herself and so it is no surprise that the Monkey is more successful in the worldly sense. In the event that the two are not able to understand each other, the Monkey may consider the Tiger to be irrational and idealistic while the Tiger may see the Monkey as basely materialistic, selfish and worst of all, entirely capable of resorting to underhand methods for personal ends.

Where their relationship is concerned, the varying personalities of the Tiger and Monkey may imply that each is looking for something that the other cannot provide. Love to the Tiger is more about companionship and compatibility – especially intellectual. But though the Monkey enjoys mental stimulation, he/she may not always be hooked to deeper intellectual concerns. Life to the Monkey is all about sampling varied experiences and pleasures which is why he/she has a tendency of straying in personal relationships. The Tiger as such may feel neglected and upset at the Monkey’s capriciousness and wish to retire into solitude to lick his/her wounds. This bent for privacy in a Tiger may be incomprehensible to the Monkey who may tire of waiting for his/her partner to emerge from the shadows and leave for where the lights are brighter and the music, louder.

Also the Monkey has a strong egoistical nature which likes to take charge in a relationship and would want a partner to fall in with their wishes. On the other hand it is quite impossible for a highly individualistic sign as the Tiger to give in to others’ opinions and preferences for long. As a result a Tiger and Monkey couple could find themselves spending all their time in arguments and wading through conflicts.

In the end it is upto the two individuals on how they want to negotiate personality differences. If they are to remain together the Monkey will have be more sensitive of the Tiger’s needs and realize that infidelity is unacceptable. Likewise the Tiger will have to lighten up more and understand that the Monkey needs physical and social stimulation to remain interested in the relationship.

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