Tiger Female and Rabbit Male

As the Rabbit man is a quiet thinker, he usually keeps his thoughts to himself. On the Contrary, the Tiger woman is an open book, and has hopes that her Bunny Rabbit will be perceptive of that trait and show a bit of it, himself. she finds him aloof and in a trance, unaware of his surroundings. Though they do not have many commonalities, this relationship has a future and a good one to that.

It is quite rare to find a Tiger and Rabbit sign romantically or sexually involved, as both signs are significantly different and opposing in personalities in many areas of life within Chinese astrology altogether. The Tiger is very confident, enjoys attention and social outings, and often has an extremely free spirit.

However, because of the shy and timid nature of the Rabbit who prefers a calm and cozy home life, this can create conflicting life goals and paths for the two. The Tiger is sexy and appealing to the Rabbit, who is sweet, compassionate, and understanding but also appreciates the sex appeal of the Tiger. Because both signs are compassionate and loyal in many cases, if the signs are romantically or sexually linked all is not lost with proper communication skills.

Tiger Female & Rabbit Male Compatibility

You are out of step with each other, since you have your own interests and tastes. The male rabbit is gentle, romantic and likes to live a quiet and peaceful life. The female tiger is vigorous and has wide interests. She longs for a passionate partner with striking personality, but the male rabbit devotes himself totally to his work. When meeting dificulties, your differences will get even more obvious.

The male Rabbit prefers a regular home environment - which is precisely what the flamboyant female Tiger is not going to provide for him in any reliable quantity. The female Tiger may provide the male Rabbit with new and exciting experiences, both in and out of bed, but these will prove to be short-lived, as his regular habits conspire to bore her to tears.

By the time she is convinced it’s better to leave, the male Rabbit will be glad of a chance to catch his breath. These two just have too many differences for it to work out, but that doesn’t mean they’ll end up hating each other. This is not one for the ages, but it will be fun while it lasts, and the Rabbit at least will brag about it for years afterward.

The secret to a compatible Tiger and Rabbit love match lies in both having similar ways of engaging with the world and its experiences. Both use their mind and related skills like conversation and social interaction to understand what is going on around them. The Tiger in love is not so much looking to drown in emotional intimacy or physical sensuality as much as for a companion who will accompany them in their intellectual explorations. This suits the Rabbit just fine since they thrive in verbal and social exchange and would be glad to avoid the emotional complexities of a relationship. They both will keep each other interested with long, stimulating discussions on practically every topic under the sun.

Then again both the Tiger and Rabbit are appreciative of aesthetic pleasures. Part of the social attractiveness of the Tiger lies in their appreciation of fine arts and cultural pursuits at the same time they are highly creative people themselves. Most have an inborn ear for music and can sing or play instruments while many are gifted with a knack for fine arts and sculpture.

The same is true of the Rabbit as well. An essential aspect of the social life of the Rabbit is the guiding principle of beauty and harmony. They like to be surrounded by beauty which is aesthetic and artistic in nature. Thus for the couple a perfect way to spend an evening would be a night out at the opera or theater. In fact in case of both the Tiger and Rabbit, their love of culture and art extends to personal elegance as well – this is one couple which will inevitably be well-groomed and fashionably turned out.

Yet another aspect of their personalities which could help their relationship to be a success is a mutual love of socializing. Though neither is a highly gregarious personality like the Rat or Horse, the Tiger and Rabbit love to be among friends and like-minded people. In different ways, each needs a social context in which to fully express themselves – in case of the Tiger this is intellectual stimulation while in case of the Rabbit this is more of interpersonal and aesthetic involvement. Thus the Tiger and Rabbit couple will love meeting people amid a lively atmosphere of intellectual and social exchange.

However by far the most important factor that will help the Tiger and Rabbit to pull along is a tendency to let each other be. While the Tiger is of an open and liberal nature, the Rabbit is highly adaptable and capable of adjusting to various people and situations. Neither has an overpowering ego like the Dragon or high emotional expectations like the Dog which can make the Tiger or Rabbit feel overwhelmed and imprisoned in a relationship. Rather these two signs will bring the values of understanding and openness in their romantic equation and grant each other ample personal freedom.

Tiger Female and Rabbit Male Love Match

The Rabbit is sensitive and bashful while the Tiger is loud and daring. The Rabbit may not appreciate spontaneity while the Tiger can’t stand emotional character. It takes a lot of effort if the couple want to make the relationship work. The Rabbit usually lets the Tiger be the dominant partner, which is initially pleasing for the Tiger.

The Tiger’s love for life and self-indulgent nature may prove to be too strong and colorful for the docile and quiet Rabbit, whose inclination is towards mental and creative achievements. The Rabbit feels that the Tiger lacks the zest in life, and while the Tiger is able to help solve the Rabbit’s problems, the Rabbit may not take the advice graciously.

For the Tiger, a Rabbit partner could help build confidence and resoluteness, but the Tiger may not be too keen on learning it. This relationship revolves around many disadvantages, particularly in the quarrels and tensions that stem from the Tiger’s tendency to dominate over the Rabbit. Despite these differences, the pair somehow manage to weld them together and make them better people. If they can overcome their differences, both will develop deep respect for each other, however, the combination will make better friends than as lovers.

However down the line the couple could face some hurdles in their relationship. Primary among them is likely to be a clash between the Tiger’s and Rabbit’s individual lifestyles. The latter likes to surround him/herself with aesthetically pleasing objects and experiences but recoils from any kind of extremes or overwhelming sensations; thus on more than a few occasions, the Rabbit might be dismayed by the level of unconventionality adopted by his/her Aquarius partner.

The Tiger on the other hand is highly original in his/her tastes and values. He/she abhors submitting to a system or a way of life just because it has been sanctified by tradition. As a result of their diverging tastes, the Tiger and Rabbit partners might find themselves leading increasingly living separate lives. Though neither is the kind to force the other to his/her way of doing things, the two might eventually find it difficult to pull along if their individual compulsions are too strong.

Then again while both the Tiger and Rabbit love company, the former is often given to intense bouts of isolation which might be difficult for the latter to understand. At such times, the Tiger may wander away on its own, absorbed in deep thoughts and analyses. If his/her Rabbit partner is unable to understand such compulsions and tries to force the Tiger into socializing, it is quite likely that the latter will be roused to intense fury or a cold indifference. Moved by deep humanitarian concerns, the Tiger in turn may consider the Rabbit’s concern with pretty things rather frivolous since they have nothing to with bettering the lives of others.

Finally with each involved in their own world of thoughts and activities, the Tiger and Rabbit pair may lack a sense of material practicality and emotional belonging. Neither is particularly given to saving for a rainy day or furthering emotional intimacy and this could leave, even a pleasant companionship, directionless and prone to drifting apart.

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