Tiger Female and Tiger Male

Tiger Woman and Tiger Man often finding themselves in the position where their spending habits outweigh their budget, financial strain isn’t the only issue with which these two will be faced. They will butt heads on a number of subjects, and unfortunately for them it is their style to do so in an utterly tactless manner. They both take pride on their wittiness, but funniness only stretches so far in a relationship such as this one. These two are too alike in the wrong ways for this to be a fruitful union.

Tiger signs are often attracted to each other almost instantly with their unique and warm charm and the ability to give off a magnetism to other Tigers that cause immediate attraction when involved in a sexual relationship according to the Chinese horoscope and astrology.

Although Tigers in Shengxiao are capable of giving plenty of love and care according to the Chinese zodiac, they both enjoy being in power and taking up the center of attention, which can cause a clash in the relationship, especially if both Tigers are interested in pursuing the limelight for themselves. However, neither Tigers enjoy arguing or fighting, which works well when dealing with issues in the relationship which again can help to make the pair even more compatible.

Tiger Female & Tiger Male Compatibility

You have many innate common points. For instance, both of you are vigorous, attractive, rebellious and indulgent. Thus, you will be unwilling to make concessions to the other on anything in your life. You should leave enough free space and time to each other. Ease and humor are the best physic to eliminate the contradictions between you. Additionally, both of you should pay attention to constraining each other in household expenses.

The addition of the male Tiger to the already rambunctious female Tiger is like adding nitro to glycerin - an explosion is only waiting to happen, and will as soon as any sources of friction are discovered. This shouldn’t take long - Tigers are very volatile personalities, and a relationship doesn’t leave either party with as much room for maneuver as either would prefer.

Every day is new bundle of experiences, rife with surprise for these two, and each will have a different solution. In nature, Tigers are very solitary and territorial creatures that rarely allow others of the same species to share their personal space, and the Chinese sages named this human personality type after this particular animal for a very good reason. These two will whirl apart under their own momentum.

The chief characteristic of the Tiger is their attraction to an active intellectual life. Thus for partners of this zodiac, being in love primarily means being able to roam unhindered in the free heaven of ideas and intellect in the company of a like-minded partner. And who better to understand such compulsions than a fellow Tiger. These are people who are neither interested in deep emotional interaction nor in mutually beneficial material partnerships. Instead they wish to look beyond the superficialities of appearance and accessories into the minds of their partners and wish to engage in a lively intellectual exchange.

For all their intellectual fire and originality, the Tiger possesses a curious emotional detachment from the world of emotions and feelings. They are not comfortable dissecting emotions and sharing feelings but would rather have their actions governed by their rational mind. As a result a Tiger may appear emotionally distant even to people they are fond of and particularly heartless to a Rooster or Pig who expects wholehearted emotional involvement in love.

While a Tiger is happy chatting with friends and exchanging notes about the merits of the latest theatrical production, they will rarely let anybody into what they are feeling inside. This is a person who is cool and collected in his/her personal life and will move away from entangled, messy affair. For all these reason a Tiger is best suited to someone similar who can understand their aversion to emotional complexities and preference for uncomplicated, open-minded partnerships.

Then again the Tiger is the original rebel of the Chinese zodiac system. Both Tiger men and women are driven by a deep need to be different. This may be expressed through their choice in clothes and lifestyle but more importantly in their beliefs and outlook to life. Thus while a conventional partner might be expecting a bouquet of red roses and chocolates on Valentine’ Day, a Tiger partner just might surprise him/her with a special edition of Classical Roman history and look forward to an evening of long, animated discussion. This is something that very few signs can be expected to understand even fewer to appreciate.

Only another Tiger will look forward to a lively intellectual exchange as an expression of romantic interest. Or perhaps be willing to set house in a jungle clearing or a commune. In fact this animal sign’s partiality for a colorful lifestyle might not do down well with rather conventional signs like the Ox and Rooster. Even a flamboyant personality like the Dragon actually cares deeply about their public image and might be embarrassed by a lot that their Tiger partner openly displays in thought or lifestyle. Thus a Tiger couple is best placed to understand each other’s highly individualistic personalities and appreciate the mutual ability to anticipate the trends and systems of the future.

Tiger Female and Tiger Male Love Match

This is a charming and vivacious couple. They lead a passionate relationship, both being beautiful and intelligent, with the love for adventure; their magnetic personalities tend to attract others that may be a temptation. Although both are strong-headed and equally dominant in the relationship, they are easily vulnerable to ego bruising. They can be very affectionate with each other, especially in the beginning, however, their need for time and space make them stray if either feels controlled.

The romance will be extreme, but so will the fights. When both partners are dominating and argumentative, the relationship tends to hold a lot of arguments, debates and fights. Too much of such rivalry can make this partnership brittle. Their sense of humor helps them to look over their differences and also if they find this relationship exciting enough.

This couple also like to spend a lot and cannot keep to a budget, however, financial strain is not the only issue which these two will face. These two are too much alike in the wrong ways to make this union a fruitful one, and it may have a short shelf life because it is too exhausting for both parties. However, to make this relationship work, both will need to give a lot of space to each other, and do not pressure each other.

However despite so many similarities in personal traits and priorities, a Tiger couple might face a few obstacles down the line. Primary among them is a lack of emotional connection which is necessary to anchor the partners into a relationship. With both partners given to a high degree of individualism, there might be an absence of warmth and intimacy in the relationship. If a partnership is to become something more substantial than a mere companionship, it needs to be firmly grounded in emotional belonging without which it becomes rather superficial and lightweight.

While being open-minded, the Tiger can become quite obstinate too when met with opposition to their ideas. What this means for their relationship is when two Tiger partners clash in their opinions and lifestyles, neither might be willing to back down. This makes the couple less flexible and willing to adapt to various circumstances and personalities which is necessary if a relationship is to survive in the long run.

In the end however, Tigers are best suited to one another because of their similar take on commitment. The Tiger cannot be held down - they need the freedom to range widely in the worlds of thoughts and ideas and don’t take well to be tied to conventional demands of a relationship. Very often Tigers can be found to engage in active intellectual exchanges with members of the opposite sex which can seem to veer into light-hearted flirtation. So if a partner is of the jealous type like the Dog or Monkey, they may have difficulty in understanding why their partner craves the society of others when they are right beside them.

The truth is that the Tiger needs to be surrounded by a lively circle of friends and acquaintances since this is important for the free and productive exchange of ideas which they thrive on. And this is something that only a fellow Tiger can understand and appreciate. On the upside, Tigers are some of the most free-wheeling lovers in the zodiac. Just as they love their own privacy, they are equally willing to offer everyone, including their partner, equal freedom. Thus the Tiger-Tiger couple is best suited for some fairly unconventional arrangements when it comes to partnership and romance.

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