Wood Dog

Wood Dog Years: 1934, 1994, 2054

Active Element: Wood & Earth

Associated Sun Sign: Libra ♎

Dog Elements: Wood Dog, Fire Dog, Earth Dog, Metal Dog, Water Dog.

Wood Dog — all his talents and abilities are well shown when working in a team. Everywhere she is well-received, she is comfortable everywhere, because she is not at variance, attentive, obliging. From other dogs she has a good sense of humor, a willingness to help everyone, than she tries to hide her uncertainty in her abilities. A Wood Dog loves silence, peace, often secluded in nature, devotes much time to works of art, collecting.

A bewitching, kind-hearted and unruffled Dog that, thanks to its frankness and alertness to strangers, will be able to create close and long relationships with those whom she chooses as friends and loved ones. She is honest, attentive and pleasant, loves food for her mind and works hard on herself.

The Wood element endows it with poise and generosity; everything around it grows, it stabilizes and becomes beautiful. It is also attracted by money and success, but it avoids excessive mercantile. She knows how to get in touch with an incredible number of people in various spheres of life, acting reasonably and sensibly.

The Wood Dog is confident in itself, but at the same time refined. She is energetic and accommodating, prefers to act together with someone or on the side of influential people. It is naturally aimed at working in a team and wants to like as many of its comrades as possible. This type of Dog can sometimes be retained, because without the permission and support of the others it will not go forward. She should learn independence, even if at times, because of this, she will be in danger.

Wood Dog Chinese Zodiac

Every fifth year of the Dog is tempered by the element Wood in the Chinese Zodiac. People who are Wood Dogs in the Chinese horoscope know how to be a little laid back. They do not stress so much over small things and know how to shake up their routines once in awhile.

Those who are under the Chinese horoscope sign of the Wood Dog do take awhile to make friends. They are shy at first, because they crave support and companionship but fear rejection. Once they have observed enough to decide they can trust a person, Wood Dogs open up and really prove themselves to be steady and reliable friends. Having a close group of friends helps the Wood Dog feel confidence and security.

Wood Dogs dismiss luxury and expensive things. A Dog is content with the same old clothing, decent healthy food, and a fairly plain household. They simply do not see the appeal in spending a lot of money on impractical objects, and would rather spend money on a gift for a friend than on themselves! Those born under the Chinese sign of the Dog are always more generous to others than themselves, but they truly do not feel a need for luxury and so do not miss it.

No matter how sparse the decorations in a Wood Dog’s house may be, that house will always be clean. All Dogs prefer neatness, and Wood Dogs have an affinity for a truly clean household; corners will be swept out, the linens will be kept fresh, and there will be few or no surprises hiding in closets! The Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dog is tempered by the Wood element, producing an individual who knows how to take things in stride, but has a strong sense of right and wrong.

Wood Dog Man

People born in the Year of the Wood Dog are extremely friendly, are complacent to all those around them. Any dispute and conflict is decided by the world, even at the price of their own interests. The Wood Dog is a modest man, tries not to stand out, leads a quiet lifestyle. Although he has a great sense of humor, it’s a pleasure to talk with him. Always support, give advice. Communicates with a huge number of people, and it is good for each of his friends. This is a very serious, focused person, his affairs are full of order. He loves his work, his superiors appreciate his communication skills, the ability to find an approach to any person.

The enamored Wood Dog sees nothing except the object of its passion. He is ready for everything for the happiness of the second half. The representative of this sign is a reliable partner, his chosen one can be completely sure of it. He dreams of a strong marriage, remains faithful to his choice until the end of his life. True, do not expect from him beautiful courtship, the Wood Dog is a reasonable man, so he does not commit frivolous acts. Does not seek to impress the beloved’s imagination, does not like to rush into words. But you can rely on him in any situation, this is a wonderful family man, devoted to close people with all his heart. He is especially attached to children, he tries to become a true friend for them.

Wood Dog Woman

Surrounding people admire the beauty and mind of this amazing woman. Calm nature, patience, benevolence are the undoubted merits of the Wood Dog. Although many in the first place pay attention to its spectacular appearance. This charming person easily conquers the love of men, while perfectly communicating with women. At work, she is appreciated for her responsibility and commitment, she always copes with her duties brilliantly. The Wood Dog is a benevolent woman, but for the sake of family and friends it is ready to get involved in a serious conflict, very devoted to one’s relatives. Lies, hypocrisy can lead her into a rage, at these moments the offenders should retreat.

In a loving relationship, the Wood Dog is a woman, completely surrendering feeling. She can not really assess the dignity of the chosen one, she is enthusiastic about his actions. Waiting for romantic courtship, but it can do without visits and gifts, most of all appreciates sincerity and love in a relationship. In family life, she manifests herself as a faithful wife, devoted to her husband with all her heart. She loves and pampers children, she pays them all her time. However, close ones should remember that even petty lies can destroy family happiness. Do not forgive betrayal, despite the strong love and affection for her husband. She behaves honestly and decently, she expects such a relationship from everyone who surrounds her.

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