Wood Goat

Wood Goat Years: 1955, 2015, 2075

Active Element: Wood & Earth

Associated Sun Sign: Cancer ♋

Goat Elements: Wood Goat, Fire Goat, Earth Goat, Metal Goat, Water Goat.

Wood Goat (Sheep) — does not have its own solid opinion, it must be prompted, even imposed, for its own good. Attentive and helpful, she always finds an opportunity and means to thank those who have shown concern for her. She has many loyal friends who in her society feel business, generous and strong. Goat (Sheep) can be engaged in exchange business. Intuition, a presentiment of possible benefits, make them quite successful people. If the Goat (Sheep) could overcome fear and insecurity, to the fullest, take advantage of this gift, she would be very rich.

Thoughtful Goat with a good sense of humor; likes to sit back, but at the same time attentive to the desires of others. She is sentimental and wants to please everyone; with the elements of the tree does not allow it to become unnecessarily frivolous. The Wood Goat are naturally more stubborn and generous than other Goats. She has very high moral principles.

This is a very kind and trustful Goat who completely relies on those in whom she believes. He knows his own worth, but at the same time he allows others to use it. If you press on the Wood Goat, it is too easy to give up. For peace and tranquility, she is ready to sacrifice much.

The Wood Goat tend to take care of others and can be very devoted to those they care about. Her good deeds and sympathy for others will necessarily be rewarded. As she helps people without hesitation, if necessary, money always comes to her. At a critical moment, she receives an inheritance or financial assistance from the most unexpected sources.

Wood Goat Chinese Zodiac

Thanks to the influence of the Wood, this Goat (Sheep) has the most deeply rooted morals, she does not allow herself to be so frivolous as the previous one. In the end, it is much more altruistic and generous. This Goat (Sheep), like others, does not like quarrels. She will make great sacrifices in the name of consent, will yield to people with a stronger character, while knowing that she herself is well adapted to life. She blindly believes those she loves.

Another virtue of the Wood Goat (Sheep) — she is always ready to help. She will never deny a loan to a friend. According to folk wisdom, "what you sow, then reap, fate will reward Goat (Sheep) for her sacrifices, and she, sooner or later, will receive a large inheritance or money sprinkled on her like a manna from heaven.

The Wood Goat (Sheep) as a universal mother, is always ready to shelter the homeless, to give tenderness and affection to those who are next to her.

Wood Goat Man

Due to his sociability, the man of this sign has a huge number of friends. It is close people, not just acquaintances. He treats everyone with great warmth, sincerely worries and tries to help. The Wood Goat is a generous man, ready to share the latter. In his devotion can be no doubt, always the first to come to the rescue. In business, he shows himself on the best side, hardworking enough, he persistently achieves his plans. He can be considered a responsible employee, because in this sign lightheadedness and eccentricity of the Goat is not so obvious. This is a real favorite of the team, even managing the position of the head manages to maintain friendly relations with all.

For women, this cheerful, sociable man is a good party. For all its lightness, it has an excellent set of business qualities. A Wood Goat is a fairly wealthy man, capable of providing a comfortable life for his wife. In addition, it is not boring with him, he can beautifully take care of. And he does not forget to give compliments, to give gifts and after marriage. This is a big fan of women, so you can not expect from him impeccable behavior and blind devotion. Too active and energetic, unable to sit in one place, needs bright emotions. But he loves his children very much, he is attentive and caring towards his wife. It is impossible to reproach him for anything that is unworthy.

Wood Goat Woman

It seems that for this cheerful woman there is no reason for sadness. Always finds a way to cheer yourself and others around. Positive attitude, support of friends help her to adequately overcome life’s difficulties. A Wood Goat is a woman who is firm, energetic, never discouraged. She can not be called proud and capricious, she eagerly listens to advice, does not reject help. Itself is always ready to come to the rescue, this is a very kind, sympathetic person. It is distinguished by perseverance and determination, and strives to achieve what was conceived. Thanks to her diligence and good intuition, she happily avoids serious problems. Others admire her love of life and optimism.

A Wood Goat is a woman who is peaceful, it is easy to get along with her. Men like this charming person, ready to meet halfway. Do not be naughty, not offended, but just friendly. It can not be called demanding, it does not set difficult conditions. Falling in love, immediately responds with consent, will not waste time trying to further inflame the passion of the groom. In marriage, this is a faithful and faithful partner, although she loves communication, cheerful company, but also gives enough time to the family. She never argues, she readily listens to her husband’s advice and unquestioningly follows them, does not try to take the place of a leader. It is an incorrigible optimist, family life with her is a continuous holiday.

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