Wood Horse

Wood Horse Years: 1904, 1954, 2014

Active Element: Wood & Fire

Associated Sun Sign: Gemini ♊

Horse Elements: Wood Horse, Fire Horse, Earth Horse, Metal Horse, Water Horse.

A Wood Horse is a big dreamer. The people respect her for good nature, talent, diligence and perseverance, a wonderful sense of humor. Very literate, intelligent, she can not only offer, but also implement a plan that others consider simply absurd. With her confidence and conviction, she will lead anyone and prove that she was right. She does not disregard her principles. In communication easy and trustful. She is often trusted with secrets, she is asked for advice. The Wood Horse would have achieved more in life, if more often she had analyzed her numerous ideas.

The Wood Horse is friendly, accommodating, more patient than other Horses, and the most reasonable of them all. But if you press on it, it will resist. Thanks to the elements of the Wood, she is disciplined and able to think clearly and systematically. Wood Horse is very lucky and socially active. A cheerful and intelligent interlocutor, she is not too selfish and does not seek to press in communication with others.

But she likes to move forward and, being modern and unsentimental, easily rejects the old and joyfully opens the door to a new one. Inventions and innovations always shake her imagination, and she is not afraid to be unusual.

It seeks to explore as many areas of activity as possible, but obligations are the first priority for it. In a strong, inspired and sunny Wood Horse, there is not a drop of laziness, but she should be more careful and more discriminating.

Wood Horse Chinese Zodiac

Every Chinese sign is affected by one of five elements, and the Horse that is tempered by the element of Wood is really strongly affected by this element. Wood changes the Horse’s personality in many ways, and give a Horse the ability to stick to a project or relationship much more than the average Horse person can.

A Wood Horse, in the Chinese Zodiac, retains the sociable qualities of a Horse and also shares the Horse’s talent for physical movement and exercise. The Wood Horse, however, can set long term goals and stick to a plan or regimen much better than other Horses. As a result, Wood Horses are not so unpredictable, and make better partners and friends.

The person born as a Wood Horse in the Chinese horoscope still has the Horse’s adaptability and ability to handle change, but is so much more steady and reliable. The Wood Horse has the best of both worlds, because he or she is not getting distracted away from finishing tasks, but can still switch gears quickly if it is needed. A Wood Horse is also much better at making decisions. Since they are not so terrified of commitment, it is not so hard for them to make decisions in the first place.

Despite the difference from other Horses, a person born as a Wood Horse in the Chinese Zodiac still has a deep love of travel. This person is likely to use up his or her vacation time in exotic locales.

Wood Horse Man

For this energetic, good-natured man, there is nothing better than communicating with friends. Always with pleasure responds to offers to have fun, often he is the initiator of some amusing adventure. However, he is able not only to entertain himself, he is a responsible and hardworking person. A Wood Horse is a man who deserves the respect of his colleagues, he is endlessly devoted to his work. With great pleasure, he undertakes the fulfillment of the most difficult tasks, does not expect recognition, just works for the soul. Equally glad to communicate with employees, and with close people, many consider him the soul of the company. People are drawn to this merry fellow and good-natured, the more he knows how to give valuable advice.

For any woman, communication with this charismatic man is a pleasure. A fine storyteller, humorist, besides a true intellectual. Wood Horse man is charming, he will not have to take long to take care of, the lady will almost immediately answer with an offer of marriage. In family life does not lose a good mood. He enjoys spending time with children, often attending entertaining events with them. And he rejoices heartily. He is a kind father, ready to forgive children for whims and disobedience. A wife can fully trust him, Wood Horse is a faithful and faithful man, will not exchange his family happiness for doubtful pleasures.

Wood Horse Woman

This truly amazing woman, friendly and friendly with everyone. From her face, a smile does not come off, she really enjoys every new acquaintance. Energy, love of life, openness to communication — the undoubted merits of the Wooden Horse, allowing painless to overcome difficulties and obstacles. In the understanding of the woman of this sign there are no desperate situations, she easily finds the solution of the most difficult problems. Her positive attitude can only be envied, the surrounding people sincerely admire the ability of the Wood Horse to enjoy trifles. At work, her valued for diligence and willingness to help, this is the real favorite of the team.

In the love relationship — Wood Horse faithful, wholeheartedly devoted to her man. This is a real war girlfriend, ready to share all the difficulties of life. In this case, adversity meets with a head held high, does not lose the presence of the spirit. Always cheerful, ready to support all the beginnings of men. With pleasure responds to any suggestions to change life. It can easily agree to move or sharply change the scope of activities. For her husband, she is a devoted, loving wife, for children — a cheerful girlfriend. Her energy is enough for both communication and solving domestic issues. Contains the house in impeccable cleanliness, tries to equip its dwelling as best as possible.

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