Wood Monkey

Wood Monkey Years: 1944, 2004, 2064

Active Element: Wood & Metal

Associated Sun Sign: Leo โ™Œ

Monkey Elements: Wood Monkey, Fire Monkey, Earth Monkey, Metal Monkey, Water Monkey.

The Wood Monkey is a dreamer who succeeds in realizing his most incredible ideas. In this it helps such character traits as an interest in everything new, unexplored, modern, incredible work capacity and responsibility. But she is very impatient, so if the results from her turbulent activity do not appear as soon as she planned, she is capable of giving up everything, searching for the guilty for a long time and thereby ruining the business that promised a certain benefit. The Wood Monkey, has many true friends who are trying to help at a difficult moment. In general, at the Wood Monkey all is fine, only it is necessary to believe in it.

For this type of monkey, good relationships with other people are important. But the Wood Monkey, if possible, does not get into the affairs of others. She is noble, but more restless than other Monkeys. Endowed with the spirit of the discoverer. Always aware of everything that happens around, is very interested in new discoveries and unusual worldviews. The Element of the Tree gives the Monkey an intuitive mindset that helps her predict the likely outcome of events. She constantly seeks answers to questions and does not like to retreat.

Adhering to high personal standards, the Wood Monkey always seeks to rise above the existing situation. She never satisfies to the end what she has, she always looks for where the grass is greener, and therefore this monkey is constantly drawn to new challenges. This is an economical person, capable of bringing order to any work, for which he decides to take. He rarely exaggerates anything, is not inclined to empty reasoning ... and a little bit, in millimeters, destroys obstacles in his path.

Wood Monkey Chinese Zodiac

Each person is affected by one of five elements, according to the Chinese Zodiac. The Wood Monkey is more practical and less dreamy that the average Monkey. A person born as a Wood Monkey according to his or her Chinese horoscope will be much better at forming a plan and sticking to it than other Monkeys are. These Monkeys are as clever and crafty as you would expect, and have a great memory for small details. This means that they usually know at least something about how everything works-and makes a Monkey a great person to have around if an appliance breaks, for example.

A person born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Monkey and tempered by Wood is more able to put aside his or her prankster nature than other Monkeys are. Since he or she is not alienating people by playing practical jokes, his or her natural charm win out and he or she will have many friends and friendly contacts. A Wood Monkey can talk to anyone about anything, and works well with others. Most other Monkeys can have problems in the workplace due to a lack of respect for authority, but the Wood Monkey knows how to keep that in check.

Since a Wood Monkey is naturally intelligent and can work hard towards his or her goals, he or she is likely to be in a high position.

Wood Monkey Man

This charming man makes a good impression, it seems cheerful, cheerful person. However, he is experiencing inner anxiety, constantly experiencing in many ways. Tries to look dignified, afraid to get into trouble. The Wood Monkey is a smart man with lots of talents, so there is no cause for concern. Thanks to a strong intuition, he understands the essence of what is happening. But some fussiness, the desire to succeed, regardless of the circumstances, harm him in business. Inspiration and strength draws in his environment, close people always come to his rescue. He himself will not remain in debt, he knows how to be friends, you can rely on him.

The Wood Monkey is a vain man, he wants to seem like an original person. He tries to make an impression on women, thatโ€™s why he cares beautifully, makes broad gestures. For example, can present a luxurious gift or organize a romantic trip. However, the calm reaction of the chosen one can spoil his mood and even cause a deadly resentment. This is a reliable, loyal man, just need to constantly praise him. With the willingness to agree to various adventures, the more the man of this sign can be trusted, although at times he seems too eccentric. Thanks to the inner flair, he does not make mistakes in choosing a companion, he is usually happy in his family life.

Wood Monkey Woman

The surrounding consider the Wood Monkey a woman with an easy temper, a great optimist and a cheerful enthusiast. Indeed, she tries not to load her loved ones with her problems, she prefers to experience troubles alone. Does not see the point of sharing doubts, but simply continues to achieve what she has conceived. She tries to achieve perfection in everything, likes to emerge from the most difficult situation as a winner. Activity and dedication helps her in matters, always in good standing with the authorities. This kind, sympathetic woman, without hesitation is ready to rush to the rescue. But most of all she likes to entertain, nevertheless the mischievous nature of the Monkey makes itself felt.

In a romantic relationship, the woman of this sign looks for lightness, vivid emotions. Does not want to solve the problems of a man or tolerate her bad mood. The Wood Monkey is a temperamental woman, even if she does not show her feelings too clearly. I am ready to go with my lover even to the ends of the earth, calmly refers to the need to change my place of residence. This hard-working, energetic woman, easily adapts to any conditions, at least, tries. If she will doubt, she will prefer to hide her experiences from her husband. Close demonstrates a positive attitude, this is the real keeper of the hearth. The family is a safe haven for her, she will not upset her husband and children.

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