Wood Ox

Wood Ox Years: 1925, 1985, 2045

Active Element: Wood & Earth

Associated Sun Sign: Capricorn ♑

Ox Elements: Wood Ox, Fire Ox, Earth Ox, Metal Ox, Water Ox.

Wood Ox is the leader. The only one of the Oxen is very vain, does not like to remain on the second roll. He, by the way, has all the data to lead: smart, kind, confident, persistent, demanding — a set of the most necessary qualities for a responsible employee. In addition, he is devoid of the complexes of his fellow men: emotional, funny, sociable, witty. These qualities, among other things, many are alarming.

This type of Ox is less stubborn and reacts faster. As a result, such people better adapt in society and take into account the feelings of others. The people around will appreciate the Wood Ox for its integrity and ethics. Such a person is just and unbiased, but his lunar sign inclines him towards conservatism. He understands that he has to act in an established social system, and he will be a better actor than the Ox of other elements.

If he is given an hour and how to motivate him, he will demonstrate new, progressive views. He is less stubborn and can accept the fact that the rules dictate the majority. If he gives the right tools, he can climb to unprecedented heights, accumulate huge wealth and achieve fame. With his strong, energetic nature, he can maximize his potential. He understands the importance of coexistence with other people and is ready to subordinate his ambitions to a more important order. He is capable of group work, where he will think in the interests of the group.

Wood Ox Chinese Zodiac

From the East side the wind blew and brought with it a life-giving force and warmth. That’s how the Tree was born. The tree represents the symbol of a soft warm climate. The tree is a symbol of moderate weather, morning, spring, love and harmony, beauty and elegance. Propensity to harmony is the main gift of the Wood Ox (Bull). But their temperament is prone to fits of rage, and this is dangerous. In these attacks, Oxen are forgotten, and harm more to themselves, are easily nervously excitable and do not lose their sense of dignity, they are more dominated by the will that will restore their outer balance. Oxen People born with the elements of the tree have a powerful figure, strong shoulders and limbs. Their face is peculiarly beautiful with straight lines, hanging eyebrows, they have a broad forehead and bright eyes.

In life, these Oxen feel free. They have an authoritative and dignified behavior, often in work these people hold the whole initiative in their hands. Wood Oxen are open and self-assured in dealing with people. Very quickly develop creatively, and have a vivid imagination, but being free for them is more important than any career. These Oxen (Bulls) are very poetic, and therefore from them beautiful artists and tillers can turn out. These people are distinguished by a sense of duty because of what they simply do not know how to trash. They are calm, but they are very quick-tempered, and often they say what they think about, while not reckoning with anyone. The Wood Oxen have a very strong desire to go to success with all their might. They are good at being charming. But they often lack the confidence in themselves. In family affairs, they are devoted and love is plentiful.

They are very fond of spring and perfectly feel themselves in windy weather. Their vulnerable organ is the gallbladder and liver. Wood Ox often prefers acidic food, but it is better for them to eat dishes from game and grain crops. They especially need to beware of their fury, excessive rigor and nervousness, otherwise everything will turn against them and self-destruction will occur.

Their color is green, it brings them happiness and luck.

Wood Ox Man

This honest, decent man enjoys authority among friends and acquaintances. He is fair, intelligent, has a strong will, his calm confidence inspires confidence. The Wood Ox is a solid man, not inclined to finding out the relationship. In case of trouble, he will not become distracted by scandals, but with renewed vigor he will start solving problems. In life, he achieves with his perseverance and honest labor, therefore he deserves respect. Ambitious enough to achieve recognition in the professional field. At work, he shows himself as a talented leader. But even in an ordinary position he will work no less responsibly.

Wood Ox adheres to strict views, he does not like bright, vulgar women. The man of this sign is irritated by arrogant, self-confident people, who demand constant attention. He likes modest women, who have a number of virtues: mind, education, patience, charm. He prefers long courtship, fast marriages are a rarity among the people of this sign. In family life, he shows himself as a reliable partner, he will most likely not betray him. However, any attempt by the wife to insist on his decision, contrary to his opinion, can cause anger and anger. In the rest, the Wood Ox man is a good family man, a loving and caring father.

Wood Ox Woman

Representatives of this sign are distinguished by their restraint and poise. Wood Ox woman is reliable, able to perform a feat for the sake of the right cause. Behind external calm lies the iron will, a firm confidence in its actions. Can work day and night, if indeed there was a strong need. In ordinary circumstances, trying to make informed decisions, does not like to hurry. Women of this sign prefer to enjoy what is happening, and the fast pace of their lives only tires. Are not deprived of ambitions, thus large householders, therefore their choice is obvious — work on a shower, but with good payment.

Wood Ox women are amazingly faithful, ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their loved ones. Absolutely forget about their own affairs, if there are problems with close people. Selflessly love her husband and children, they try to create the most comfortable conditions for them. For all their restraint, women born in the year of the Wood Ox have a passionate temperament. Are capable to fall in love with the man at first sight, however will not begin to suffer disdainful attitude. Quite stubborn in defending their point of view, but they show firmness only in matters of principle. If necessary, they can yield to their chosen one, this behavior testifies to the wisdom of women of this sign.

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