Wood Rooster

Wood Rooster Years: 1945, 2005, 2065

Active Element: Wood & Metal

Associated Sun Sign: Virgo ♍

Rooster Elements: Wood Rooster, Fire Rooster, Earth Rooster, Metal Rooster, Water Rooster.

Wood Rooster is almost always, even in very difficult cases, doing well. He has such traits as honesty, thoroughness, self-esteem and the ability to work with people. For him, there is nothing more important than relatives, friends and relatives. He loves everything, everybody is happy, everything is working out for him. He would still learn to take only for what he really is strong, and not scattered on the little things — he would not have had the price.

The Wood Rooster is more open to the world, more attentive to others and has wider views than other Roosters. Being not so stubborn and self-confident as they are, he is still inclined to complicate things and create problems for himself. He needs to learn to restrain his enthusiasm and try not to overestimate himself. In addition, do not expect that all are endowed with the same tenacity and devotion to the goal that he himself is endowed. Despite all his good intentions, the monotonous mechanical work he gives his subordinates, and the regime that he sets for them, can alienate people from him.

The element of the Wood compels him to move forward, and if this is combined with his natural integrity and integrity, he achieves the heights of success, and the graphs and diagrams of his results strike the imagination. He is a man of broad views, just and sociable, who unselfishly invests in the well-being of others. He tries to improve and improve the situation in society.

Because he appreciates the atmosphere of warmth and intimacy, he tries to come together and make friends with the people with whom he works, and they very much trust him. And yet he is a Rooster, and he will never miss the opportunity to make a pointed remark if he does not like something. At the same time, he always strives for security. Life will smile at him, he will not take on too many ambitious projects at once.

Wood Rooster Chinese Zodiac

When someone born under the sign of the Rooster in the Chinese Zodiac is tempered by the Element of Wood, he or she becomes far less individualistic. In fact, a Wood Rooster’s entire personality is aligned to being social and caring about others. A Wood Rooster likes to work as part of a group or a team, and his or her intelligence and creativity allows him or her to divvy up the work to suit everyone’s strengths. The result is a better project that is finished on time.

Wood Roosters enjoy having large groups of friends, and are capable of stepping out of the spotlight to let someone else shine. This wins them a lot of friends, even though they still subscribe to the same blunt honesty as the average Rooster.

Wood Roosters care about the rest of the world, and you can often find them working hard and using their organizational talents to help out charities and non profit companies. Wood Roosters sincerely want to make the world a better place, and they have the talents and confidence to take on such a big challenge! Wood Roosters make excellent friends because they will do just about anything for a friend or a loved one, and will work hard and bring all of their talents to bear when they lend a helping hand.

Wood Rooster Man

An energetic man with great desire and willing to do the affairs of his loved ones. He is a very devoted person, he has the first place in the interests of friends and relatives. At work, he manifests himself as a responsible employee, always full of ideas for improving labor productivity. The Wood Rooster is an active man, sometimes he is too busy with public affairs, which harms his personal life. He is an intelligent, highly educated person, it is pleasant to communicate with him, he is a real storehouse of knowledge. However, it can be too stubborn and persistent in defending your interests, which causes perplexity among those around you. In general, the Wood Rooster is a pleasant man in every aspect, worthy of respect.

Wood Rooster man is charming, women endlessly admire his manner to have a casual conversation. Meetings with him leave the most pleasant memories, this is a generous gentleman, which is important: with a rich imagination. Having created a family, faithfully serves the interests of loved ones. He strives to give all his free time to his wife and children, it is impossible to convict him of treason and deceit. His head is occupied with anything, but not flirting with women. He likes to surprise his relatives, he always surprises them. The Wood Rooster is a sentimental man, sensitive to quarrels and scandals. He considers his family to be a reliable fortress, he suffers painfully from inattention, eager to hear the words of love.

Wood Rooster Woman

For a woman born in the year of the Wood Rooster, there are no impossible tasks. This purposeful, persistent and energetic person, able to turn the world for the sake of what was planned. And others say of her as the most kind and noble person. Wood Rooster is a company woman, there are a lot of people around her, and she is sincerely friendly with everyone. She is distinguished by an easy, cheerful nature, and most importantly: honesty. Do not intrigue for the sake of achieving the goal, but if necessary, take advantage of their female attractiveness. Thanks to her cheerful nature, she easily overcomes life’s difficulties. In addition, she tries to help her relatives at least with advice.

In a love relationship, the Wood Rooster is an enthusiastic woman, sincerely adoring her chosen one. She believes in a strong marriage, dreams of family life. She is a faithful and devoted partner, ready to devote herself to caring for her husband and children. Cheerful, always positively minded woman — a real gift for a timid man. Itself will easily cope with all domestic problems, its enthusiasm and energy will suffice for two. Although it is demanding and impatient. The Wood Rooster works tirelessly for the sake of the family’s good, but relatives should also provide all possible assistance. Even minor family quarrels deprive her of spiritual balance. Not able to take offense long and sulk, first goes to reconciliation.

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