Wood Snake

Wood Snake Years: 1905, 1965, 2025

Active Element: Wood & Fire

Associated Sun Sign: Taurus ♉

Snake Elements: Wood Snake, Fire Snake, Earth Snake, Metal Snake, Water Snake.

Wood Snake — has the largest set of good qualities and merits (compared to other Snakes). Cheerful, witty, sociable and kind she has a lot of friends who forgive her everything for her wisdom and willingness to help. She loves them, appreciates them, but she does not allow anyone to enter the soul. To work, too, prefers either one, or in a small, friendly team, where everyone is equal, no one gives instructions or reprimands. Disputes and troubles, she does not tolerate. The Wooden Snake loves everything beautiful, nothing will regret to acquire a true work of art or antiquity. Nervousness and frustrations spoil this Snake life.

Honest Snake endowed with soft wisdom and deep understanding of the alignment of forces in any events. She needs absolute mental freedom, is more constant in attachments than other Snakes, and stubborn in action. The Wooden Snake is looking for emotional stability and financial security. This type of Snake can express his thoughts and can be a strong, convincing speaker.

The element of the Wood in combination with the "native" Snake Fire makes the Snake very attractive and interesting. It shines like a beacon, not convincing people of its rightness, but rather captivating them for itself. This Snake usually has expensive tastes, it loves a beautiful life, but because of vanity it can have a misconception about itself. Since this Snake craves public approval and admiration, it will do everything possible and impossible to achieve a lasting and full-scale success.

The Wood Snake is well-informed about everything, loves to collect information and compile a dossier. She thinks soberly, knows how to unravel complicated cases, carefully and clearly shares good and evil. This is the majestic Snake, close to the sphere of art, music, theater and all the beautiful that is in life and that she can afford.

Wood Snake Chinese Zodiac

The Wood Snake, as the Chinese horoscope shows, has a number of advantages over other signs, located in the patronage of the Wood. The Wood gives the Snake, the desire to communicate with other people and the ability to competently build a dialogue, becoming an interesting companion for the opponent. They are people with a well-developed imagination that helps them choose the right, morally, way in life. Representatives of the sign of the zodiac of the wooded environment are very suitable descriptions of character such as ambition and intolerance that, when combined in one representative, play a large role in the formation of the character’s character and his perception of society as a whole.

The number of friends, as well as applicants for the hand and heart of the Wood Snake is always in abundance, as people tend to communicate with them, which is not unimportant for a full life cycle. Very fond of wood snakes in the early spring, accompanied by days in which a strong wind is blowing as they like this weather. It is necessary to carefully monitor the state of mind and avoid stressful situations that can adversely affect the quality and duration of the cycle. It should be used as a way to raise the mood of things, painted in purple.

Wood Snake Man

The life of the people of this sign is full of harmony and tranquility, they are in no hurry, they just enjoy what is happening. The Wood Snake is a man who delicately feels beauty, knows the art. Loves to communicate, has a wide range of acquaintances. Natural wisdom helps him to maintain good relations with all, to find a way out of the most difficult situations. The Wood Snake is a man vain enough and ambitious, but at the same time keeps reasonable care. He will not cross the limits of what is permitted for the sake of career growth, he knows how to achieve success without complicating his life. He is an intelligent, educated person, people around him try to win his friendship and good disposition.

A Wood Snake is a man that looks attractive, able to serve himself. At the same time, friendly and easy to communicate, does not try to look better than it really is. This charming, cheerful person is the soul of the company, there are always a lot of people around him, especially women. Therefore, he does not experience problems with the opposite sex, although the demands on the companion are quite high. He will not meet with a stupid woman, he tries to find an interesting companion, since he himself has a broad outlook. In a married man behaves flawlessly, the Wood Snake is a reliable and serious man. Marrying, loses interest in cheerful companies, devotes all his free time to his wife and children.

Wood Snake Woman

For this life-loving woman, every new day is an occasion for joy. Open to communication, she needs vivid impressions. It is reasonable enough to waste your time in vain, will not engage in a business that does not bring moral or material satisfaction. The Wood Snake is a clever woman, knows how to implement the plan with minimal costs. It may well ask for help from surrounding people, but will do it very tactfully. She knows how to be friends, and colleagues simply idolize her. Perfectly versed in art, has a delicate taste, trying to choose a creative profession. Tact, patience, politeness are qualities that favorably distinguish it against the background of other Snakes.

In love relationships, she seeks not only bright emotions, but also support, including material support. She will not meet with a man who is not able to arrange a comfortable life for her. The Wooden Snake is a talented woman, hardworking, can easily earn all her desires herself. However, she does not consider it necessary to pull a partner, but rather, expects him to care and attention. In family life, she manifests herself as a wonderful housewife, enjoying the chores around the house. She loves her children, devotes much time to their upbringing. And she tries not only to read books, but as much as possible to travel. This is a vain mother, she longs to see her offspring as educated, successful people.

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