Wood Tiger

Wood Tiger Years: 1914, 1974, 2034

Active Element: Wood

Associated Sun Sign: Aquarius ♒

Tiger Elements: Wood Tiger, Fire Tiger, Earth Tiger, Metal Tiger, Water Tiger.

Wood Tiger — good-natured, joker, humorist, favorite of the public, very easily involves others in his affairs. From other Tigers differs complacency, the ability to make concessions, take into account the opinions of others. He lacks endurance and calmness, he wants to achieve any result instantly, and if he does not, he is ready to drop his hands. The Wood Tiger will do well, if he devotes himself to one favorite business and gets patience to wait for the fruits of his labor.

This Tiger is more tolerant of other people’s shortcomings, he assesses the situation from a practical point of view and unbiased. He is democratic, loves working and having fun in the group and understands the importance of long-term cooperation for achieving the goals. He has many friends and acquaintances. In society, he feels himself in his place.

The Wood element makes it friendly. He is an attractive and very productive person when working in a group. In society, he is polite, and he has the talent to gather together completely different people. Nevertheless, he is true first of all to himself and understands that there are no irreplaceable people in his entourage.

The Wood Tiger is the least perceptive of all Tigers. He prefers not to go into the essence, but rather to glide over the surface. He is not as aggressive as the other Tigers, and can be a good diplomat. He is a talented leader who knows how to give directions and manage the work process for achieving the best results, but will in every possible way avoid the need to take responsibility. The Wood Tiger takes its hobby seriously. Like other Tigers, he is not very capable of self-discipline, and he should not take on more than he can bear. Like other Tigers, it is difficult for him to limit himself and adequately perceive criticism, even if it is filed in a soft and kind manner.

Wood Tiger Chinese Zodiac

People under the sign of the Wood Tiger look pretty peace-loving, but in their soul there is an involuntary impulsiveness. Their strange behavior is sometimes confusing. These people are calm and give the impression of a carefree person. But this is their mask, behind which there is constant anxiety. They should not take themselves unawares, or they will fail. They need to improvise and embody their ingenuity, their creativity teaches and calms. They are very fond of freedom, they should not be afraid of the scene, because the crowd can not take their eyes off them, because they always and entirely give themselves to the inspiration that often visits them. People with the sign of the Wood Tiger like to joke, and they have a good sense of humor.

These Wood Tigers are not as independent as their other types of tiger sign, and are prone to team work for a common purpose. These people often change their plans, easily get confused and this greatly upsets them. Usually they are loved and respected, they have a large circle of friends. People under the sign of the Wood Tiger are often engaged in active secular life.

They love spring and feel good in windy weather. Their weak organ is the liver. They adore sour food, but it is better to eat them dishes, rice, and meat, pork is better suited. Tiger — passionate and angry, and it happens to him that helps, but it is not necessary to abuse it, constant anxiety will spoil his nervous system.

Color, always bringing good luck and happiness — lemon.

Wood Tiger Man

Charming, externally interesting man evokes sympathy from the first minutes of dating. He knows how to be placed to himself, knows how to like, especially women are not indifferent to him. A peace-loving, good-natured person is not at all associated with the sign of the Tiger. However, he has courage and strength, he is able to defend his interests. This man is open to communication, it is easy to contact, with him you can agree on any matter. Does not show anger and aggression, the Wood Tiger is a man willing to make concessions. True impulsiveness, characteristic of all representatives of this sign, prevents him from concentrating on one thing. Often he does not understand what to devote his time to and starts spraying on trifles.

Women do not ignore these interesting men. Excellent manners, excellent sense of humor, easy character — all this distinguishes the Wood Tigers against the background of the other suitors. For them, there are no obstacles to personal happiness. A man in love can think of a thousand ways how to win the heart of a chosen one. The good naturedness of the Wooden Tiger should not be misleading, in solving important issues it demonstrates the strengths of one’s character: perseverance, firmness, resourcefulness. If his plans include a strong marriage with this woman, then so be it. In family life, the man of this sign manifests himself from the best side: he loves his wife and worships children.

Wood Tiger Woman

These sociable women enjoy constant success in men. Love to travel, visit new places, thirst for thrills. They have neither aggression nor anger, they are cheerful, carefree women who are able to rejoice at every moment of life. However, if necessary, they can be tough and demanding, no one, even the closest people, will be able to fool them. The Wood Tiger is a bright, interesting woman, perhaps a bit frivolous, but completely stupid. Sharp mind, flexibility — qualities that allow you to quickly find a solution even in the most difficult situation. To work is very responsible, if, of course, can determine their vocation.

Women born in the year of the Wood Tiger adore to have fun, they like to spend time in crowded places. With all friends and acquaintances communicate equally friendly, although they are a bit harsh and quick-tempered. Do not tolerate loneliness, so the first go to contact. The Wood Tiger is a good-natured woman, with great pleasure forgives offense and tries not to bring things to a complete break. This charming lady has a lot of fans, each of whom has a hope of becoming her husband. You can not doubt that the representative of this sign will get a good wife. Despite the huge number of friends and the fast pace of life, she will always find time for her family.

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