1957 – Fire Rooster Year

Those born between January 31, 1957 and February 17, 1958 are members of the Fire Rooster Chinese Zodiac sign. The ROOSTERS people are industrious, diligent, and devoted to work. They love to travel because of their courageous and adventurous spirit. They are deep thinkers, but can often be eccentric. They are not at all shy and prone to exaggerate and boast on all matters. Rooster people make good travel and public relation agents, dentists surgeons, cooks, or beauticians.

Year of the Fire Rooster

Under the passionate influence of the Fire Element, the Fire Rooster becomes the most dramatic and energized of all the Rooster signs. The Fire Rooster lives life in enthusiastic, dynamic bursts, which explains why they are so comfortable taking risks. At times, the strong will of the Fire Rooster can make them seem dominating, but this is only a result of their genuine interest in doing the best for themselves and others. Nevertheless, the Fire Rooster can make a very successful leader in the right situation.

With ambition and determination, the Fire Rooster has the potential to be successful on a variety of career paths. By embracing their fiscal sense, the Fire Rooster can do well in banking, accounting, debt management or financial planning. On the other hand, the excitement of a career in public speaking, writing or performance could also be appealing. Those born in the Fire Rooster sign have been known to win audiences over with their fiery personalities. This can be seen in the accomplished careers of Bernie Mac and Fran Drescher, who were both born in 1957.

Full of fiery energy, the strength of the Fire Rooster is, in many ways, also their greatest weakness. The Fire Rooster is known to be inflexible and stubborn at times, which makes it difficult for them to understand opposing point of views. Similarly, the Fire Rooster often puts too much focus on how they are perceived, which manifests in attention grabbing habits. In order to ease the burden of these tendencies, the Fire Rooster is encouraged to use their energies for more productive purposes. The Fire Rooster must also be aware of how their actions, no matter how well intended, affect others.

Fire Rooster in Relationships

The Rooster’s bossiness and honest “tell it like it is” approach doesn’t work well with sensitive individuals. Roosters need to partner with those who are tough-skinned. They’re the individuals most capable of realizing that beneath the tough exteriors are huge, caring hearts overflowing with love.

Roosters in every sense, Fire Roosters spend much of their time perfecting their images. They’re terrific social organizers and excellent leaders. However they are overly blunt and this trait often hurts the feelings of others.

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