1966 – Fire Horse Year

Those born between January 21, 1966 and February 8, 1967 are members of the Fire Horse Chinese Zodiac sign. HORSE year people are popular and hard workers. They have financially sound minds and are adept at handling money matters. Whether male or female, Horse personalities feel more comfortable in the company of their own kind. They are independent and self-willed individuals who never take advice. Horse people should choose a field as a dentist, financier, banker, or politician.

Year of the Fire Horse

The passionate influence of the Fire Element makes the Fire Horse the most unconventional, freedom-loving and adventurous of the Horse types. For the Fire Horse, there is little enjoyment to be found in a slow-paced life. Instead, members of the sign prefer excitement at every turn, which explains why the interests and focus of the Fire Horse can change on a whim. The passionate nature of the Fire Horse is often found to be appealing to others, which explains why they have a long-line of admirers and followers. Luckily, the Fire Horse is quite at ease in leadership roles and actively seeks the opportunity to do so.

With an adventurous and ambitious spirit, the Fire Horse can be successful in a variety of careers. Competitive careers may be perfect for the Fire Horse, such as advertising, business and sales. Similarly, the Fire Horse’s need for excitement could lead to a career in media, performance or art. When they embrace their passions, there is truly no limit to what they Fire Horse can achieve. This fact can be seen in the careers of Janet Jackson, Halle Berry and Mike Tyson, who were both born in 1966.

Although the influence of Fire gives the Fire Horse many strengths, the zodiac pairing also creates some conflict. While the constant drive of the Fire Horse may lead it great success, it can also lead to failure of the need to adventure turns into recklessness. The Fire Horse has all the tools to reach their goals in life, but this can only be achieved if the take the time to develop patience and thoughtfulness in their pursuits.

Fire Horse in Relationships

Horses, being spontaneous, have a tendency to fall fast and hard for others. They tend to give themselves fully in each new relationship a quality that ends up chipping away at their inner being. Fortunately, this exhausting trait mellows with age and relationships are stronger and more stable later in life.

The fire is always burning inside Fire Horses. They love living on the edge and are always ready for change as change always is more interesting. They are incredibly opinionated and one place you’ll never find Fire Horses is standing on the fence.

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