1971 – Metal Pig Year

Those born between January 27, 1971 and February 14, 1972 are members of the Metal Pig Chinese Zodiac sign. By nature, PIGS are peace-loving, trustful, honest, and sincers. People born in the year of the Boar will be lucky and successful in handling money, business and academic matters. They have a deep desire for knowledge and are generally well informed. Pigs are the finishers, they are the ones who put the last necessary touches to a project. Pigs are suited to be doctors, bankers, businessmen, scientists and entertainers.

Year of the Metal Pig

The influence of the Metal Element makes the Metal Pig the most assertive and structured of all the Pig types. The Metal Pig is capable of great accomplishments, as they meet every challenge with passion and determination. Unlike other signs, the Metal Pig rarely suffers from indecisiveness, instead being very firm in their opinions. The Metal Pig is hardworking in their personal pursuits and in the protection of their ideals. In this sense, it is not usual to see a Metal Pig fighting fiercely for justice. In communication, the Metal Pig adopts the same intensity, which explains why they are often considered blunt. Luckily, the Metal Pig’s dependable reputation outshines their weaknesses.

The strength and determination of the Metal Pig can translate to success a variety of careers. When embracing their caring sides, the Metal Pig can do well in medicine, social work or human resources. Similarly, the ideals of the Metal Pig can be put to great use in education, writing or teaching. Members of the Metal Pig sign have been known to find great success in musical expression. This can be seen in the widely successful careers of Tupac Shakur and Selena Quintanilla, who were both born in 1971.

While the strong will of the Metal Pig is a positive quality, it creates its own set of challenges to overcome. In relationships, the Metal Pig can become insecure when their ideals of commitment and loyalty are not supported. Similarly, the Metal Pig has a tendency to be over trusting and sometimes naive. The intensity of the Metal Pig may be overwhelming to others, so members of the sign are encouraged to adopt a less serious side.

Metal Pig in Relationships

Supportive and giving, Pigs make great partners. They’re affectionate and sexual and prefer staying home to going out. They enjoy what they have, especially their home and family. Once they find the right partner, they’re typically committed for the long-term.

Metal Pigs have a tough exterior, and this strength can be seen in all areas of life. They work diligently and love with all they have. They’re outspoken and trust others right away.

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