1974 – Wood Tiger Year

Those born between January 23, 1974 and February 10, 1975 are members of the Wood Tiger Chinese Zodiac sign. The TIGER is a born leader, fiercely competitive, and never afraid to fight. Tigers often get into difficult and hazardous situations because they live dangerously. Narrow-mindedness and suspiciousness are their greatest faults. Their careers exemplifies them as deep thinkers and careful planners. Tigers are likely to succeed in sales, personnel management. They can be a good military leader, supervisors, teachers, firemen, or police officers.

Year of the Wood Tiger

With a fixed element of Wood as well, the Wood Tiger is doubly influenced by the Wood Element. More so than any other members of the Tiger sign, the Wood Tiger prefers stability to adventure and impulsiveness. In the same sense, the Wood Tiger has a unique burst of creativity, which is less prevalent in other Tiger types. Although still possessing the determination of the Tiger, the Wood Tiger works well in cooperative settings, which allows members of the sign to gain great popularity. With a strong, loving personality, the Wood Tiger takes great satisfaction in a close-knit family life.

With strong social skills and passion, the Wood Tiger can do well in a variety of careers. The Wood Tiger’s team player attitude would do well in the worlds of business and advertising, where group solidarity is key for success. A natural performer and highly artistic, Wood Tigers are known to be successful singers and performers, which can be seen in the careers of Ceelo Green and Alanis Morissette, who are both Wood Tigers born in 1974.

The challenges of the Wood Tiger will always be their strong emotions. At times, the Wood Tiger can be overtaken by temper and overcome by difficulties controlling their impulses. With time and concentration, the Wood Tiger can use self-discipline to fight these shortcomings.

Wood Tiger in Relationships

Creative in their passion, Tigers will never bore their partners. They’re expressive, polite and trustworthy, but watch out. Tigers tend to dominate their relationships. This tendency is instinctive and when monitored closely, such behavior can be kept under control. Partners need to be equally active to keep up with the Tiger’s sense of adventure.

Not feeling the need to be in charge, Wood Tigers work well with others. Others enjoying being around Wood Tigers because they’re very giving individuals. They’re compassionate and willing to do whatever is necessary to help others.

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