1979 – Earth Goat Year

Those born between January 28, 1979 and February 15, 1980 are members of the Earth Goat Chinese Zodiac sign. GOAT people are elegant, charming, generous, wise and gentle. They are also pessimists, hesitant, and over-anxious worriers. Uncertainty causes the Ram people to seek guidance from others while their timidity prevents them from becoming great leaders. They are deeply religious and highly talented in the fields of art and music. Ram people should be good in the professions of gardening, actor, artist, entertainer, musician, or photography.

Year of the Earth Goat

A double dose of the Earth Element makes the Earth Goat the most patient and practical of the Goat types. While other members of their sign struggle with unrealistic expectations, the Earth Goat is grounded and stable. More importantly, the Earth Goat has the work ethic to accomplish all of their goals. Above all, the Earth Goat desires stability in all aspects of life. This need makes the Earth Goat calculated and reserved at times, but it also fuels their strong determination. The loyalty and consideration of the Earth Goat is hard to match, as they are always looking to help out a friend in need. Out of all the Goat types, the Earth Goat may put the greatest focus on their home life. They love to be surrounded with comfort and aesthetic beauty.

The sensibility and practicality of the Earth Goat can translate into success in a variety of careers. By developing a sense for business and money, the Earth Goat an do well in finance, management or marketing. Similarly, the hardworking Earth Goat could find success in careers such as science, research or writing. On the other hand, members of the Earth Goat sign have been known to use their creative inclinations to gain musical success. This can be seen in the careers of Usher and Pink, who were both born under the 1979 Chinese Zodiac.

Although their personality has many strengths, the influence of the Earth Goat does not come without some shortcomings. Although determined, the Earth Goat can be a bit insecure at times. This problem causes criticism and judgement to take a huge tole on the Earth Goat. Similarly, those born under the Earth Goat sign are known to be anxious worriers. To increase their self-confidence, the Earth Goat is encouraged to embrace the secure elements of their life, such as family and friends.

Earth Goat in Relationships

Goats tend to be private, so it can take effort to get to know one. The Goat is the one who will decide when and with whom it will share its personal life. As a result, most Goats have few "close" friends, yet they’ll work hard for those they love.

Stable with feet firmly planted in the ground, Earth Goats are conservative, independent and practical, but not very confident in themselves. Most important in life is the family and they truly enjoy all that life has to offer.

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