1981 – Metal Rooster Year

Those born between February 5, 1981 and January 24, 1982 are members of the Metal Rooster Chinese Zodiac sign. The ROOSTERS people are industrious, diligent, and devoted to work. They love to travel because of their courageous and adventurous spirit. They are deep thinkers, but can often be eccentric. They are not at all shy and prone to exaggerate and boast on all matters. Rooster people make good travel and public relation agents, dentists surgeons, cooks, or beauticians.

Year of the Metal Rooster

With two helpings of the Metal Element, the Metal Rooster is one of the most structured and organized members of the Rooster sign. The Metal Rooster is known for a strong, analytical mind. In this sense, the world becomes a puzzle that the Metal Rooster can organize and deduce conclusions from. The Metal Rooster is one of the most natural managers in the Chinese Zodiac and are able to lead others with their strong work ethic. In communication, the Metal Rooster is intelligent and confident, which explains why one would be hard-pressed to out debate a members of the Metal Rooster sign.

The focused and passionate Metal Rooster has a variety of potential career paths to follow. The fiscal sense of the Metal Rooster could be well-served in fields such as banking, finance or business. On the other hand, the demanding presence of the Metal Rooster could lead to a career in public speaking or writing. Those born under the Metal Rooster sign have been known to find great success as singers and lyricists. This can be seen in the careers of Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Hudson, who were both born in 1981.

Although given many positive qualities, the personality of the Metal Rooster does not come without its fair share of challenges. At times, the Metal Rooster has trouble keeping an open mind towards the opinions of others. Similarly, they may struggle to compromise or show understanding towards conflicting beliefs. Additionally, the introspective Metal Rooster can often become to focused on their thoughts, avoiding actual application of their ideals. To overcome their difficulties, the Metal Rooster is encouraged to be less close-minded and more action-oriented.

Metal Rooster in Relationships

The Rooster’s bossiness and honest “tell it like it is” approach doesn’t work well with sensitive individuals. Roosters need to partner with those who are tough-skinned. They’re the individuals most capable of realizing that beneath the tough exteriors are huge, caring hearts overflowing with love.

These Roosters have really big egos and are forever seeking willing listeners who can help keep those egos inflated. Metal Roosters analyze everything. Their aggressive nature keeps some prospective friendships and relationships from developing.

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