1984 – Wood Rat Year

Those born between February 2, 1984 and February 19, 1985 are members of the Wood Rat Chinese Zodiac sign. People born in the year of the RAT are blessed with great personal charm. The Rat is adaptable, aggressive, and creative. Rat people are hard working, thrifty, and can save a lot of money. They are elegant by nature and strive for the better things in life. Bright and gregarious, rat’s intellectual versatility is not always immediately recognized. Rat people make good business people, accountants, and bankers.

Year of the Wood Rat

The Wood Element gives the resourceful Rat the influence of sensitivity, artistic ability and appreciation of beauty. Perhaps more so than other members of the Rat sign, the Wood Rat depends on artistic expression and natural surroundings. This may explain why trees and vegetation have such a profound calming effect on the Wood Rat. The Wood Rat is one of the most befriended of the Rat signs, because of their loving and humble nature. While often displaying innate generosity and concern for others, the Wood Rat can also use their sociability to make others follow their lead.

The Wood Rat is hardworking and practical in all of their career pursuits. While the Wood Rat is generally unlikely to take great risks, they can accomplish great success with focused attention. The Wood Rat can use its creativity and artistic vision to accomplish great things in varying fields. Wood Rats can be successful entrepreneurs, much like Mark Zuckerberg, who was also born in 1984. On the other had, their artistic talents can make them effective musicians and performers, which has been the case for Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne, who are both members of the 1984 Chinese Zodiac sign.

Emotionally, the Wood Rat can have a tendency to become overwhelmed by worry, anger or impatience. Similarly, the Wood Rat may be too focused on control at times. The Wood Rat would do well to look towards compromise and sharing their feelings with loved ones in times of emotional strain.

Wood Rat in Relationships

Rats are very charming. They enjoy social activities and because they’re out a lot, they’re always meeting new people. They aren’t good at breaking off relationships however, and this presents problems going forward with new relationships. Anyone hoping to partner with a Rat must be able to keep up with the Rat’s active nature.

Not nearly as self-confident as they appear on the surface, Wood Rats will never expose this vulnerability to others. They’re successful despite their perpetual fear of failing. Wood Rats enjoy being with friends and family and fortunately for them, feelings of love and respect are mutual.

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