1992 – Water Monkey Year

Those born between February 4, 1992 and January 22, 1993 are members of the Water Monkey Chinese Zodiac sign. The MONKEYS are mischievous, vain, and clever. Their most prized traits are originality, creativity, and education. People adore Monkeys for their wit, high intelligence, and interest in world affairs. Older and wiser Monkeys are able to channel their energetic and rich imaginations into the solving of complex problems. Monkeys people can succeed in professions such as business, trade, law, stocks, industry and politics.

Year of the Water Monkey

Born under the influence of the Water Element, the Water Monkey is the most sensitive and adaptable of all the Monkey types. Although quite mysterious, the Water Monkey uses gifts for understanding to connect with others. The Water Monkey is an outstanding communicator and is known for their ability to listen. More so than other members of the Monkey sign, the Water Monkey is secretive and can often keep their true feelings and emotions to themselves. The curiosity of the Water Monkey is notable, which explains why they are always trying to find new, exciting experiences.

Creative and compassionate, there are many careers that the Water Monkey can explore. With strong communication skills, the Water Monkey can find success in sales, journalism, writing or communications. Similarly, the humanitarian interests of the Water Monkey could translate well into teaching or medicine. Additionally, the born under the Water Monkey sign have been known for their expressive performances. This can be seen in the budding acting careers of Selena Gomez and Josh Hutcherson, who were both born in 1992.

The Water Monkey has many strengths, but the sign is not without a few weaknesses as well. The sensitive Water Monkey always runs the risk of being overly delicate with emotional matters. In this sense, it is not uncommon for the Water Monkey to be deeply hurt by the words or actions of another. As insecurity can be a lifelong struggle for the Water Monkey, they are encouraged to have security in intimate personal relationships.

Water Monkey in Relationships

When it comes to relationships, Monkeys aren’t quick to settle down. In fact, they generally are promiscuous; a tendency that probably has to do with the fact that Monkeys are easily bored. Monkeys will end this type of behavior once they pair up with the perfect partner. In fact, more often than not, they’ll commit to that person in every way for life.

Water Monkeys are extremely sensitive and often feel hurt by the things that are said to them. They refuse to show their sensitive side to others and as a result, are extreme jokesters. If they can stay focused, they can succeed, but more often than not, they’re easily distracted from their goals.

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