2001 – Metal Snake Year

Those born between January 24, 2001 and February 11, 2002 are members of the Metal Snake Chinese Zodiac sign. Those born under the sign of the SNAKE are romantic, passionate, charming and well informed. Snakes are intellectuals, philosophers, and deep thinkers. They strive to succeed in all that they do. The are extremely self-critical. Snake personalities often make their way to the top. They ensure that they are in the right place at the right time, which means when the right people are there as well. Snake people should seek their fortunes as professors, writers, philosophers, or psychiatrists.

Year of the Metal Snake

A person born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Snake is not above a little deception to get what he or she wants. This is why Snakes often end up in high positions in business-they bring in the results no matter what. When people born under the Chinese sign of the Snake are tempered by the element of Metal, they gain even more steely resolve than the average Snake.

These Metal Snakes are very ambitious, and let nothing stand in their way. Snakes will treat you well as long as you are not obstructing their goals and aspirations. Metal Snakes put up a tough front, and there is a solid emotional wall between them and the outside world. These Metal Snakes are very suspicious, guarded, and careful. This defensiveness serves them well, as it prevents others from taking advantage of them. You can’t really fool or manipulate a Metal Snake.

Metal Snakes take great pride in their ability to earn money and buy expensive things. Snakes would rather have designer clothes than imitation ones, and much prefer high quality decorations for the home, as well. Don’t think a Snake is showing off his or her wealth; he or she simply enjoys being surrounded by high quality objects and materials. Although Metal Snakes are dedicated to their families, it takes them a long time to trust others, including their romantic partners. The lesson here is to never betray a Metal Snake person.

Metal Snake in Relationships

Snakes are excellent seducers so they never have trouble attracting others. However, they’ll be the ones to decide when a relationship has potential and when it does not. Once they’ve chosen a partner, a Snake’s insecure side will begin to show through. Snakes guards their chosen partners much like a prized possessions, becoming jealous and even obsessive. Snakes prefer to keep their feelings to themselves. It’s important to never betray a Snake’s trust as a betrayed snake will make it a goal to get even some day!

Incredibly goal-oriented, Metal Snakes will stop at nothing to get that which they believe they deserve. Failure is not in their vocabularies. With their money, they’re continually acquiring more and more possessions – for themselves.

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