2008 – Earth Rat Year

Those born between February 7, 2008 and January 25, 2009 are members of the Earth Rat Chinese Zodiac sign. People born in the year of the RAT are blessed with great personal charm. The Rat is adaptable, aggressive, and creative. Rat people are hard working, thrifty, and can save a lot of money. They are elegant by nature and strive for the better things in life. Bright and gregarious, rat’s intellectual versatility is not always immediately recognized. Rat people make good business people, accountants, and bankers.

Year of the Earth Rat

The Earth Element helps to give stability and roundedness to the lively Rat. More so than those of other elemental influences, the Earth Rat is conservative and practical in their interests and pursuits. The Earth Rat always has the security and future of their family at the forefront of their mind, which explains for their cautious nature and aversion to risk-taking. In a similar sense, the Earth Rat may be able to forge some of the most long-standing and positive friendships of all the Rat signs, as they view friendships as a contributing factor to their emotional and social security.

As financial stability is also a paramount concern, the Earth Rat prefers to keep a stable and lifelong career path. Among the Earth Rat’s most natural careers are those that require writing, communication, research and investigation. Earth Rats can do well in journalism, which was the case for Earth Rat Bryant Gumbel. In the same light, Earth Rats have been known to find happiness in dedicating their lives to bringing warmth and positivity to others.

As an Earth Rat, it is possible to be overly self-concerned and cautious at times. Although prudence plays a pivotal role in future success, it should not cause a sacrifice in life experiences. Additionally, the Earth Rat may be overly concerned with public image and reputation.

Earth Rat in Relationships

Rats are very charming. They enjoy social activities and because they’re out a lot, they’re always meeting new people. They aren’t good at breaking off relationships however, and this presents problems going forward with new relationships. Anyone hoping to partner with a Rat must be able to keep up with the Rat’s active nature.

Earth Rats prefer a sense of stability, digging in and putting down roots early to help ensure a successful future. They believe that slow and steady is the best approach. Being spontaneous is an inbred trait, but this type of behavior does not suit Earth Rats.

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