2021 – Metal Ox Year

Metal Ox patronize people born in the period from 12 February 2021 to 30 January 2022. Ox is a symbol of hard work, peace and justice. Shows enviable determination in achieving their goals. The dominant element of the year - a metal, and Ox in all its glory can demonstrate its iron will and nerves of steel. Metal color - white, symbolizes generosity, moderation, wisdom.

Year of the Metal Ox

Representatives of this sign are balanced, calm and composed. However, Metal Ox easily angered, it can flare up and saying sharpness. Always directly expresses his opinion, did not mince words. Warmly defending his beliefs, his decision can not be changed. The contradictory nature, which is trying to control himself and avoid the extreme.

Demanding to themselves and others, Ox will pursue justice, regardless of circumstances. He really assess the situation and never extols his personal qualities. It is a decent Ox will not betray, he is securely retained the innermost secrets. It can be considered a true friend and a good partner. Representatives of this sign prefer not to let strangers into their cozy little world. They are very conservative, hard to tolerate change.

People of this sign love to be in the company of creative people, because they are connoisseurs of art. Speaking charming Oxen tactful and restrained, unless the caller will not be affected at a deep level. In this case, the possible surge of emotion that is difficult to control the irascible Ox, although he tries to do it. He lacks cunning, he will not pretend to make a favorable impression. Will never adapt to the surrounding people in order to receive any benefit.

Honest and hardworking Ox is able to achieve considerable success in the professional field. Imaginary shine rapid enrichment was not attracted, he is indifferent to praise. To succeed prefers to go a long way, and all the hard work achieves. Representatives of this sign - confident people, being extremely stable in their beliefs. They make good lawyers, managers, managers of large enterprises.

It is hard to imagine a romantic Ox, capable to madness for the sake of love. But deep down he is going through a storm of emotions. Nature reserve does not allow to fully express the degree of incandescence of feelings. People of this sign prefer to say little and to the point, they prove their love actions. The right partner will never betray your soul mate, he will do everything to a common way of life passed without unnecessary worries and problems. It makes no sense to force him to ardent confessions, it is futile. A hot-tempered and stubborn in their principles people may have a fierce resistance. Representatives of this sign - the perfect family men, if you do not put pressure on them, calling for a bright display of feelings.

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