2024 – Wood Dragon Year

Wood Dragon patronize people born between the dates of 10 February 2024 and 28 January 2025. The dragon - a symbol of good luck and prosperity in Chinese astrology. A natural leader, who knows his own worth. A hot-tempered, stubborn, overly impulsive character. The dominant element - wood, carries the energy of calm, tranquility. Representatives Wood Dragon softer, delicate compared to their counterparts. The color of the year - green, associated with the birth of new life.

Year of the Wood Dragon

The wise and powerful Dragon is the clear leader, easily finds adherents. He is always in the center of attention, endlessly gush of ideas, and is able to brilliantly implement them. The two sides can count on a constructive dialogue, as the element of the year contributes to mitigate fairly complex nature. He enjoys the same respect for the surrounding people. Erudite and a wonderful storyteller knows how to attract attention. Communication with him leaves a pleasant impression. He is noble in its manifestations, is able to truly relate to loved ones. However, sometimes excessive demands expressed that for some time repels even the most faithful friends of him.

Creatively gifted people of this sign are able to work with his hands. They are connoisseurs of all that is beautiful. Sharp wit and natural curiosity can achieve considerable success in scientific activity. Dragon - a great orator, able to win over the people. He carries a very positive boost of energy, aiming at the creation. Always succeeds, it subjects to many spheres of activity. Suitable profession: lawyer, artist, manager, teacher, researcher and journalist.

Hardness of character in combination with inner peace making Wood Dragon is truly the perfect creature. Representatives of this sign have a strong will, able to make quick decisions. Not in the nature of ambitious Dragon give in to difficulties. Sometimes he was too zealous in the pursuit of truth, gets long conversations and debates. This behavior separates him from the desired goal, but only for a short time. He easily rebuilt and is not afraid of change, if he knows that they are the best. For all its power needs support.

Dragon in love dazzled the object of his desire, he yearns for mutual feelings. Nothing can prevent to achieve the goal, he will try to show their best qualities. The representative of the mark with the same tenacity will slowly but surely win the heart of the second half. However, it does not tolerate the neglect of his person, even on the subject of love. In this case, short temper, characteristic of the Dragon, can manifest itself in all its glory. Partner should emphasize its leading role, with gratitude accept tokens. Otherwise, it will disappear, tired of trying to ethereal and indifference to his person.

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