2025 – Wood Snake Year

Wood Snake comes during the period from 29 January 2025 to 16 February 2026. It has a strong energy, sharp mind, developed intuition. Element year - tree, symbolizes the power of nature, the harmony. Representatives of the sign have an easy character, they like thin trees bend in the wind, but do not break. A wise snake is always clearly defines the objectives, it does not feed empty illusions. The color of the year - green or blue, symbolizes the beginning of a new life.

Year of the Wood Snake

Wood Snake stands out among its peers. I get along well with people, who are attracted by its friendliness and positive attitude. The close environment appreciates her wisdom and brilliant mind. People of this sign is easy to go on contact and are always in the spotlight. However, they do not like rude intrusion into their personal space, do not tolerate hypocrisy and pretense. They know how to tactfully put in place overly obsessive person. People who have won the trust of Snake, can count on her support and valuable advice.

Representatives of this sign are endowed with many talents. The natural instinct tells them the right direction. They stand firmly on their positions in advance and define ways to achieve the goal. Extremely ambitious Snakes always succeed. People often make this year to their excessive demands, excessive anxiety can bring some inconvenience. They are prone to outbursts of anger, are touchy. At the same time experiencing an inner need for self-improvement, strive to achieve harmony in all things.

Strong creativity Snake makes its search for new ways of expression. Hardworking members of this sign may find themselves in any sphere of activity. It is important that the work was not boring and monotonous. Too bright nature can feel uncomfortable in the tight framework, it is absolutely not tolerate limitations. For Wood Snakes It is also important financial component, it is difficult to tolerate change. However, it is never where it is bad and boring. Recommended occupation: designer, writer, journalist, teacher, philosopher, artist.

The bright, extraordinary personalities born in this year, has always attracted attention. Representatives of this sign are popular with the opposite sex. However, too excessive demands on the partner can bring disappointment in his personal life. They are too focused on themselves and take favors with some disdain and arrogance. The lover are usually chosen from successful people are able to create comfortable living conditions. If you still manage to win the favor of the Serpent, its partner will gain a truly priceless treasure. The house will always prevail peace and comfort. Except in rare outbursts of anger, sometimes, the element dictates the rules of conduct. Wisdom, natural tact enable us to find a way out of the situation and lead to a peaceful resolution of family conflicts rare.

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