2026 – Fire Horse Year

According to the Chinese calendar Fire Horse is a full mistress in the period from 17 February 2026 to 5 February 2027. A powerful person is endowed with a sharp mind, an iron grip, determination. The auspices of the elements - fire, symbolizes an irrepressible energy. Fire Horse is always in motion, leads a busy life, loves and appreciates freedom. The color of the year - the red is associated with vitality. This zodiac sign representatives have easy cheerful character, like to be in the thick of things.

Year of the Fire Horse

Capricious, overly confident Horses do not tolerate strict framework. They are constantly in motion, easily attracted to new ideas. Achieve goals by any means. Their vitality and vigor can demolish any obstacles. They are admirable, because they have a whole set of brilliant qualities: intelligence, determination and courage. Representatives of this sign are not able to accept criticism, and sometimes behave very rude and blunt. Do not try to convince the horse in wrongness, quarrel more will spray her hot temper. It is better to know how to act, and on a personal example is able to prove the correctness of judgments. Despite some hardness and stubbornness, always commands respect, is able to captivate the interlocutor interesting conversation.

Fire Horse loves and knows how to work her energy enough for a few things at once. Such a person is never in the shade, trying to loudly declare itself in a leading position. No problems in the financial sector, is able to manage money. Not afraid of no work, just more difficult it is sprayed. Progress towards its goal before the end, in this case, a hot temper brings her favor. The horse is able to achieve success in many areas. Recommended occupation: journalist, entrepreneur, designer, hairdresser, teacher, economist.

Horse in love is capable of losing his head from the object of his love. The intensity of emotions can be so powerful that everything else in life begins to lose its significance. During courtship forget about their affairs, all the time is dedicated conquer the heart of the second half. From partner is waiting for support and recognition of their talents. The horse is able to create an ideal family, all households will revolve around her person. Never betray his inner circle, will do everything possible for the family.

Passionate and temperamental fiery horse is prone to vivid emotions, quickly tired of the monotony of everyday life. This year people do not like to stay too long at home, they are easy to agree on the adventure. For them, finding a team is a vital factor. They love freedom, to seek new horizons. Energetic people who are constantly on the move, you need to play sports, they are able to achieve greater heights. Horses always pose a difficult problem, which, with their diligence trying to solve. Bright and temperamental sign of admiration and respect.

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