2028 – Earth Monkey Year

Earth Monkey zodiac sign patronize people born in the period from 26 January 2028 to 12 February 2029. Elements of the year on the Eastern calendar - Earth, symbolizes fertility, reliability, validity. Calm, balanced Monkeys are well educated, have high intelligence. They clearly define the purpose, prefer not to throw words. Color - yellow, it symbolizes success, persistence. The most peaceful among the representatives of other types of sign.

Year of the Earth Monkey

Earth Monkey is a harmonious personality. It is open to the world, she loves to help people in distress. And does it sincerely, not to enhance their own status in society. Her presence is able to revive any company. At the same time it is trying to protect his inner world from outside invasion. Sweet and pleasant in conversation Monkey often support surface communication. The fact that it truly cares, she will share only with close friends. Representatives of this sign are intelligent, erudite people. Friends can look forward to advice and friendly support in difficult times.

Quiet and reserved Monkey always bring our plans to the end. She would not rush to find a solution, lightly jumping from one thought to another. It is distinguished by high intelligence, business-like approach to any business. Financial problems sidestep this year, people. They are very successful, are considered to be professionals in their field. In the show its best qualities: diligence, meticulousness, persistence, determination. Recommended professions: doctor, journalist, lawyer, economist, architect, business manager. Especially successfully add up business in the field of medicine.

Earth Monkey is able to create a strong family. It does not seek bright emotions, she does not need fireworks feelings. Opts for a serious partner you can trust. Meanwhile, calm and self-confident person needs to recognize their talents. There will be no show mind, but longs for praise and declarations of love in my heart. The second half relates too seriously, but sometimes it can afford to relationship on the side. Monkey will not save on the family members, it is ready to give all the tools to create comfortable conditions for their loved ones. Scandals and violent showdown did not bring her fun, does not need an artificial injection of feelings.

Representatives of this sign should be respected. Calm, self-confident people do not seek to prove their uniqueness. It is sensitive to the people around. If necessary, be sure to support in difficult times and will provide financial assistance. Often they have a good education, which helps to achieve the goals. Sharp mind, broad vision allows them to quickly assess the situation and make the right decision. Close people can always count on the wise advice that will certainly help in my life.

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