2029 – Earth Rooster Year

According to the Chinese horoscope Earth Rooster comes during the period from February 13, 2029, to February 2, 2030. An energetic and active rooster is a symbol of the sun, the beginning of a new life. Child of Nature does not tolerate lies and pretense. The dominant elements - Earth, the color - yellow. They have a significant impact on the nature of the sign. Unlike their counterparts in sign Earth Rooster calm, judicious and very patient.

Year of the Earth Rooster

Earth Rooster prefers not throw words to the wind. He focused on his business, always solve the problem of the simplest and most affordable way. True nature abhors intrigue and gossip about his person. No need to communicate, at the same time is a pleasant conversationalist. Conservative Rooster long resisted innovations, he liked the established rules and traditions. In the framework of strictly designated feels quite relaxed. Not committed to a bright feeling, his interests closed at work.

Hardworking Rooster is a valuable find for any team. Not talkative and silent worker at different pedantry. His workplace is always in order, all the papers neatly stacked pile or placed in separate folders. He gets a lot of fun if you can cope with a difficult task in a short time. For him, there is no detail, thinks every nuance of detail. In his mind there is no extra thought, he immediately determines the purpose and the way to achieve it. It does not need to rest, can not live without your favorite things. Recommended occupation: financier, lawyer, manager, businessman, teacher, realtor.

Representatives of this sign are capable of bold deeds in the name of love. Bright Rooster true nature expresses itself fully. At the time, forget about caution, confidently reveals his true face. Practical Rooster completely transformed, shows his hidden qualities: romantic, sentimental, tenderness. This places high demands on their partner than can scare the object of his love. Rooster is able to build a strong family, never betray a soul mate. To do everything possible to his inner circle in no way needed.

Earth Rooster is a calm, balanced sign, a little cold and distant. This year people are endowed with intelligence, determination, perseverance. They are cautious, which can be considered a positive quality. The apparent advantage is hard work. Get the real pleasure of the work process, especially on the result. He has an impeccable reputation, he can be trusted unconditionally. People of this sign are the same respect among colleagues. In his personal life trying to show their best qualities, but may seem too serious. In need of care and custody, as did not pay attention to the schedule of your day. They may be so carried away by the workflow that will forget about the existence of the external world.

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