2031 – Metal Pig Year

People born between the dates of January 23, 2031, and February 10, 2032, under the auspices of the Metal Pig. A strong sign, granting their representatives with ambition, courage. The dominant element - Metal, symbolizing toughness, persistence, vitality. The color of the year - White indicates purity, perfection. Resolute Boar capable of cruelty, when it comes to protecting their interests.

Year of the Metal Pig

The energetic representatives of this sign are able to solve several issues at the same time. They are constantly in motion, active nature is subject to all. Metal Pig have a good sense of humor, able to win, they know how to attract attention. They like big companies, are visited by a variety of activities. There are too trusting, can get under bad influence. Passionate nature prone to emotions, from pride capable of rash acts, just to get confirmation of its exclusivity.

Metal Pig enthusiastically take up any case, it should be in the first place. Caution, wary of anything new. He prefers to act slowly but surely. Strives to dominate throughout, it cherishes its reputation, it is important to the opinions of others. It has a sharp mind, loves and knows how to work. Wild boar can sacrifice a lot, if he sees the prospect of career growth. For all its peace-loving attitude, it is tough enough to defend their interests. Recommended areas: literature, art, finance and trade.

Pig in love will not restrain their feelings and pretend. Good hot and nature is not shy about striking manifestations of his love. Partner will not be deprived of attention, care and kindness. Boar will spare no effort, energy and resources to create a cozy nest, although sometimes it can be suspected of avarice. Too pressure on your partner perceives it as a property. The second half should be sensitive to the peculiarities of the nature of the Metal Pig. He needs compliments, recognizing his authority. In this case, it is able to build a strong long-lasting alliance.

A strong sign gives people this year, many positive qualities: determination, perseverance, diligence, hard work. At the same time the protection of the Metal Pig shows temper, greed, vanity. In a fit of emotion can tell a story or make unnecessary rash acts. They need support and attention, striving for leading positions. It is a hard-working, patient Boar always achieves the desired goal, in conflict situations is able to take extreme measures. The consequence may regret his field, because it has a kind and sensitive heart. With strangers is a little reserved, but it is surrounded by family care and attention. It does not hide true feelings and clearly demonstrates it.

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