Zodiac Love Compatibility

People usually pay special attention to the section of astrology dedicated to the Zodiac Signs Compatibility. Here is information about the representatives of the 12 celestial constellations and their love compatibility. Thus, you can easily check how the relations with representatives of these signs will develop. Western scientists distinguish four natural elements: Fire and Air (active), Earth and Water (passive). They are able to predetermine the temperament and destinies of people, their compatibility in a family union.

The combination of celestial constellations of each pair of natural primary elements, both among themselves and with each other, is quite natural: Air promotes the firing of Fire, and Water makes the Earth fertile, filling it with moisture. In combinations of signs of the Zodiac with different parity, such as: Fire-Water, Fire-Earth, Air-Water, Air-Earth - there is a lack of creative basis. Some pairs are antagonistic, which can lead to destructive consequences in family life.

In astrology, it is believed that the multi-pole elements are poorly matched, and partners with a dominant horoscope of the same element are quite difficult to get along together. For long and harmoniously developed love relationships, the combination of different elements is the most successful. Compatibility of the elements of the zodiacal belts can significantly affect the business and financial spheres of man, and be both absolutely ideal and completely incompatible. The location of cosmic talismans relative to each other on the zodiacal circle will prompt a more detailed description of the partnership interaction.

Knowledge of how the signs of the zodiac unite, allow you to better understand your inner world and the nature of another person, build harmonious relationships in your personal life, choose a partner for marriage, and learn how to interact correctly with others. It is important to be able to correctly correlate the western cosmic constellations with the natural elements controlled by them.

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