Aquarius and Aries Compatibility

Highly developed intellect and creativity are the strong qualities of Aquarius. Aries is endowed with endless energy, through which he copes with any challenges, passes all obstacles on the path of life. Uniting, these signs constitute a strong tandem, capable of much to achieve. Their elements — air and fire respectively — are considered friendly in astrology, that is, favorably influencing each other. The flame warms the air masses, and a slight blow of wind can inflame a strong fire from one spark. Representatives of these elements also have a mutually beneficial influence, contribute to personal growth and the disclosure of potential opportunities.

Aquarius in this partnership feels less comfortable: he needs to possess undue patience and courage to withstand the pressure of a determined Aries, often aggressive not only in words, but also in his actions. Also, the representative of the air element will have to learn how to keep his promises if he does not want to get acquainted with the anger of a temperamental partner. But Aquarius is intelligent and sees benefits in dealing with a stronger sign of fire, so it will adjust to his temperament. Moreover, he, like all representatives of the air, is at variance by nature and easily adapts where he needs it. Aries, in turn, will protect and support the right partner, helping him in difficult situations.

Compatibility Horoscope for Aquarius and Aries

Compatibility of Aquarius and Aries are successful: they well complement each other’s characters with the missing qualities. Creative Aquarius is a source of inspiration, and also shows a straightforward partner different views on the same situation. Aries has a narrower mindset and often does not notice the obvious exit, preferring to break the walls with horns to get out of the situation. The sign of fire, in turn, inspires confidence in the partner, stimulates new victories and achievements. As allies, the signs are very effective in various spheres. They mutually admire each other’s opportunities and value their partnership. Aquarius belongs to fixed signs, Aries — cardinal. The first is an eternal movement, which sometimes turns into a chaotic trajectory. The second prefers to focus on specific things. He will help the former to act more purposefully and will teach him how to finish what he started.

Horoscope of Aquarius compatibility with Aries promises them interesting, vivid relations. The successful interaction of their planet-patrons also favors their union. Aquarius has at once two leaders: the cold Saturn, in charge of karma, and the unusual Uranus, symbolizing the uprising, the creation of a new one. Thus, Aquarius experiences many trials, but his non-standard thinking allows him to easily cope with them. Aries is influenced by Mars, the mythical god of war. He endows his ward with militancy, aggression, vitality, optimism and passionate nature. When signs combine, their energies interact, turning into a powerful, purposeful, unusual force.

Aquarius and Aries Business Compatibility

Aquarius and Aries compatibility in the work is harmonious. They are like two sides of the same coin: only together can they form something integral. Aquarius in their pair is a supplier of valuable ideas and effective solutions. Aries is a responsible workaholic, for the implementation of the project he will break through any road and stop at nothing. With his strength and courage, he inspires in the partner the certainty that there is nothing unattainable, thereby motivating him in his work.

Compatibility of Aquarius with Aries in friendship is not so rosy, and yet has every chance to be, based on the high level of their complementarity. They are different in many respects, but there is something that will surely bring them together — this is the ability to extend not only joy, but sorrow: to provide moral support in the most difficult moments of life. Both are striving for victories and a good, comfortable existence, so they will always have something to do together.

Aquarius and Aries Love Compatibility

Compatibility of Aquarius and Aries in love are at a high level, due to the fact that both have a well-developed emotional sphere. Both are impulsive, their difference is only that Aries is harder, rough and passionate, and Aquarius is soft and gentle. Their romance from the first minutes develop very rapidly: the main initiator is a passionate sign of fire. Initially, there is a physical attraction between them, so mutual courtship lasts not so long and quickly passes into the bedroom space. Aries behaves selfishly and demandingly, his partner is more removed and does not pretend to invade the personal space of another.

To keep Aquarius’s good compatibility with Aries in a relationship, they will have to negotiate and make compromises. The first is to become more perceptive and attentive to the feelings of the chosen one. Otherwise, his inattention can cause a beloved person zealous feelings. The latter should moderate his ardor, become more patient, softer and more tactful. Under these conditions, representatives of the elements of air and fire are able to create simultaneously a gentle and passionate union, which is more likely to grow into something more.

Aquarius and Aries Sexual Compatibility

Aquarius and Aries compatibility in bed can be quite harmonious. Both love sex, but treat it differently. Aquarius is hungry for new sensations, impressions, and for this purpose brings diversity to the intimate life in the form of experiments. For him, romance, preliminaries and sexual games are important. Aries is simpler: he is ready to have sex 24 hours a day, which allows him to run wild energy, and will not suffer particularly because of the monotony.

Thus, Aquarius gives the idea, and the passionate Aries takes it with pleasure. In the end, both are satisfied with the amazing sex. A fire sign will want to be a leader, and the partner will agree without any problems. The main thing is that in their sex life there is no excessive pressure and coercion, then both will get a passionate and long-lasting union.

Aquarius and Aries Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Aquarius with Aries in marriage is beneficial, which provides them with interesting, vivid relations. In their lives, there will never be boredom and dullness, so the strength of their union will only grow day by day. They have every chance to stay together forever. Everyone brings to this marriage that which is strong: the representative of Uranus is spontaneity, liveliness and knowledge, and his partner is protection, strength and energy. Supporting and motivating each other, both grow, achieve personal and common victories. Both spouses are adventurers, so they have endless adventures in the form of interesting events. They also have many friends and are able to have fun with the soul: it’s hardly possible to find them sitting quietly on the couch. Two optimists, adoring life, will use every minute of it, so they are not afraid of gray everyday life, conflicts on domestic grounds.

But not everything is so smooth: quarrels will necessarily be, the cause of which lies in the emotionality and impulsiveness of both. But this fact plays into their hands only — "the darlings are being scolded, only they are tiring" and after every violent confrontation there follows the same passionate reconciliation. Therefore, compatibility of Aquarius and Aries in family life from this does not suffer and does not get worse. As a rule, they acquire common goals and interests and strive to achieve them. And even if something does not grow together, none of them is going through: Aquarius will definitely come up with something new, and Aries will lay the shortest route to this.

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