Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility

The relationship of Aquarius and Cancer is difficult to call successful: in this pair, one will always suffer. And more often it’s Cancer, which is attached to a person, completely merges with it, lives by its feelings and thoughts. Aquarius is a selfish nature and puts his interests always above another. It belongs to the elements of the air: its representatives value internal and external freedom, avoid the intimacy that can bind hands and feet and impede the realization of their plans and dreams. Cancer is protected by the power of water, giving it tenderness and perseverance at the same time. As water grinds the stone, so Cancer is able to achieve its own by gentle and prolonged efforts. With Aquarius, this number is unlikely to pass: he is emotional, but does not have empathy.

Signs are very different worldview and natures. Aquarius is an innovator, he strives for everything new, he is interested in gaining knowledge, experiencing new sensations and emotions. He is an idealist who wants to stand out from the others, a very sociable and friendly sign. Cancer on a horoscope, on the contrary, is a conservative. Stability, guarantees, and predictability are important for him. He trusts very few people and often hides in his secluded shell from any hardship. He likes to fall into philosophical reflections, and then to melancholia. Robust in character, the water sign looks for a partner stronger than himself, so that he feels safe next to him. His partner, on the contrary, is a cheerful optimist, loving life and everything that happens in it. He is independent, for the most part he thinks only of himself, but he does not mind taking advantage of the opportunities of others. He loves to know the souls of people and remains close to only the most interesting companions.

Compatibility Horoscope for Aquarius and Cancer

Aquarius and Cancer compatibility are not so high, yet they can build a comfortable relationship based on the complementarity of the characters. The planet-leaders give different qualities and features to them. So, the first is influenced by two celestial bodies — Saturn, in charge of karma, and Uranus-rebel. Thus, Aquarius is a disciplined, creative person with developed intellect and cold, male energy. Cancer is protected by the Moon — a planet with a soft, female energy. Her wards are sensitive, emotionally unstable people who need moral support. Aquarius is confident in himself, so he could approach the role of the defender of Cancer, and also take advantage of his wise advice, get warm in the pool of his warmth and care. Whether he needs it or not depends on his personal horoscope. After all, there is also the possibility that the ward of Saturn will find the partner too weak, tearful and sedentary.

The horoscope of Aquarius compatibility with Cancer can be successful if the signs combine on the path to one goal. The first is fixed, the second is cardinal. This means that both are active and do not sit idle. The balance of their different energies can make the partnership of signs strong and sustainable. Aquarius will help a conservative partner become more confident and move away from traditional views. The latter will contribute to the disclosure of the sensory side of the personality of the air sign. Cancer is a materialist and is concerned about worldly goods, while his partner thinks more about spiritual values. By creating a tandem, they will be mutually enriched and learn to see the world from different angles.

Aquarius and Cancer Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Aquarius and Cancer in the work is the highest of all life spheres. Both are endowed with a rich imagination and creative abilities, so they can create an unusual business project. Aquarius will bring in their team the necessary discipline and lower Cancer from heaven, when he once again dreams. Going in one direction, the signs do not compete, which greatly facilitates the process of teamwork.

Compatibility of Aquarius with Cancer in friendship is specific: between them there is no that mutual understanding and closeness that should be with real friends. Their relationship is more based on mutual benefit. They will easily find common interests, but everyone will pursue their personal goals and ambitions in them.

Aquarius and Cancer Love Compatibility

The compatibility of Aquarius and Cancer in love is built on their mutual illusions. The sign of air will be interested in a kind, sympathetic and simple partner, although the latter seems so only at first sight. Cancer will take a long time to look at the other, because he is looking for a stable and long-term relationship. The concept of the family and its traditions is in the first place. Determined with the choice, he clings tightly to his chosen one with his claws and gently pulls him into his shell to love and patronize him for the rest of his days. Aquarius attracts him with his sincere curiosity, sense of humor and optimism, but Cancer does not yet know that the partner behaves this way always, and not because he saw in him someone special.

While the lovers enjoy the love euphoria and bathe in their feelings, the compatibility of Aquarius with Cancer in the relationship will be high. Both are romantic, because their dates will be unusual and exciting. They like to talk, and the topics for conversation can be very different, which is an additional factor for their rapprochement. But as soon as emotions subsided, Aquarius will return to her normal schedule, which will lead Cancer to perplexity. The latter wants to constantly be near to a loved one and fully control it. But when the sign of the air element will understand that in his personal space unceremoniously invade, it will become colder and alienated. It is noteworthy that he does not realize this immediately, since Cancer acts very carefully and imperceptibly. It is on this site that mutual claims and grievances will begin. What lovers will do to improve compatibility depends on their natal charts and the location of the stars.

Aquarius and Cancer Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility Aquarius and Cancer in bed is not bad. For Aquarius, intimate life is another area where he can apply his inventive abilities and experiment. The partner will not object to the novelty, as he is interested in it. Under their blanket, there is no rivalry: they perfectly vary in the roles of the main and subordinate, depending on the scenario of the sexual game.

The first receives satisfaction through living new emotions and sensations directly from the sexual action itself. Sex for him — this is a whole production, where both are both writers and actors. Cancer is important to establish a spiritual connection with a lover. Here their desires diverge, which can cause some difficulties.

Aquarius and Cancer Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Aquarius with Cancer in marriage is ambiguous. If even before the campaign in the registry office, partners were able to get used to and agree, they can create a happy union. Cancer will provide tenderness in a relationship, a warm home atmosphere and coziness. Aquarius, regardless of gender, is likely to stand at the helm of their family boat and will inspire both to new accomplishments. Both spouses are industrious, but Aquarius does not always rationally manage money, unlike a sparing spouse. Therefore, it is better to entrust the management of the family budget to Cancer.

Compatibility Aquarius and Cancer in family life will be low if everyone stays with their ambitions. Trying to remake the other for themselves, to subordinate their interests, the partners are doomed to an eternal confrontation, which sooner or later will lead to a break in relations. Cancer needs to be understood that a loved one will be happy only if they do not press him, trust the partner more and give him the freedom he needs. Aquarius, in turn, should become more open: to show attention and care for Cancer, so that the latter feels calm and safe.

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