Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility

Aquarius and Gemini are harmoniously combined, since they belong to the same element — air. In this regard, they feel each other on an intuitive level and can unmistakably distinguish in the crowd. The signs protected by this force of nature are endowed with good intellect and developed creative abilities. Having a wide worldview and versatile knowledge, they are mutually attracted. Aquarius and Gemini, like air currents, love freedom in thought and action. Any framework and limitations can bring them to a depressive state. Therefore, they are sensitive to any pressure from the outside and in every way try to avoid it.

Two air signs live on the same wave: their thoughts, values, character and manifestations are similar. They understand each other with a half-word and half-glance. Their partnership brings both pleasure and satisfaction in any of life spheres. Everyone appreciates his personal space, so he does not get into the soul of another without need. Both have a strong craving for everything new: acquaintances, sensations, emotions and events. Talented swindlers by nature, they are prone to unpredictability and are always ready for risk. The drive that they experience from this is their leading force: the only way that they can taste of everyday life and not turn it into a dull, gray existence.

Compatibility Horoscope for Aquarius and Gemini

Compatibility Aquarius and Gemini are ideal, because they are very similar. And yet between them there is one important difference — the attitude towards laziness. Aquarius in this regard is stricter towards himself, unlike a partner who likes to often fool around, doing nothing. The first is affected by the influence of two planets simultaneously: Saturn, in charge of karma, and Uranus, symbolizing an uprising. Thus, Aquarius has a more difficult destiny, he is much hardier and hardworking than Gemini. To overcome life’s obstacles is helped by a creative view of things — the merit of Uranus. The twins are led by Mercury — the god of trade and communication. This representative of the horoscope is a darling of fate, because everything in life is given to him easily enough. He achieves the desired through his resourcefulness, flexibility and highly suspended language.

Aquarius belongs to fixed signs, which explains its sometimes excessive persistence and stubbornness. If he kills something in his head, then hardly anyone will be able to dissuade him from his plans. Maybe that’s why Saturn’s wards in life have a little more difficult than his carefree partner. Gemini — a sign mutable or changeable, so it adapts easily to different conditions, without trying to influence what is happening around. Despite this, they perfectly coexist: the horoscope of compatibility of Aquarius with Gemini promises them a successful relationship in which harmony and understanding reigns. None of them pretend to be in charge, but more often than not, Aquarius will be an unnamed leader in their alliance. This is due to the fact that it has a more proactive and binding nature, therefore, the roles will be distributed in this way, regardless of their desires.

Aquarius and Gemini Business Compatibility

Compatibility Aquarius and Gemini in the work is favorable. They work well and get along in a business that requires creative thinking and unlimited thinking. But to implement a complex project in life they will need a third person who can sweep away all the fantasies from their proposals and make a more mundane project. And also able to plan effectively and has organizational skills, as Aquarius and Gemini in this completely powerless. They will create a magnificent, incredible idea, but they can hardly bring it to mind.

Compatibility of Aquarius with Gemini in friendship and communication is at the highest level: this is the case when unselfish mutual understanding, respect and support reign between people. They give the friend the right to be themselves, accepting the partner completely with all its advantages and disadvantages. Their friendship is similar to the karmic connection of two kindred souls. They have a lot of common hobbies, interests, and most importantly, they always have something to chat about and what to do. Such relationships in most cases last a lifetime.

Aquarius and Gemini Love Compatibility

Both signs, striving for freedom, avoid strong attachments, because they assume dependence on the feelings and partner to whom these feelings are intended. In this case, the compatibility of Aquarius and Gemini in love will still be high, because, in addition to emotions, they are brought together by many other aspects. The same approach to life and the vision of personal relationships have a beneficial effect on their romantic union. Both are inveterate dreamers and romantics, so their connection never turns into boring, monotonous meetings. Each meeting is filled with something interesting and impressive.

The level of compatibility of Aquarius with Gemini in the relationship is high from the outset and remains so for a long time. The desire for novelty of lovers simply does not give them a chance to get bored in each other’s company. Sometimes Aquarius can behave too much too original, which puzzles even such a spontaneous sign as the Twins. Lovers are not conflicts, so if quarrels happen, they are solved quietly, peacefully and on the spot. As a rule, they quickly find common goals and hobbies, motivate each other for development and never sit in one place. Their relationship develops rapidly: very soon their communication moves to the bedroom, and there and the registry office is not far off.

Aquarius and Gemini Sexual Compatibility

Aquarius and Gemini compatibility in bed are also harmonious. Both love sex and give it an important place in their lives. Two creative natures abound in ideas about experiments, so their intimate sphere is very diverse and gives them vivid impressions. Mutual satisfaction with each other reduces the probability of change in the pair to zero. They are liberated and spontaneous: lovemaking does not have a timetable, and occurs when both want it, regardless of the time of day and place of their location.

Aquarius is leading both in everyday life and under a blanket, but the partner does not mind: in the end, none of them remains unsatisfied. The sexual life of signs is harmonious, because they are close to each other both on the physical level and on the spiritual level.

Aquarius and Gemini Family Compatibility

Once partners understand that they are created for each other, they will want to consolidate their union on an official level. And not in vain, since the compatibility of Aquarius with Gemini in marriage is very successful, which is the guarantor of a long-term and happy tandem. Their relationship for a long time will be romantic and passionate, thanks to the creativity of the spouses. But even when feelings become less vivid, this will not affect their life together: by that time a strong friendship is being established between them. And, as we know, relations based on it are the strongest. Becoming faithful companions and devoted comrades, ready to sacrifice for the welfare of the spouse anything, signs are unlikely to be able to leave.

Their family life is similar to an adventure story: there will always be something interesting and exciting in it. They are too interested in life and material problems, they know how to make money, but do not put off for a rainy day. They have many connections, friends and acquaintances, which become more and more every day. In their pair there is no place for jealousy and mistrust: they are too close to doubt the beloved. Children, as a rule, are born in their union rather late, as the signs are too carried away by their dreams and themselves. Thus, the compatibility of Aquarius and Gemini in family life is beneficial and contributes to their strong, long-lasting connection.

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