Aquarius and Leo Compatibility

Air and fire, which represent Aquarius and Leo, respectively, are able to form an explosive combination: hot, bright and impressive. This is how you can characterize the relationship of these signs of the zodiac. On the zodiacal field they are opposite each other, that is, they are astrological opposites, which can both attract, according to physical laws, and push off because of the significant differences in the characters. But the first scenario is more likely. Both signs tend to a bright individuality, they are attracted by all the unusual: it is they who will seem to each other. Aquarius loves new acquaintances, to recognize the inner world of other people, isolating for themselves something new and useful. Bright, charismatic personalities, such as Leo, attract him first of all. Signs test each other with burning interest and sincere, mutual admiration.

Aquarius is an intelligent, creative person with innovative thinking. His life credo is freedom: only in this way he can invent new and create unusual, develop his spiritual world and engage in self-improvement. Not tied to everyday life and everyday life, traditions and customs, the sign of the air element is a rebel, which sometimes runs counter to logic. Leo’s life is simpler: he also has creative abilities and a creative mind, but he uses them only for himself, and not for the benefit of all mankind. The king of animals is preoccupied with his social status, material position, beauty and comfort. And all this is necessary for him in order to arouse admiration of others and to feel himself number one. In life, he gathers around himself a retinue that praises him and applauds his successes. And it should not be ordinary people, but worthy, in his opinion, whose opinion is important to him. A purposeful, strong Aquarius is sure to enter into their number.

Compatibility Horoscope for Aquarius and Leo

Compatibility of Aquarius and Leo are very high, because they can successfully complement each other. The first is patronized immediately by two heavenly bodies: a cold, disciplined Saturn and progressive Uranus. The second is under the influence of the Sun, giving him extraordinary warmth, generosity and greatness. The planets have a mutual, beneficial influence. If the inspiration of Uranus is depleted, it is replaced by the creative Sun, and Saturn, in turn, helps signs to bring the begun to the end. Partners need to recognize and respect the independence and self-sufficiency of the companion. This is given to Aquarius more easily: he reverently honors his borders and does not interfere without an invitation to someone else’s space. Leo is more selfish: not obeying others, he demands complete obedience to himself.

The compatibility horoscope of Aquarius with Leo is successful and speaks about the beneficial influence of partners on each other. The fiery sign sees in Aquarius an inexhaustible source of inspiration, sharing with it his energy, he thereby motivates him to new ideas. Having united, they will mutually enrich their life experience and achieve everything they want. On a horoscope both are fixed, which means their purposefulness and perseverance in life. On the other hand, this quality implies excessive stubbornness, which can turn into a confrontation of signs. But Aquarius and Leo will necessarily find a compromise, because their partnership is both valued as valuable: they understand that having broken ties, they can lose a lot.

Aquarius and Leo Business Compatibility

Aquarius and Leo compatibility in work are at an average level, since the signs have different approaches to professional activity. Aquarius works where it is interesting, without fanaticism and for the soul, in connection with which he often changes his employment. To build a career, walking on other people’s heads — not in his style. But Leo tends to a high position in society and office, he is attracted to where, above all, it is profitable. To the subordinates, he is very demanding and strict, this attitude will not last far from everyone.

Compatibility of Aquarius with Leo in friendship successfully promotes their mutual growth: they are independent of each other, are not burdened by any mutual responsibility, are carried away by their own ego, and this fact quite suits them. They value their relations and value each other, they are engaged in joint leisure, as both love society and noisy activities. And also between them business partnership is possible.

Aquarius and Leo Love Compatibility

Compatibility of Aquarius and Leo in love are also harmonious, especially at first. Extravagant Leo tries with all his might to demonstrate his attractiveness and uniqueness, telling about his achievements and merits. He wants at all costs to conquer such an unusual partner, thus replenishing the ranks of his devoted retinue. Aquarius listens with interest and will surely believe the charismatic Leo. Both love to be in the spotlight, stand out from the background of others, so they will definitely arrange a private competition in the nomination, who will present the most interesting and chic gift. Their physical attraction is also great: a passionate Leo and impulsive Aquarius will quickly find themselves under one blanket.

The compatibility of Aquarius with Leo in relations will be shaken together with the normalization of their hormonal backgrounds. In fact, it turns out that both are not so simple, and they represent peculiar personalities. Windy Aquarius will be superficial and changeable in his thoughts and actions: and his words will not always correspond to the case, which, of course, does not like the self-assured Leo, who considers himself better and smarter than everyone. Partners should not rush — to flee to the registrar or disagree in different directions. Both must understand that there will never be an idyll between the two opposites, so you will have to connect all your diplomacy skills and negotiate, make mutual concessions. And it is worth doing, as their partnership is beneficial in all senses to both.

Aquarius and Leo Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility of Aquarius and Leo in bed is not quite simple and iridescent. This is due to their different temperaments. Aquarius is a spontaneous and creative nature. He loves sex, but he does it at will, not the schedule. It can be every day, and maybe not, and then he will refuse a partner in such a pleasure. The Leo, not used to being told, will consider a refusal for personal insult. Several such situations will lead to the fact that the king of beasts will go to the side in search of someone who will amuse his vanity.

In the rest their intimate life develops not bad. Leo by nature passionate and ardent lover. He will enthusiastically and enthusiastically catch all the most daring and interesting experiments of Aquarius.

Aquarius and Leo Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Aquarius with Leo in marriage is rather shaky. On the one hand, spouses, intoxicated with passion, enjoy each other’s company. On the other hand, their personal ambitions, which often do not coincide, will become sources of abuse. Aquarius does not hold fast to life: it’s easier for him to throw it away and replace it with new and improved one. By the way, he often applies this approach to relations. The Leo is inclined to modernize and improve what he already has, preferring stability in life. In the financial sphere, their views also vary. The sign of fire is a careerist and strives for a luxurious life. His wife does not care about everything material, he is happy for his spiritual component and can be happy working as a simple librarian.

They should focus on the positive moments of living together and the good sides of the chosen one, only then will the spouses become satisfied with each other. Oxygen supports the flame, and the fire warms the air: a balance in the relationship promotes mutual understanding and support. Compatibility of Aquarius and Leo in family life is not easy, but they have everything in order to make their marriage happy, strong and long-term, because their union was blessed by the stars themselves.

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