Aquarius and Libra Compatibility

Aquarius and Libra form a harmonious pair, because they are similar in many respects and belong to the same natural element — air. All representatives of this natural power are endowed with highly developed intellectual data and creative abilities. The diversified development of each of them increases their chances of meeting, therefore similar tandems are quite common. Their pair Libra play the role of teacher, and Aquarius — negligent student. Both strive for new knowledge, dream of great achievements and do not like monotony. The main value for Aquarius is free self-realization, and his partner strives for peace of mind and tranquility.

Despite the emotionality inherent in both of them, the partners are significantly different in their behavior, namely how they make decisions. Aquarius follows its inner impulses — the call of the heart. Libra is indecisive, it’s not for nothing that their zodiacal sign depicts two scales. Before anything to do, they are long brewing in their doubts, afraid to make the wrong choice, leaning then to one or the other option. Because of this, they make fewer mistakes, but they move more slowly and reach less, unlike more impulsive Aquarius. Both signs are kind, do not tolerate criticism and conflict situations. Therefore, there will be no confrontations between them: small quarrels can be resolved on the ground amicably — without raising their voices and respecting the partner’s opinion.

Compatibility Horoscope for Aquarius and Libra

Aquarius is governed by a cold, disciplined Saturn and creative Uranus. Thanks to their influence, the ward purposefully strides towards his dream, finding for its implementation the most daring decisions and unimaginable ways. Aquarius can be portrayed metaphorically as an unrecognized genius, stubbornly striving to conquer the world with his grandiose ideas. His partner is influenced by the sensual Venus: he loves beauty and aesthetics, is inclined to create the beautiful and has a soft, vulnerable temper. Aquarius and Libra compatibility are at a high level, because both essentially want the same thing — to make our reality a little better, but go in this different ways: first through the heart, the second through the mind.

The horoscope of compatibility of Aquarius with Libra promises them a beneficial relationship in which they will be useful to each other. At moments of indecision of the representative of Venus, a more lively partner will support and give good advice by directing in the right direction. Libra, in turn, do not give Aquarius a strong break from the earth, inspired by its unrealizable fantasies. And if the sign of Saturn still dreams, and then painfully flops about the ground, knowing the bitterness of disappointment, then a kind and sympathetic partner will necessarily be grief and pity. Libra belong to the cardinal signs, so life around them is constantly boiling, but many of the cases never finish because of their large number, lack of time, and frequent changes in their interests. Here he will be helped by a resourceful partner: he belongs to the fixed representatives of the horoscope, therefore more compulsory and executive.

Aquarius and Libra Business Compatibility

Compatibility Aquarius and Libra in work is good provided that they are colleagues who have an attentive and responsible boss. Air signs successfully cope with creative projects, namely with their creation, but someone else must be engaged in the realization — one who possesses organizational skills and effective planning skills. A whip in the form of a boss is necessary for partners, because both slopes are to the wind in the clouds, and also do not mind being too lazy and shirking from a boring task.

Compatibility of Aquarius with Libra in friendship is almost ideal. Both love and value their freedom, so they respect the personal space of another, without crossing the permitted boundaries without demand. Such a relationship suits both: tyrants and persecuting personalities they do not tolerate. A similar worldview allows them to have a lot of common interests and hobbies. They may not see for weeks, be engaged in personal matters, and then as if nothing had happened to meet and talk until morning. Signs appreciate their friendship and remain faithful to each other in all circumstances.

Aquarius and Libra Love Compatibility

Aquarius and Libra compatibility in love is at a high level: looking at their harmonious relationship, you can shoot romantic series, which will certainly become a box office. Two signs of air are mutually attracted from the first minutes of acquaintance: they conquer each other with intelligence and erudition. Kindness, openness, freedom in thoughts and reasoning — all this appeals to both. Their pair can be called one of the best among other representatives of the horoscope. Between them there is no competition, they have nothing to divide and prove, because they look from one bell tower and one way.

Beneficial relationships remain the same in the course of time, as the mutual interest of lovers does not become less. Both signs are creative personalities who are in a continuous development process, so they will never become bored together. Moreover, they motivate each other in personal development, thereby supporting mutual interest. Such a couple is really happy. Romantic relationships in most cases grow into a strong family. Thus, the compatibility of Aquarius with Libra in a relationship can only be envied.

Aquarius and Libra Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Aquarius and Libra in bed is also favorable. Their temperaments are similar, they perfectly understand each other and do not experience difficulties in the intimate sphere. Bright passions between them do not boil, as both prefer a calmer, but diverse sexual pleasures.

For both, sex occupies an important place in life: they engage in it by inspiration, which they attend quite often. Intimacy on the schedule does not accept any of them: then it would turn into a gray routine, which both avoid and never allow. For Aquarius, sex is a whole platform on which he can show his abilities and feel the whole gamut of emotions. For his partner is also meaningful sensual pleasure, in bed he is inclined to follow his lover.

Aquarius and Libra Family Compatibility

Compatibility of Aquarius with Libra in marriage is at a high level: as a rule, such marriages are concluded once and for all, divorces in them — a rarity. Spouses fully understand each other, have the same views and values. Tuned to one wave, they go through life, holding hands tightly. Often in such pairs a family business is organized, which rallys partners even stronger. They travel a lot, have fun and devote most of their time to realizing common goals, which they have in abundance.

Spoonful of tar in such a large barrel of honey can become stubbornness inherent in both. This trait will prevent them only at first: in the future, the spouses will learn compromises and mutual concessions. Children in their marriage appear, as a rule, at a more mature age, because lovers want to enjoy themselves longer and use their abilities to the maximum. Compatibility Aquarius and Libra in family life remains high throughout their entire existence. The likelihood of friction and conflict is reduced in couples entering into marriage at the age of 30 and above.

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