Aquarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

Aquarius and Sagittarius have every chance to build a good relationship in any of their incarnation. The elements of air and fire, to which they belong respectively, favorably affect each other in a natural environment. Oxygen helps the flame to flare up brighter, thus gaining strength. Fire, in turn, warms the cold air streams, making them more active. Similarly, their representatives mutually contribute to personal growth. Both are independent, strong personalities, the meaning of life for which is self-improvement and self-realization. They are innovators following their dream by the call of the heart, and dreaming of creating something that will make the whole world a better place.

Signs are similar in their worldview and temperaments, so they are easily tuned to one wave and walk along side by side along the path of life. Both appreciate their personal freedom, and therefore respectfully treat a stranger — they do not climb into the personal space of a partner without an invitation. Their lives are led by their own ego. They are kind, fair and generous, able to help another in a difficult moment, but in the first place they always have their own self. Sagittarius in these relations is considered a senior companion, a wiser and experienced mentor. As a rule, in life he achieves more than his rebellious partner. It is this fact that attracts Aquarius to him, who wants to learn to achieve his goal in easier ways.

Compatibility Horoscope for Aquarius and Sagittarius

Their ruling planets also favorably resonate. Behind the sign of the air element, two heavenly bodies are closely watched: the cold, strict Saturn and the pioneering Uranus. They give their son a purpose, a lively, unconventional mindset and a desire for novelty. His partner is influenced by the wise Jupiter: Sagittarius adopts his philosophical thinking and views on things, the desire for knowledge and creative activity. He is also very successful, because Jupiter granted him the protection of Fortune herself. That’s why he always has luck in life, unlike Aquarius, whose fate is filled with complex events, thanks to the machinations of Saturn. So, both dream of discoveries, exploits and adventures, so the compatibility of Aquarius and Sagittarius is considered high and harmonious.

Aquarius refers to fixed signs of a horoscope, which characterizes his active activity and ability to bring matters to their logical conclusion. This quality will be useful to adopt to his partner — not so compulsory and more superficial. The influence of a mutable sign makes his nature very changeable. But it is better adapted to external changes and easily adapts to people, knows how to make concessions and find a compromise. Aquarius, on the contrary, is too stubborn: if he decided something, then it is almost impossible to influence his opinion. But paired with a fire sign, the Saturnian wards will not show their stubbornness so vividly, because their views are directed in one direction, there is no competition, and the horoscope of compatibility of Aquarius with Sagittarius promises them a wonderful, respectful relationship.

Aquarius and Sagittarius Business Compatibility

Where you need extraordinary mental abilities, the compatibility of Aquarius and Sagittarius in the work will be very high. They will create a unique idea, but to implement it they need a third one, and that’s why. First, these signs of the air and fire elements can not boast of absolute compliance and high organizational skills. Secondly, their ideas are too fantastic and transcendental, and a view from the outside will help them make their project more familiar to people. Thirdly, the partners do everything very quickly, but only because they are too lazy to spend too much time on careful work on the details. They like to dream and think, falling into the world of their dreams. The third person is needed in order to lower them from heaven to earth.

The compatibility of Aquarius with Sagittarius in friendship is almost ideal. They are well and together, and by themselves at the same time, which completely suits them both. Between him there is no spirit of competition and rivalry, they are mutually honest and faithful. These signs of the zodiac are so similar to their inner worlds and external manifestations that they can practically not part and not bother each other. Such friendship has all chances to last their whole life.

Aquarius and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility in love is almost perfect and is the reason for envy. Passionate lovers are attracted to each other from the first minutes of their communication, feeling a mutual interest. Everyone values the partner’s intellectual abilities and versatile development. Lovers are full of ideas, which they gladly share with the chosen one, warming up his interest even more. Aquarius and Sagittarius are cheerful people, optimists and good-natured people who believe in the bright, kind, pure. Lovers are romantic, so they are characterized by night walks and fascinating conversations about everything in the world until the morning.

Their physical attraction is very strong, both impulsive, so they will quickly find themselves in the bedroom of one of them. To live together, the partners also begin very soon, because they met a soul mate and will not want to leave for a long time. The compatibility of Aquarius with Sagittarius in relationships is high, due to their similarity, and where there are differences, they successfully complement each other. In their life there is no place for jealousy, so both communicate with many people. Their lives are teeming with events and emotions: they together participate in various activities, engage in active sports, often associated with high risk and adrenaline, travel and motivate each other to new actions and accomplishments.

Aquarius and Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

Aquarius and Sagittarius compatibility in bed also does not cause any complaints. Sex for both is an important part of life, so they engage in it often and for a long time. For Aquarius, the intimate sphere is another social platform where he develops his resourcefulness and extraordinaryness, inventing the new and conducting various experiments.

An inquisitive Sagittarius also wants a variety under the blanket. For him, the constant change of feelings, emotions and sensations is important. Monotony in sex will lead to the fact that he will simply lose interest in the partner. But this will not happen in a pair with Aquarius. Two creative lovers will never get tired of each other, taking turns introducing something new into the bed, thereby surprising the partner and supporting his interest.

Aquarius and Sagittarius Family Compatibility

The compatibility of Aquarius with Sagittarius in marriage is beneficial. It is based on the creative development of both spouses, mutual support, mutual respect and motivation of each other. They are far from the most exemplary masters, they are not so important life, as the spiritual side of their marriage. Aquarius and Sagittarius will not want to do expensive repairs to surprise anyone. This money lovers will rather spend on travel or entertainment. But here to save and save money for a rainy day, they do not know how, often going down to the last penny for some nonsense. They are communicative, therefore in their house voices of visitors do not cease. Most of the time they spend together, but do not forget about personal affairs.

Such active signs seldom sit at home, constantly spinning in the center of events of the society, visiting all kinds of exhibitions, theaters, simultaneously studying the tenth profession. Their profession in most cases is associated with creative self-expression, no one will sit idle. As a rule, their marriage will exist for a long time, since they have almost no cause for conflict. To break their idyll is capable only of boredom. Therefore, they are not recommended to organize a family business, so that everyone has a niche and realized separately. Thus, the compatibility of Aquarius and Sagittarius in family life is harmonious, and it is unlikely that something can separate them.

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