Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility

Aquarius and Scorpio are signs of different parity and belong to the unfriendly elements — air and water, respectively. But, nevertheless, signs quite often create alliances in various spheres of life, although their relationships are not always smooth and harmonious. They are strong and independent individuals who do not want to obey anyone. Therefore, if there is a competition between them, then everyone will stand firm against the opponent, defending their ambitions. Their main difference lies in a different temperament: the air sign behaves openly and friendly, does not hide anything, but its behavior is completely unpredictable. Sometimes he does not even know what will happen to him tomorrow. And he likes to live like this: novelty is his main inspiration, and stability and monotony lead him into depression.

Scorpio is also unpredictable, but in his case this is logical, since it is closed from everyone and does not cover its plans, thoughts and feelings. This representative of the horoscope is not in vain considered the most mysterious and mysterious. Often he is given a mystical meaning. By the way, this is what attracts to him an inquisitive Aquarius, who throughout his life seeks to learn new things. The deep inner world of Scorpio can hold the partner’s attention for a long time. The sign of water, in turn, admires the lively mind, lightness and purpose of Aquarius. They are interesting to each other, but their different characters and perceptions of life will create them a lot of reasons for conflicts. Aquarius does not tolerate aggression in any form, so it is unlikely that he will last long alongside the explosive Scorpio.

Compatibility Horoscope for Aquarius and Scorpio

Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility are extremely complex: they seem to have come from different planets to perform different missions. Aquarius is patronized by a disciplined, cold Saturn and creating Uranus: this sign of the zodiac is a rebel, stubbornly going against the system in order to accomplish something grandiose, which will help make the world a better place. He is in constant search of fantastic ideas, so personal freedom is for him a huge value: bound by the obligations on the hands and feet, he simply can not achieve high results. Scorpio is also influenced by two celestial bodies: a warlike Mars giving him a lot of aggression, and an unconquerable Pluto, allowing his ward to reborn each time from the ashes.

Thus, the nature of the signs is very different. Aquarius does a lot of work, his life is not so easy, but his innovative thinking and optimism allow him to find a way out of the most unusual stories. He does not invade someone else’s space and zealously defends his own. Scorpio aspires to power in all available ways: having got what he wants, he will fold the whole world to his feet. In this regard, in relations with others, he can be unduly dominant, rigid and controlling, but he does this through manipulation, imperceptibly leading an orchestra from behind the scenes. Therefore, the horoscope of compatibility of Aquarius with Scorpio can not promise them a rainbow of communication: in order to have good relations and mutual understanding in them, the signs of air and water will have to be strongly tried.

Aquarius and Scorpio Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Aquarius and Scorpio are low in their work: they will find it difficult to coexist as colleagues, because both are ambitious and selfish. Scorpio wants to lead and sometimes presses heavily on a partner, likes to criticize, but he himself will be terribly offended if he hears something similar in his address. Aquarius will not tolerate such pressure, even if Scorpio in these relations is the boss. The air sign works only where it is interesting and comfortable, so it often changes its professional activity.

Compatibility of Aquarius with Scorpio in friendship is ambiguous. On the one hand, they are sympathetic to each other: Aquarius is intelligent and interesting, Scorpio is a loyal and devoted friend who knows how to keep secrets. On the other hand, their different images and rhythms of life almost do not coincide. The air sign is a party-goer who adores people and communicates with them, he has many friends, and he rarely sits at home. His partner is not so sociable and does not like to be in the spotlight. Also, the latter likes sarcasm and does not always realize that harsh attacks often offend close friends. Aquarius is very friendly and will not understand unreasonable aggression in his address.

Aquarius and Scorpio Love Compatibility

Initially the compatibility of Aquarius and Scorpio in love can be very high: driven by passion, the signs genuinely enjoy and admire each other. Cunning Scorpio immediately calculates that such a versatile partner will contribute to the embodiment of his grandiose plans, he likes his resourcefulness and creativity of the beloved. Aquarius attracts the strength, courage and ambition of the chosen one. Inclined to fantasize and exaggerate, the sign of air will see in the character of the other even that which is not in fact.

But this will not last long. The brightness of their perception fades with emotions, and signs begin to look at each other’s shortcomings. The jealousy and sense of Scorpio’s ownership, which initially flattered Aquarius and was perceived by them for sincere interest, will begin to oppress. And the Martian will begin to get even angrier because he can not tame and subordinate to himself a willful Urantian. Compatibility of Aquarius with Scorpio in the relationship is almost zero due to their natural egoism, because everyone in this union primarily thinks of themselves.

Aquarius and Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

Aquarius and Scorpio compatibility in bed is considered the best of all. Both signs love sex and are prone to experiment. For Aquarius, intimate life is another area where he shows his ingenuity and creativity, and his partner in the astrological world is considered the sexiest representative. The conclusion is one: they will not be bored for sure.

Difficulties are possible where Scorpio wants more than his usual sexual games. This sign knows no bounds in amorous pleasures and is ready to try everything down to perversions, to which not everyone agrees. Whether Aquarius will go for this depends on his personal horoscope. If yes, then they are provided with a long-term intimate relationship.

Aquarius and Scorpio Family Compatibility

The compatibility of Aquarius with Scorpio in marriage is at a low level. Coming out of the registry office, lovers are happy and illusory believe that this will always be so. But life and different characters will put everything in its place. Scorpio is concerned about his house, trying to make it the most comfortable and cozy place. Aquarius does not care about such questions: he prefers spiritual values to material values. His superficial attitude towards the family will irritate the spouse of the economic spouse. This, in turn, will contribute to an even greater removal of the air sign and its more frequent absences from home.

Scorpio is used to keeping everything under control, so the unpredictability of Aquarius will cause in him anger, during which the water sign often behaves cruelly. He is vengeful and, waiting for time, stings in the most unexpected places. If the situation comes to this, the air spouse will evaporate that hour, since it does not accept aggression in any form. Achieving good compatibility of Aquarius and Scorpio in family life will be extremely difficult, but if there is love and the desire to be together, they will try to find common ground. Whether they get it or not depends on their natal charts and the mood of the stars.

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