Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility

Aquarius and Taurus are opposite nature with an excellent set of characteristics. The first belongs to the air element and, like all its signs, is endowed with good intellect and developed creative abilities. He is interested in everything new, and stability and persistence make him unbearably bored. The second one has the opposite: the sign of the land is balanced, conservative and tends to a sedentary lifestyle. His leading need is the sense of security that he achieves by controlling his life and facing global change. Aquarius sees value in freedom and self-realization, which are impossible without experience of novelty.

Signs of air and earth have a lot of differences: for example, Aquarius relies on feelings and emotions for life, therefore it is often variable and superficial. Today he is fascinated by one activity, and tomorrow he caught a completely different idea. Thanks to innate curiosity, he is comprehensively developed and erudite. He is happy to all at once, but is not attached to anyone. Taurus is restrained in emotional manifestations, preferring to believe sober reason and logic, but can behave extremely obsessively. He is practical and will not risk taking risks, his partner, on the contrary, often embarks on fascinating adventures, the chance to burn out is close to zero. The sign of the earth lives on the principle "a bird in the hand is better than a crane in the sky", and Aquarius always makes a bet on good luck.

Compatibility Horoscope for Aquarius and Taurus

Aquarius and Taurus compatibility are complex, because they can simply not understand the basic values and vital views of each other. Both refer to fixed signs. This means that if they do something, they completely focus on it, and nothing can knock them out of the way. Also with their opinions: both stubbornly stand on their own. Taurus tries to get the maximum benefit from what the stars send to it. Aquarius, unsatisfied with what he has at the moment, will look for other ways to achieve what he wants. Both are sometimes overconfident, and if a scandal breaks out between them, then be in trouble. Taurus, seemingly calm and balanced, can get out of himself and pour out all his anger, which he so long saved up. Aquarius in this situation is prone to run away from the battlefield, as it does not tolerate criticism and aggressive attacks against it.

Taurus is guided by the sensual Venus, the goddess of beauty and creation, so her ward loves everything beautiful and qualitative, has soft energy and likes to help others. Outwardly, Taurus can look restrained and even stern, but its essence is tender, warm and kind: it demonstrates these qualities next to people close to it. Aquarius is influenced immediately by two planets: the cold Saturn, responsible for karma, and the creative Uranus, responsible for the desire of his ward to everything new and unusual. The fate of Aquarius is not so simple, but it easily passes through all the trials through an innovative view. The horoscope of compatibility of Aquarius with Taurus promises them a specific relationship, in which there is much opposition, discontent, but at the same time, partners can complement each other and at the same time grow in different aspects.

Aquarius and Taurus Business Compatibility

Compatibility of Aquarius and Taurus in work can be good. Earth sign is industrious and hardy, completely devotes himself to the chosen occupation and leaves work last. And the representative of the air element works only where he likes and only by inspiration. If partners are interested in the same goal, then it is necessarily achieved. The rationality and practicality of the earthly sign in the compartment with a wide worldview of air will help them achieve high results.

But the compatibility of Aquarius with Taurus in friendship is not to be envied, so it is extremely low and therefore unlikely. Different views on life, values, temperaments and natures are unlikely to be able to find common ground. They have completely different rhythms and styles of life, behavior and environment. In this regard, their meeting itself is a rare phenomenon.

Aquarius and Taurus Love Compatibility

Aquarius and Taurus compatibility in love are also at a low level. Between them is likely a random affair, which can even end in sex, but as soon as they begin to get to know each other closer, interest is likely to disappear: they are too different. Aquarius is very sociable and does not represent his life without people, and his gambling contributes to frequent adventures. Taurus, looking at this, will be surprised: he does not know what it’s like - carefree to live one day. He was used to discipline and predictability, following a clear timetable and strict schedule. The representative of Venus is concerned about his future and is doing everything in his power to make himself a straw, while Aquarius values life here and now.

The compatibility of Aquarius with Taurus in relationships is low for the reason that they relate differently not only to life, but also to their novel. Aquarius is superficial and behaves detached, he does not make a cult out of their love adventure and is not going to sacrifice for the sake of another with his personal life. Taurus will be surprised by this position: after all, he perceives their connection seriously and is making big plans in this regard. He will try to control and tie the recklessly chosen one to himself, but nothing but blows from his side and conflicts between them will succeed. Taurus is conservative in nature and adheres to traditional views, Aquarius does everything exactly the opposite. None of them will break their essence and change the value system, and soon the pair will part.

Aquarius and Taurus Sexual Compatibility

Compatibility of Aquarius and Taurus in bed is quite complicated, but it is possible if the partners themselves want it. Aquarius is an emotional person and loves a bright, diverse intimacy. Creative thinking helps him come up with various experiments and sexual games. The only problem is that the sign of air, fed up with a partner, begins to miss the novelty. To stay with him constantly, he must be truly in love.

The Taurus in the bed behaves mildly and romantically. The intimate sphere represents a significant part of his life: in it he manifests all his sensuality, revealing himself to the fullest. He, unlike Aquarius, arranges the monotony in bed, the main thing is that it is always and brings pleasure.

Aquarius and Taurus Family Compatibility

The compatibility of Aquarius with Taurus in marriage will be more or less high among mature representatives of signs. Experienced and wise people with a well-established worldview and character know what they want from life, are able to compromise and adapt to their partner. Going to the registrar, they know exactly what awaits them and do not cherish illusions about the fact that they will be able to change the nature of the spouse. Young representatives of these signs with pronounced maximalism, unfortunately, will turn their relationship into a confrontation, which eventually ends in divorce.

Taurus perceives his marriage as a value and honors family traditions: as a rule, creating such an alliance, he intends to live with his chosen one all his life. Aquarius is not so serious and responsible in this aspect: a wedding for him is a bright, fantastic event, which in principle can be repeated. He is not too concerned about life and is most of the time in dreams of a bright future. The representative of Venus, on the contrary, loves his house and in every way seeks to improve and equip it. As a result, Taurus tries for the common good, and Aquarius is more for its own. Also, they have different attitudes towards friends, money, children and other components of marriage, so the compatibility of Aquarius and Taurus in family life is considered unsuccessful.

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