Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility

Aquarius with Virgo is a rather complex pair with conflicting relationships. Their elements — air and earth respectively — are considered to be opposites in astrology, which is reflected in the level of their mutual understanding. Signs are different natures with an excellent worldview. Aquarius — a creative person with innovative thinking, putting above all his personal freedom. He is intelligent, creative and eager to improve. Stability and predictability cause despondency and longing in him. Virgo, on the contrary, avoids spontaneity, is restrained in its manifestations and prefers constancy. It is neat, even in small things, so much that many consider it unnecessarily scrupulous and even boring. She plans all the activities for a long time ahead and strictly follows her schedule.

Aquarius is emotional and impulsive, in its decisions, it often relies on the call of the heart. Virgo will never allow her feelings to prevail over reason: her actions always trace the exact calculation. They share one thing — developed intellectual abilities, which they use in different ways. The sign of air thinks outside the box, that’s why it knows how to look at the situation from different sides and select the most positive from them. Virgo is far-sighted, prudent: she will consider the benefits even in the most unsuccessful, as it seems at first glance, project. The intellectual sphere can serve as a good basis for combining these signs. In other aspects of life they have little common ground, so it is difficult for them to understand and accept each other.

Compatibility Horoscope for Aquarius and Virgo

Compatibility of Aquarius and Virgo are low in view of the cardinal differences in their characters. Virgo is in such relations a boa constrictor, which hypnotizes, and then eats the unhappy rabbit. There is this in the following way: first the sign of the air element is bound to admire the partner’s talents — his insight, the rapid achievement of material and other benefits. Aquarius wants to adopt such abilities, but he will not be denied. Virgo will give him a fishing rod, show the fish place and will control the fishing process. Gradually, Aquarius will turn into a controlled partner who fulfills all the Virgo’s instructions. And it seems that everything is good, everything is at work, but Aquarius in this situation loses its individuality, because he has to live according to someone else’s plan, giving up his usual freedom. Will he like someone else’s comfort zone that does not provide for his spontaneous manifestations, depends on his personal horoscope.

The compatibility horoscope of Aquarius with Virgo is ambiguous, although their planet-leaders exert a wholly beneficial influence on each other. The first is led by the cold Saturn and the rebelling Uranus: their ward has a strict discipline, extraordinary, creative abilities. The second sign is under the influence of Mercury — the god of communication and trade, so Virgo is such an efficient, sociable, able to build the necessary connections. By combining their abilities and character traits together, the signs would be a successful pair, in which each of them has the opportunity for personal growth. Virgo would not be prevented by spontaneity, the ability to properly relax and relax. Aquarius, having adopted from another the habit of thinking logically and rationally, will achieve great success in life.

Aquarius and Virgo Business Compatibility

Aquarius and Virgo compatibility in work — the highest and most successful of all possible options. Uniting to solve a common problem, the signs could create a promising partnership: Aquarius gives the idea, the Virgo turns it into an effective business plan, and on Saturn’s energy they successfully embody it into reality. The Earth element is inclined to idealization and therefore often criticizes those around. In the case of Aquarius, she will have to control this habit, otherwise the partner will become withdrawn and lose interest in working together. The latter also need to show less obstinacy and often make concessions.

Compatibility of Aquarius with Virgo in friendship is specific: the first is friendly, that is called from the heart — sincerely and truly. He is independent, expects nothing from a friend, but he always comes to the rescue and will support in a difficult situation. Virgo sees everything in everything, even in such non-binding relationships. And, nevertheless, she behaves responsibly and attentively, often playing the role of a caring parent for a carefree air sign.

Aquarius and Virgo Love Compatibility

Initially, the compatibility of Aquarius and Virgo in love is very high, the partners instantly attract each other by their dissimilarity, because people are always attracted by something unusual and unusual to them. They will sincerely admire the partner: Aquarius will charm the Virgo with its lightness, optimism and extraordinary thinking. Accustomed to the monotony, she sincerely marvel that it is possible to live quite differently. Virgo, in turn, will attract the air sign precisely with its severity, seriousness and sense of reliability. They will be comfortable in their society, though not for long.

Gradually, the brightness of their feelings will come to naught, lovers will look at each other more soberly and see their relationship in a different light. The qualities that used to attract them to each other, are re-qualified as flaws: admiration will be replaced by irritation. Virgo tired of the superficial attitude of the partner, his frequent change of decisions, she would want a safe stability. Aquarius will consider her a prude and a bore, monotonously reading the notation and trying to control every step of it. Thus, the compatibility of Aquarius with Virgo in the relationship will begin to deteriorate.

Aquarius and Virgo Sexual Compatibility

Aquarius and Virgo compatibility in bed to envy is also not necessary. Different temperaments of signs contribute to their different visions of what should happen under the blanket. Aquarius is spontaneous and creative, it refers to sex as another area where it can manifest itself through novelty in the form of experiments.

The Virgo in bed is behaving shamefaced and constrained. At first, she will go to the partner’s suggestions to please him. But then more and more often he will refuse and avoid intimacy, as, except for physical pleasure, he does not receive anymore, therefore, too often she does not need it. Aquarius will not deprive himself of such an important part of life as sex and will start looking for a more compliant lover.

Aquarius and Virgo Family Compatibility

The compatibility of Aquarius with Virgo in marriage is also not happy with its predictions. In order for the spouses to live peacefully and happily, they will have to apply an incredible amount of mutual efforts: to reconsider their views and accept the nature of the spouse as he is. They have such a chance, thanks to Virgo: she refers to the mutable signs of the zodiac and is able to adapt to different life circumstances and people, but with the condition that it will be beneficial to her. By the way, that’s why among the Virgo there are so many people practicing marriage by calculation. Aquarius will have to be more difficult — he is a fixed representative of a horoscope: if an idea comes into his head, and he is very interested in it, then hardly anything can change his opinion. This feature explains him at times excessive stubbornness and unwillingness to make concessions to another.

Unfortunately, the spouses have too many differences, which are the grounds for mutual claims and protracted confrontations in marriage. Aquarius wants to create, make and develop. He will in every possible way avoid the settledness and stability to which his narrowed strives. Virgo, in turn, is difficult to understand how you can be so irresponsible to treat your marital duties and marriage as a whole. As a result, low compatibility of Aquarius and Virgo in family life will lead to divorce, if both do not try to change anything.

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