Aries and Aquarius Compatibility

Aries with Aquarius symbolize fire and air respectively: completely different in character, connecting, they are able to create a dangerous explosive. Aries is muddled, it is controlled by a warlike Mars, he loves an active social life, to be in the center of attention and to receive praise for his services. To his goals he goes ahead through any obstacles and difficulties. He is impulsive, has a craving for adventure and risk. Aquarius is a ward of Uranus; on the contrary, he does not know what bravery and desire for victory are, is not predictable and emotionally unstable. His image is like a single genius, who does not require a reward for his masterpieces.

Non-standard thinking of Aquarius inspires Aries to new achievements. In addition, the first sign of the zodiac is often stubborn, rash and therefore needs a good adviser, which is Aquarius. The air sign is calm, balanced, takes decisions for a long time, carefully weighing all the risks and bonuses. These qualities allow him to build effective plans, to count everything down to many steps ahead and significantly reduce the number of possible errors. Joining together, fire and air become very beneficial to each other and are able to achieve high results.

Compatibility Horoscope for Aries and Aquarius

The compatibility of Aries with Aquarius will be favorable if equality is created in the resulting pair. Also, the compatibility level increases significantly with the age of the partners. The young Aries has not a mere egoism and maximalism, he will strive to dominate and suppress, which Aquarius certainly will not tolerate. A more mature sign of fire can rationally think and understand that a relationship with Aquarius can be very beneficial and convenient for him. Agreeing to be with him on the same level, Aries does himself a great service.

Also, the horoscope of compatibility of Aries and Aquarius will be positive in a situation where Aquarius is a senior partner, which Aries will be respected and honored by definition. An energetic, ardent sign of fire possesses vitality and diligence. He could successfully implement his plans and joint plans with the partner, listening to what the air sign says to him. Otherwise, volcanoes will explode between them: calm Aquarius can tolerate the tricks of the reckless Aries for a long time, but if his patience bursts, then there will be few places for everyone.

Aries and Aquarius Business Compatibility

The good compatibility of Aries and Aquarius in work allows them to achieve good results. Working in one harness, these two signs can perfectly complement each other. Aquarius is an eccentric nature, which does not like patterning: if you do the work, then so that no one has this. And the more complex the task, the higher the interest of the air sign. For something easy, he will not even undertake. Aries in this pair is the performer: this role is given to him best of all, since he has natural ambitiousness, goes where others did not even go or just surrendered, he does not know the feeling of fear and therefore there are no impossible tasks for him. And if each of the signs in this pair will do exactly what it does best, their tandem is capable of great achievements, beneficial to both of them.

The compatibility of Aries with Aquarius in friendship is at a high level. Both signs are energetic, good-natured and love sincerity. Uniting interests can support a friendly tandem for a long time. Quarrels in it, of course, will be due to Aries’ periodic desire to be on top. Aquarius, by the way, also likes to command, but is more inclined to concessions and compromises. Their views on life and goals often coincide, because they are able to understand each other and support in difficult situations. Often the friendship between the signs of fire and air begins in a deep childhood and lasts a lifetime.

Aries and Aquarius Love Compatibility

The Aries and Aquarius compatibility in love is not bad enough: oxygen and fire can generate a great flame. Aquarius behaves calmly and does not try to control the freedom-loving Aries, which is only on hand. Therefore, the dominant position is likely to take the sign of fire, as this is beneficial to both partners. Although the sign of the air is jealous, but can hide their feelings, which can not be said about Aries, who is an eerie jealous and owner. These qualities can well spoil relations and scare Aquarius away from him. On the other hand, if the partners are interested in their pair, they can make it bright, unusual, unlike the others.

The compatibility of Aries with Aquarius in relationships can be beneficial if both signs, especially Aries, understand that relationships must first of all be built on trust and respect for each other. They can show more tact and self-control. They also need to work on themselves: to learn to accept the shortcomings of the other and give them the right to be themselves. These signs are different in character and therefore they are not uncommonly misunderstood between them. Neither partner can get along with Aries, who behaves like an unpredictable volcano.

Aries and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

The compatibility of Aries and Aquarius in bed is at an average level and will depend on the characters of both signs. They both love sex, but still Aquarius has the first place in spiritual development, and therefore very often it can shirk pleasure from love. Sex for him is rather an attachment to relationships based on deep feelings and trust. On this ground, hot scandals can arise in the pair, since Aries is not used to refusals, especially from a loved one.

Aries loves experiments, in sexual life, including. But Aquarius can agree to this not every time, so in everything prefers a measure. Therefore, much here will depend on Aries: how correctly he will be able to dispose of his energy to make the unrepeatable Aquarius. For a fire sign, sex is a way to get vivid emotions, impressions, feel like a hero, and therefore he constantly needs it, unlike a partner.

Aries and Aquarius Family Compatibility

If the partners are imbued with sincere deep feelings to each other, the compatibility of Aries with Aquarius in marriage can be ideal. The first months after the wedding in their tandem reign concern and warmth, and the task of each of them is the retention of such relations. And for this they need to constantly innovate in their relationships: find a common passion, visit movies and restaurants or just go to visit. Astrologers say that such a pair often gives birth to beautiful and ingenious children who adopt all the best qualities of their parents. A child can rally a married couple even stronger, as their views on upbringing largely coincide.

The high compatibility of Aries and Aquarius in family life contributes to their strong relationships, which they can carry through life. Aquarius is a good strategist and tactician, differs in non-standard thinking and can offer interesting ideas, thereby introducing diversity into the relationship. But the air sign often lacks the courage and determination to implement the plan. Here it will help Aries, full of strength and determination. Inspired by a partner, the sign of fire is capable of many achievements for the sake of the family. The most successful union is possible in a pair where the militant Aries is a man, and the indecisive Aquarius is a woman.

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