Aries and Libra Compatibility

There are no more unlike signs than Aries and Libra. The first is the ward of Mars — a warlike and formidable planet. And so his life is like a boiling volcano, where there is a lot of energy and pressure. The second sign is patronized by the planet Venus — delicate, tender and sensual. Libra tend to peace, harmony and balance, avoiding chaos and uncertainty. Between them there is a misunderstanding due to the fact that their pictures of the world do not coincide. They find it difficult to meet, because their pace of life is different: the first sign of the zodiac is in constant movement and hectic. While Libra likes dimensionality and adhere to the principle of "quieter you go, you will continue".

Despite the difference in the style of existence, they have one thing in common: the desire to be a leader and control the environment. But even this community can create a confrontation between them in the struggle for power. Struggling for the same thing, both signs do it differently. Aries runs towards the goal, sweeping away with powerful horns all the obstacles in its path. He is bold, sometimes overconfident and energetic. Libra, achieving the desired, use diplomacy, perseverance and use as an instrument of dialogue. They have the ability to analyze and build relationships in the right way.

Compatibility Horoscope for Aries and Libra

The level of compatibility of Aries with Libra will always change. If you express it in the form of a graph, you can see a wavy line, symbolizing a series of calm and stormy situations. Aries agitates and swings the boat, Libra, on the contrary, suppresses the storm and stabilizes the situation. And if both signs at least sometimes move in the same rhythm, then the boat will gain a stable position in the ocean of life. Supporting and complementing each other, the wards of Mars and Venus can combine their positive side, channel energy into one channel and create a strong team that will succeed in different spheres.

According to the compatibility horoscope of Aries and Libra, such an alliance is possible if the partners complement each other. Libra often lacks spontaneity and impulsiveness. This they can perfectly learn from their partner and at least occasionally get out of their serious role. Aries can take over from Libra restraint, the habit of thinking first, and then doing, which he obviously does not have. And also they both will have to learn to give in, compromise, step over their own selfishness, maintain equality in tandem and share the blanket in equal parts. The task is not easy, and yet it is possible.

Aries and Libra Business Compatibility

Aries’ compatibility with Libra in work is an interdependent relationship of the two elements. The fire needs oxygen: from it, it draws power, grows and burns even brighter. At this time, the air is warmed by the heat that gives off the fire. Partners who understand the value and potential of their tandem will get tangible results. The most successful working alliance is obtained in a bunch, where Aries is the boss, and Libra is subordinate. In these positions, both get what they want: Aries — leadership and obedience, Libra — no one knows how to organize and carry out tasks received. If the sign of the air element sits in the main seat, it will constantly meet with Aries’ attempts to take his place.

The compatibility of Aries and Libra in friendship is of low probability. If in love and work they still somehow can coexist, satisfying their needs for communication, then true friendship requires from them a lot of unjustified losses. None of them is ready to break themselves for this, so between Aries and Libra, rather, friendship is possible, rather than friendship in its usual sense. Aries are accustomed to "swallow" a person, merge with him for control purposes. Libra does not want to depend on someone, so the rapprochement is very slow and reluctant.

Aries and Libra Love Compatibility

Aries with Libra compatibility in love is a fragile phenomenon, but possible. At the initial stages of the relationship between these signs there is a great attraction: both extroverts, who love to be in the spotlight. They just can not help notice each other. Aries is fascinated by the sensual nature of the partner, while Libra is interested in charisma and the brightness of the fire sign. They like to see each other and look at each other. Together they feel comfortable until passionate feelings and euphoria begin to fade and subside.

Further, the compatibility of Aries and Libra in relations tends to zero. Aries will open and begin to demand unquestioning obedience. It is difficult for him to be paired with the same leader, since the fire sign prefers that the world revolve only around him. But Libra is more inclined to partnership and could live side by side with a strong partner, building relationships based on equality. Straightness and tactlessness of Aries wound the subtle soul organization of the air sign, and therefore he prefers to retire. Aries can also come out first from the confrontation, and without achieving complete control over Libra in relations with Libra.

Aries and Libra Sexual Compatibility

The Aries with Libra compatibility in bed depends on many factors. In the case when the principle of attraction of two opposites plays, as a plus and a minus, the sexual life of these signs will be successful and suit them both. Passionate, energetic Aries, relying on his creative thinking and imagination, is able to give conservative Libra a lot of different impressions and feelings, for which he will receive a sea of gratitude from the partner and the desired sense of importance. Those interested in the new experience of Libra will gladly accept the rules of the game, surrendering themselves to the hands of an expressive partner. This is the perfect picture of sexual compatibility.

In a situation on the contrary, where opposite poles will be repulsed by virtue of the characteristic features of both signs, there can be no talk of good sex, and, as a consequence, of lasting relationships too. Stable Libra, who do not want to experiment and will insist on a classic pastime under the blanket, quickly become bored with the sparkling Aries. Such a union is doomed to failure, since sex has a huge impact on the success of a love affair, and without it a full partnership is impossible.

Aries and Libra Family Compatibility

If we are talking about two adults, and most importantly, mature people, then the compatibility of Aries and Libra in marriage has a good perspective. Young partners, due to their young age, have not yet acquired psycho-emotional stability, have not developed a vital position and principles, have not learned to give the world before something is taken from it. All these characteristics appear in the older category of people who have significant experience, have wisdom, knowledge about themselves and the world. They know what they want and more effectively interact with the environment. Their love relationships are not built on blind passions and emotions. If Aries understands that Libra, by virtue of its rationality, very often turns out to be right, and begins to listen to them, it will benefit both of them.

Aries with Libra compatibility in family life can be quite strong if people learn to respect each other, treat their partner with trust and care, and are ready to support it. Aries, wise with experience, can understand with age that his selfishness does not lead to good, but stubbornness and recklessness bring him many troubles. Mature Libra learn to give the partner the right to be themselves and not live on a clearly constructed scheme and regime, perceive it with all the shortcomings. In this situation, the marriage union will be lasting and can last as long as desired.

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